Considering how useful an induction stove could be, it is an essential kitchen appliance. It also is the ideal backup for a Gas Chulha. However, an induction stove to operate requires stable voltage. If in your area has constant electricity fluctuation, you should rethink of buying one. In this piece, I cover induction cooktop cheapest models at several price points. Here you are going to read about nine best Induction stoves in the Indian market currently. Read also तीन बढ़िया इंडक्शन स्टोव 2200 रुपए से कम कीमत में.

► Induction Cooktop Advantages and Disadvantages

There are no disadvantages of an induction cooktop. On the contrary, benefits of an induction cooktop are many. An induction stove cooks food instantly yet consumes less energy. Built-in auto cook programs help to automatize your cooking. Therefore, as far as I see and even experts approve it that there should more use of induction cooktop in home kitchens.

An induction cooktop is not fit to cook a large quantity of food, although. It is not a heavy-duty kitchen appliance. For personal cooking, it is an excellent choice.

To make the best use of an induction stove, you must have steel utensils with a flat base or cooking vessels designed to use on an induction cooktop. Some induction stoves with the ceramic panel can also heat up cast iron utensils with a flat base. In fact, the best induction stove utensils are those, which you can also use on gas to cook food.

Using an induction cooktop is easy. To install this appliance all you need to do it that plug-in to the nearest power socket. Cleaning an induction cooktop is also tranquil. Once cooking is over, let the appliance cool down. You need to wait 15 to 20 minutes. Now take a wet cloth and wipe the glass/ceramic top panel neatly. Next, use a dry cloth to wipe the top surface. Do not cook until the top surface has become completely dry. The suggested induction cooktop cheapest models in this piece are more comfortable to use and maintain.

► Induction Cooktop Buying Guide

Buy a new induction stove with fewer features. A basic induction stove has a long life. I have been using a Preethi Induction stove from last seven years. It has limited features only – temperature and timer setting. The power level and timer are essential functions in an induction cooktop. Besides, keep warm and fast heat is two features necessary and useful for everyday use.

The 5 best induction cooktop brands in India are Philips, Preethi, Prestige, Pigeon, and Bajaj. Other brands also sell high-quality products but the five tops the list with long-lasting induction cooktop cheapest models.

Induction cooktop could last up to three to five years. Therefore, robustness is a significant factor to consider. Product permanence is something you cannot test in a lab. Only regular use of a product lets to conclude its reliability, durability, and quality.

I use Preethi Induction Cooktop for many years. Therefore, I have every reason to have confidence in this Indian brand. When comes to product durability Philips requires no justification. Prestige tops in the Indian induction stove market with a maximum number of models on sale. Bajaj induction stoves come with many adventurous cooking features, are cheaper, and bear a decent build quality and stylish design. Moreover, Pigeon induction stoves with a smart build often have an inexpensive price tag, and many auto cook Indian menus.

In this piece, I introduce induction cooktops, which are best in demand in the Indian market. Meet here Induction cooktop cheapest variants, having stylish, sturdy build and easy to use control options.

► Induction Stove Power Consumption

How much is induction cooktop power consumption? It is one of the most searched facts about induction stove. Here is the most straightforward elucidation of this query. In Chennai, electricity rate I pay is five rupees per unit.

Electricity cost to cook on my Preethi induction stove is seven rupees for morning breakfast and lunch. Lunch means not sixteen verifies of food, — rice, pulse, and fry or gravy vegetable instead. Evening Tea and dinner cooking probably cost five to six rupees. Thus, to cook with an induction stove every day for one person is not more than 10 to 12 Rupees. Therefore, the monthly cost is 300 to 350 Rupees.

A 14.2-Kg cylinder lasts in my kitchen three and half month. Cost of a cylinder is around 700 Rupees. Thus, cooking cost every month if using gas is 200 Rupees. Cooking with an induction cooktop is a costly affair, therefore. I use my induction stove only as a backup solution.

9 Best Induction Stove under 3000 Rupees (हिंदी में)

► 2200-Watt Billion XC125 – Induction Cooktop Cheapest and Best Model

What makes sense with Billion electronics product is that value of return to the customers against their payment is far better than alternatives in the market. Billion to sell its products has to spend far less on distribution and publicity than electronics brands have to.

Billion XC125 is a top-rated induction cooktop on Flipkart. It is only available on Flipkart. With the price of 1900 Rupees, the induction stove cheapest model comes with many auto cook menu and touch control panel. Currently, it is the best induction stove under 2000 Rupees. However, does it has the robustness of at least three years of use? Hard to avow as the stove and its brand Billion is barely few months old in the market.

2200-Watt Billion XC125 Induction Cooktop Cheapest and Best 2000 Rupees

The build quality and design of the Billion Induction cooktop are outstanding. Hold it in hand; it feels a good quality product. There are lots of auto cook feature built-in. With it, you can cook North Indian Chapati as well as South Indian Dosa. 2-Years on-site warranty on this Induction stove is only limited to manufacturing defects.

