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IFB Microwave Oven with 71 Menu and Steam Cleaning Feature

IFB 25BCS1 25L Convection Microwave Oven in India

What could be better for your beloved kitchen than a convection microwave oven that lets you decide even the minutest of the actions? Have 71 standard menus? Doesn’t need your effort and time to clean all the grease after the machine gets all weary? It even deodorizes your oven to keep it free from the entire mixed foul odor! What else would you need?

IFB … One of the most trusted companies which are spread all over for their perfection in almost everything they make!

From travel to automobile and from fine blanking to agro, they have been excelling in it all! The company started their home appliance division back in 1991 with the idea to revolutionize the lifestyle of Indians and being honest, they have proved the same to a good extent.

Keeping their products always a step ahead, they have made a mark in the industry and have got many customers who after using their products term themselves very much theirs. Coming further, now you’ll know about the specifications of IFB 25BCS1 25L Convection Microwave Oven. Read also 27 Best Convection Microwave Oven below 15000 Rupees.

The IFB Microwave oven 25BC1 comes with Three-Year Warranty

Yes, that’s right. You can now choose the heater that plays the major role in getting your food cooked thoroughly in the oven. This feature automatically ensures oil free cooking that too in the lowest possible time limit. Moreover, that’s not it, the whole procedure even gives you the utility to preserve all the nutrients present in the food after it is cooked!

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71 Contrary Menus: Having your taste buds getting tickled already? Well, it’s totally worth it. As all, you’ll have to do is to just know how much the food item you want to cook weighs and you’re all set. As all of your cooking worries are withered away by the Auto Cook feature! Enter the weight and grab a couch to sit back and relax while the oven does the work itself with accuracy.

Defrost Dilemma: We’ve all had trouble in getting the defrost option right. Your frozen food gets too soft and hot or it takes a lot of time and still is hard as rock. Either way, you barely get the consistency you require for your food item. To help you get rid of the dilemma and boost up your dish this convection oven gives you the feature to simply enter the weight of your food item and forget your task for a while!

3 Year Warranty: One year warranty on the whole unit yet three-year warranty on Magnetron is pretty decent and allows you to not bother about your convection oven for a long period of time as the magnetron is the major thing to be concerned for.

Fermentation Feature of this Convection Oven

Ever wished to make some delicious fermented foods at your own house? Mesmerized by the beautiful, warm and fresh aura of homemade bread? Traditional idli’s take too long to cook? Well, not only baking but fermentation is also very much possible in this IFB oven. No more waiting hours, covering the dough and keeping in sunlight to get the precision while fermenting. You can now get your work done really well in the oven.

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Deodoriser: Electrical appliances get a whole new foul smell after getting all weary. No more is the freshness in them which affects the hygiene qualities of not only the machine but your food too! Guess what? This amazing convection oven even has an inbuilt deodorizer which isn’t limited to giving a nice fragrance but also represses the odor.

Warm Stay: One of the most wanted features of convection microwave ovens is their 90 minutes capacity to keep any kind of food warm and fresh. It shouldn’t be a surprise after all the exclusive features you have got familiar with in this oven , that having your food stay warm for 1½  hours by just keeping it inside the oven and not heating over and over again can be availed on this one too. You won’t need to worry about taking out a utensil, putting in the food and heating it up on the gas stove anymore! You may rather just put the food in and get going while the work gets done.

Steam Cleaning Function and Convection Technology

Another unique feature is the Steam Cleaner. You no more will have to add up an extra hour on Sunday’s just to give it to the maintenance of your oven … as it maintains itself! It takes hardly few minutes for the steam cleaner to do its job and all the greasiness will be long gone! Spare your time for doing things that you really love and get the most out of this oven. After the sanitation, the cleaner also leaves a refreshing lemon aroma.

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Convection Technology: What is the difference between your usual microwave and the convection microwave oven? Well, the easily understandable and precise answer to this is that rather than just heating the food internally like the regular microwaves do, convection microwaves also gives a golden brown tint while heating the inner part of the food and also cooks the outer parts. Talking scientifically the regular microwave uses heat waves that bounce until they come in contact with food. Whereas the convection technology uses a fan, which helps in cooking food evenly i.e. inside out. It is a combination of regular microwave and convection both therefore is known as convection microwave oven which lets you not just heat but roasting and baking are a feature of these ovens as well.

Primary Pros and Cons of this 25 Liters IFB Convection Oven

Hassle Free: Perfect for someone who doesn’t prefer standing and getting the work done as entering the weight of the food item is all you have to do no matter which function you want should take place. May it be Auto Cooking or Defrosting, all the effort you’ll need to do is to know the tonnage and set it in the dial.

5 Power Levels: Kicking out the idea of 2 to 3 mere power levels, this convection microwave oven gives you the advantage to raise up to 5 whole levels.

Safety: Attaining safety for all three most wanted features namely:

Child lock: Having naughty kids around? Shun off your worries with the child lock feature which won’t let your microwave oven operate when you don’t want it to.

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Sensor Malfunction Protection: This feature lets you stay care free of the fact of worrying about your sensor going wrong as the safety system provides special protection for it.

Overheating Protection: Ever experienced or heard of electrical home appliances getting too hot and ending up shutting down? Don’t bother yourself bout it either as the IFB technology of this convection microwave oven acts as a barrier when it comes to overheating.

Superb Hygiene: Giving you exclusive features, 3 of them ensure amazingly well check of hygiene. The stainless steel is a well-known advantage to all. Along with it, you also get the inbuilt deodoriser and steam cleaner which saves you a lot of time and money that you spend on getting various detergents plus sponge cleaners the maintenance of your electrical appliances.

Variety: You get many sides of one convection microwave oven to take control of. From selecting the heater which ensures low-calorie foods to self-defrost. You even get fermentation feature in this one!

Pricing: Well let’s be honest, if you want to have the comfort of all those high tech functions then you also need to pay its price. I mean it literally! You sure can get a good convection microwave oven in lesser price. Yes, it won’t be having the same unique features and quality but it sure will satisfy your needs.

25 Liters IFB Microwave oven 25BC1 Inside Look


End Note: ‘Set Yourself Free’ These words are the tagline of IFB which just proved to be more than true in its 25BSCS1 25L Convection Microwave Oven. This has all the features one could imagine and even more. The design and quality both are worthy.

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All its users are extremely happy with the product. The only drawback for someone who has set their budget to lesser amount would be the pricing which then needs you to look for other convection microwave ovens.

Price 13500 Rupees
Type Convection
Cavity Stainless Steel
Capacity 25L
Temperature Levels (110 – 200)
Power Output 900 Watts
LCD Display Available
Warranty 1 Year for the whole unit + 3 years on Magnetron
Included Extensive recipe book + small starter kit
Safety Child Lock + Overheating Protection

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