The Google Adsense has launched the wire payment method for the Indian Account Holders. Now, Indian Publishers will receive threshold credit through the new enable WIRE transfer. Now the question is how to set up the new wire transfer payment option in your Adsense Account? we help in setting up WIRE transfer in your Adsense account with this tutorial.

► Get Adsense Payment in Your ICICI Bank Account

Go To Payment → Payment Setting → Click on ” New Form of Payment ” Tab → Now you will have this form.

Adsense Wire Transfer for India

  • Account Holder Name : Your Bank Account Holder Name.
  • Bank Name : Your Bank Name. Check with your bank customer care, whether they accept the wire transfer credit.
  • IFSC : Your account home branch IFSC. You can find the IFSC mention on the cheque leaf. Also, you can Google to find your bank account home branch IFSC.
  • SWIFT-BIC : For this, you have to make call to your bank's customer care.

For ICICI bank customers in India :- You must re-verify the details below with your bank branch and other concern parties before using them for transaction purpose.

  • ICICI Bank Swift Code For International Wire Transfer : To get credit in your account in $(US Dollar) : CHASUS33XXX
  • To get credit in your account in Indian Rupees : ICICINBBNRI
  • You have to use ICICINBBNRI to get Adsense credit in Indian Bank account.
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Every month Google releases Adsense payment on either 21 or 22 — rarely on 23. After Google submits the transaction file to one of its payment processing banks, it takes two days to come to India. Here in India, the same is credited to beneficiaries account in 24 to 48 hours during the week. The same applies to other private banks. In case of an SBI account, the amount is transferred to bloggers' account in 6 Days (21 + 2 + 3/4), whereas the other public sector banks require 6 to 12 days of processing to complete the transfer request.