Touch control of this induction cooktop cheapest model is easy to operate. There is a dedicated button for fry (stir, deep and regular fry). My favorite feature is boil, reheat, and keep warm for milk and water. Then there are other function buttons also. I recommend this 2200-Watt induction cooktop. In terms of features and performance, it is far superior to premium induction stoves on sale.

Price 1900 Rupees
Power Levels 10
Max Power Consumption 2200-Watt
convenience Features Digital Display, Timer Control, Touch Control
Auto Cooking Features Fast Heating, Keep warm, Deep Fry, Gravy, Dosa, Chapati, Milk/Water,  Soup, Stir Fry, Pressure Cook with the added advantage of boil
Safety Features Child lock, Automatic shut-off, Cool Touch


→ Other Recommended Induction Stove Models under 2000 Rupees

Prestige PIC 12.0 Induction Cooktop: In spite of the Prestige cooktop being in huge demand, it is not – the best induction cooktop cheapest model under 2000 Rupees. Reasons are – first it is a “Made in China” product, and second, users of this induction stove have raised concern over its durability.

Features of the Prestige cooktop appear to be far superior, however. It is only induction cooktop has features such as “Automatic Voltage Regulator,” “Dual Heat Sensor,” and “Smart Power Sever” feature. The automatic power sever feature adjusts operational power setting based on the base diameter of the vessel. The dual heat sensor monitors temperature vessel and if required shuts off the operation to prevent overheating. The automatic voltage regular feature, on the other hand, maintains smooth power supply to the unit.

Prestige PIC 12 Induction Cooktop

In spite of excellence features, associated concerns regarding reliability, durability, and efficiency do not make it a favorite choice. Many users of this Prestige induction cooktop cheapest model with smart features reported that they encounter serious issue within few months of use.

Moreover, it is a 5-years old model now. Its 1500-watt power is not enough to cook or boil water milk at high speed. In comparison, the Billion induction stove has capacity 2200-Watt and is a Made in India product. You could still buy it for a price of 1850 Rupees.

Sun Flame IC09 Induction Cooktop: The maximum power consumption capacity of the Sun Flame cooktop is 2000-Watt. Features that it consists of are 8 temperature levels, pre-set cooking functions for Indian menus. The safety features of this cooktop are auto power-off.

Sun Flame IC09 Induction Cooktop

In a comparison of the Billion cooktop, it is just so-so. However, users of the induction cooktop have rated it with 5-star. Buy: 1875 Rupees

► 2100-Watt Philips HD4928 Induction Stove with Ceramic Panel

Some 30 best induction cooktops are on sale under 2500 Rupees. From them, I have selected the best induction cooktop cheapest model, Philips HD4928. Why is it a far grander choice?

First, the max power capacity of this Philips cooktop is 2100-Watt. No other competing Induction stoves have this power consumption capacity. Higher is power consumption capacity faster an induction cooktop can cook and boil.

2100-Watt Philips HD4928 Induction Cooktop with Ceramic Panel

Second is the brand reputation. Which one would you buy when Philips and Pigeon have similar products on sale at the same price? Oblivious answer is the Philips Product.

Philips has launched an upgraded variant of the model, HD4929. Priced 300 Rupees more than the price of the model HD4928, it has a sturdy build quality and improved functionality.

At 2300 Rupees, Philips HD4928 is still the best induction stove cheapest model under 2500 Rupees. You should save 300 Rupees and buy it. Philips India offers 12-months warranty.

Check in the specs section for built-in auto cook Indian menus. Generally, Induction stoves support only steel vessels. However, this Philips induction stove also supports cast iron vessels. That is a big revelation for me. I am yet to use a cast iron vessel on this cooktop. If that works, then all the Philips induction with similar efficiency should be the best options in all the price segments. More about this Philips cooktop with ceramic panel is at Top 5 Induction Cooktops in India Under 2500 Rupees.

Price 2300 Rupees
Power Levels 6
Max Power Consumption 2100-Watt
convenience Features Digital Display, Timer Control, Push Button
Auto Cooking Features Keep warm, Gravy, Dosa, Chapati, Stir Fry, Pressure Cook with the added advantage of boil
Safety Features Automatic shut-off, Cool Touch


 → Other Induction Cooktop Cheapest Variants under 2500 Rupees

Preethi is my favored brand for Induction stove. Therefore, it is palpable that this article would include at least one induction stove of this trustworthy Indian brand.

The Preethi induction cooktop model I use is “Trendy IC-101”. In the same series, the latest model by Preethi is “Trendy Plus IC-116”. The brand claims that this upgraded version cooks fast and saves up to four times energy. 12-months of a complete warranty is also included in the overall package.

Preethi Trendy Plus IC 116 Induction Cooktop

For the product endurance, take my assurance. Build and design of the Preethi induction stove is not that stylish as Billion and Philips induction stove has. It does not look a dull appliance either. The top panel on this induction cooktop cheapest variant is made of ceramic, which can withstand high temperature and is unbreakable, too.

