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Best Induction Stove under 2500 Rupees

Best Induction Stove under 2500 Rupees in India Market

Is induction stove allowed in flight? Can we carry an induction stove in a train? The answer to both questions is YES. You can carry an induction cooktop in your baggage while traveling on an airplane or a train. You will not face any problem because of an induction stove in your baggage at airports and railway stations. Induction stove is safe electric equipment.

Is induction stove allowed in flight

In this piece, we cover the best induction stoves from the price range of 2200 to 2500 Rupees. Here you read best-selling induction stoves of top brands Philips, Havells, Preethi, Usha, Prestige, and others.

I use my induction stove for boiling related cooking works, for instance making rice and boiling milk. After using induction for all those years, I know well that — at what temperature and in how many minutes milk will be boiled to my satisfaction. While I invest myself in other works, milk in the steel pot will be boiled, and following the timer, the induction stove will be auto off.  This is how you use an induction stove along with a gas cooktop in your kitchen. An induction stove is a must because it saves energy, time, and give perfect outcome every time.

► Havells 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop {Insta Cook PT}

The current price of this Havells induction stove is 2450 Rupees. It is one of the best induction stoves under 2500 Rupees currently in the market. The reason is the reputation of the brand and the quality of the product. There is no doubt about one fact that Havells is a highly trusted brand in India market. Products it sells are a bit costlier often but they last longer. Therefore, despite only 1600-Watt capacity, the Havells Insta Cook PT is a recommended induction cooktop under 2500 Rupees.

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Havells Insta Cook PT 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop

The Havells induction stove comes with a timer and present menu to cook regular Indian food items. Preset menu options include one-click buttons for idly, dosa, curry, milk/tea, and fry. There is a manual mode, as well. You can adjust power capacity in the range of 120W to 1600W.

Havells Insta Cook ET-X is a best-selling induction stove under 3000 Rupees. This expensive variant also comes with “Keep Warm” and “Pause Cooking” option besides the regular features and functions, which Havells Insta Cook PT variant have. Keep Warm and Pause Cooking, both are a useful feature but not significant.  Thus, you can save some 300 Rupees by ordering the Insta Cook PT variant instead of the Insta Cook ET-X.

Price 2450 Rupees
Features Pre-set functions | Up to 3 Hours Timer | LED Display | Auto Pan Detection | Auto Power Off | 6 Cooking modes | Fast Heating | Energy Saving | Over Heating Protection
Power Capacity: 1600W | Power Range: 120 to 1600
Build Soft touch control panel | 1.2-meter power cord | Micro-crystal plate main body
Warranty 12 Months


► Usha 2000-Watt Induction Cooktop {Cook Joy 2102P}

The brand Usha is famous for sewing machines in India market. However, now Usha has transformed itself to a favorite brand for excellent quality kitchen appliances at affordable prices.

The Cook Joy induction stove is one of the best-selling induction cooktops in 2200 to 2500 Rupees price range. It has more or less the same features which the Havells Insta Cook PT induction stove has. The only visible difference is the max power capacity of both the induction models. Power capacity of the Havells Induction is 1600W whereas 2000W is the max power capacity of this Usha induction stove.

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Usha Cook Joy 2000-Watt Induction Cooktop

The smart features of this Usha Cook Joy 2102P induction stove are timer + temperature setting, and six preset menus. Using the one-touch options, you can boil milk, make soup, Braise, Hot Pot, fry and stir fry.

I have been using my Preethi Induction stove from seven years. As per my experience, an induction stove must have timer + temperature control. The rest of the features has no significance in day-to-day use. Most of the time you will use only timer + temperature control.

Therefore, which induction stove is best for you in your budget rests mainly on the level of your trust in the available brands. Suppose I need an induction stove today, I will order a Preethi Induction, which is in my budget.

Price 2500 Rupees
Features Pre-set functions | Timer | LED Notification Display | Auto Pan Detection | | Digital Heat Indicator | Auto Power Off | 6 Cooking modes | Energy Saving
Power Capacity: 2000-Watt | Power Range: 120 to 2000
Build Ceramic Glass Top Panel
Warranty 12 Months
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