Is induction stove allowed in flight? Can we carry an induction stove in a train? The answer to both questions is YES. You can carry an induction cooktop in your baggage while traveling on an airplane or a train. You will not face any problem because of an induction stove in your baggage at airports and railway stations. Induction stove is safe electric equipment.

Which is the best induction cooktop under 1500 Rupees? This analysis article covers the best-selling induction stoves from 1000 to 1500 Rupees range. The advised induction cooktops are currently a top preference of buyers because of their better build quality, high power capacity, and lesser price.

An induction cooktop must have the options to set timer and temperature. These two controls are adequate for operating an induction stove. Therefore, having additional functions besides timer and temperature control shouldn't determine the selection of a suitable induction stove.

I use my induction stove for boiling related cooking works, for instance making rice and boiling milk. After using induction for all those years, I know well that — at what temperature and in how many minutes milk will be boiled to my satisfaction. While I invest myself in other works, milk in the steel pot will be boiled, and following the timer, the induction stove will be auto off.  This is how you use an induction stove along with a gas cooktop in your kitchen. An induction stove is a must because it saves energy, time, and give perfect outcome every time.

☼ 1200W Kent Joy Induction Cooktop

The brand Kent is a reputed brand for water purifiers. In recent years, this Indian brand has become popular for kitchen appliances as well. If you are looking for a good induction cooktop below 1500 Rupees, Kent has an excellent model to offer. At present, the Kent Joy induction cooktop is the best induction stove below 1500 Rupees. But because of only 1200W power capacity, it may not be an ideal choice for families. This Kent induction cooktop is more suitable for students and bachelors. More so because of the built-in safety features overheating protection & auto shut-off.

Cooking with the Kent Joy induction cooktop is as simple as choosing Fry, Rice, Hot Water, Steam, or Boiled Milk from five presets. Then it has temperature control and timer function. Essentially, an induction stove requires only these two controls: Timer and Temperature.

The build quality of this Kent induction cooktop is impressive. It has a digital control panel with LED notification lights. And the top has a durable glass plate. Plus, the length of the power cord is 1.2-meter.

Another reason to buy the Kent Joy induction cooktop is — it is a Made in Bharat product. Plus, its features and functions are impressive and user-friendly. Moreover, its price is below 1500 Rupees. Do watch our review video before you decide to buy it.

1200W | Best Induction Stove under ₹1500 {हिंदी में} | #Kent Joy Induction Cooktop

Price ₹1499 → Amazon
Features 1200W | 5 Presets | Timer-Function | Temperature-Control | Durable Glass Top | 1.2-meter Power Cord | Top-Diameter: 12CM to 26CM | Warranty: 1-Year


► 1800W Flipkart Aurum Induction Cooktop

The Flipkart induction stove is currently the most inexpensive induction type 1800W cooktop in India market. Flipkart manufactures it in Bharat.

It comes with a timer function and temperature control. Plus, it has seven presets for regularly used everyday items.

Being made in India is itself a certification for excellent build quality. That is further being authenticated by those who bought the Flipkart 1800W induction stove. It has a robust build with a cool-touch glass top. The control panel has well-organized and spaced press buttons with digital indicates.

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Thus, the Flipkart SmartBuy Aurum induction stove is the answer if you are looking for an affordable high power induction cooktop. Go for it without a second thought!

1800W Induction Stove under 1500 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #Flipkart SmartBuy Aurum

Price ₹1390 → Amazon
Features Timer {0 – 3 hours} | Temp Control | 7 Presets | Glass Top | 1.2-Meter Power-Cord