Pro factors on this Preethi induction cooktop are easy to use menu options. Cooking with this artless induction cooktop would be fun. Push button controls make it safe to use even for beginners. In-built auto cook menu features are – manual mode, Gravy, milk/tea/water, fry, idly, and roti/Dosa. Convenience features are – keep-warm, up to four hours of timer setting, and automatic shut-off.

With this Preethi induction stove, you can use steel and cast iron utensils with a flat base and metal vessels with induction base. However, its price 2500 Rupees is higher than alternatives in the market. That is why I listed it here as an alternative, not the induction cooktop cheapest yet the best option under 2500 Rupees.

Price 2500 Rupees
Power Levels 120-Watt to 1600-Watt
Max Power Consumption 1600-Watt
convenience Features Digital Display, Timer Control, Push Buttons
Auto Cooking Features Keep warm, Gravy, Dosa, Chapati, Fry, Pressure Cook
Safety Features Automatic shut-off
Supported Vessels Steel Vessels with Flat Base, All Metal Vessels with Induction Base, and Cast Iron utensils


► 4 Best Induction Stoves under 3000 Rupees

In the price range of 2500 to 3000 Rupees, out of some 20 best induction cooktop cheapest models are on sale. From them, I have selected only four. These four models have more or less similar features and build quality. Therefore, I do not recommend only one instead suggest them all four.

2100-Watt Philips HD4929 Induction Cooktop: Build and design of this cooktop is elegant. The top heating surface is made of ceramic, a far better than glass top. Ceramic is highly heating sensitive and unbreakable. However, features of this Philips induction stove are not intriguing. It has only six power levels and up to three hours of timer setting feature. Buy: 2700 Rupees

2100-Watt Philips HD4929 Induction Cooktop


2100-Watt Pigeon Rapido Anti-Skid Induction Cooktop: Pro features of this Pigeon induction stove are — anti-skid top panel, touch control, and eight preset options for Indian menus. It also comes with necessary convenience and safety features. Build and design of this induction cooktop cheapest yet best is impressive, eye-catching. At a price of 2800 Rupees, it could be an excellent buy.

2100-Watt Pigeon Rapido Anti Skid Induction Cooktop

2000-Watt Usha C2102P Induction Cooktop: Amazon Indian rated it with Amazon’s choice. That certifies its build quality and features efficiency. The 2100-Watt induction stove has six built-in auto cook programs. That includes the features to preset option for boiling, soup, braise, hot pot, fry, and stir-fry.

2000-Watt Usha C2102P Induction Cooktop

Convenience features on this Usha cooktop are “timer,” “Keep warm” and Automatic shut-off. All the buttons are tactile, push buttons. The top panel is made of ceramic so it is evident that this oven can work with cast-iron vessels also. At 2700 Rupees, the Usha induction cooktop cheapest model is one excellent choice.

2000-Watt GLEN GL-3074 Induction Cooktop: Pro feature of this Indian brand induction cooktop is 10 power levels, four hours timer setting, touch panel, and ceramic top panel. Besides steel vessels with a flat base and metal vessels with induction base, you can also use cast iron utensils with a flat base on this Glen induction cooktop to cook delicious food. Buy: 3000 Rupees

2000-Watt GLEN GL-3074 Induction Cooktop

► Best Induction Kadhai – 2 Best Cookware Brands for Induction Friendly Kadai

You have decided that which induction cooktop you are going to buy. However, you cannot use your new induction cooktop without supporting vessels. To cook on an Induction cooktop, you need steel vessel with a flat base, a metal vessel with induction base, or cast iron vessels with a flat base.

You might have a few steel containers with a flat base in your kitchen. That is only useful to boil water. To cook enjoyable food, spicy vegetable, you need a good quality induction Kadhai and induction presser cooker.

Cooking food in a pan or Kadhai with the non-stick coating is dangerous for health. Harmful chemicals (Perfluorooctanoic acid) are used to make vessels non-stick. Therefore, always buy steel vessels with mirror finish. Mirror finish would add the required non-stick property to the vessel.

Affordable Camro Induction Kadhai

Camro Induction Kadhai

Buy Camro Kadhai 400 to 1200 Rupees

In less price, for high-quality induction Kadhai without non-stick coating, two best brands are Vinod Cookware and Camro. I am using Camro induction friendly 3.4-Liter Kadhai with mirror finish. For the Camro induction Kadhai, I had to pay only 525 Rupees. It has a sturdy heavy build and a perfect big size. The base of this oven has three layers: the most bottom layer is steel, then aluminum, and then again stainless steel.

Vinod Cookware Induction Friendly Kadai

Vinod Induction Kadai

Buy Vinod Kadhai 500 to 2500 Rupees

Induction friendly Kadhai of Vinod Cookware comes with a glass lid. That is a heavy lid, entirely covers the top of Kadhai and stops heat and steam from evaporating. For a big family, you could consider the 4.5-Liter Vinod induction Kadhai, priced under 1000 Rupees.