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Best Ice Cube Maker Machine under 25000 Rupees

Best Ice Cube Maker in India Market

Where can I buy ice cube maker? The best place to buy an ice cube maker machine in India market is online stores. Mainly, Hotel and restaurants use ice cube maker machine. Therefore, the regular consumer electronics shops do not sell it because of less demand.

India is a tropical country and has a big landmass. As a result, it experiences extreme weather in all seasons. Sweaty days and humid nights make life like hell during this time of the year. After coming home from office, the first thing most people want is a soft drink glass with a couple of ice cubes.

Refrigerators can store only a limited amount of ice. Moreover, they take hours to freeze water. In the case of a big family, your dream of having ice cubes in drinks would remain unfulfilled. The best way to solve this problem is to purchase an ice maker.

Now let us take a look at some of the best portable ice makers currently available in the market. In this piece, we cover, best ice cube maker machines under 25000 Rupees in India market.

► iCube Portable Ice Making Machine

The iCube brand manufacturers only ice maker machine. It is a professional company in the business. Its portable ice making machine under 20000 Rupees is currently a top favorite of buyers in the online market. The iCube ice maker machine can make 15 to 20 kg of ice cubes in 24 hours.

iCube Portable Ice Making Machine

This machine can stop its operation automatically when there is no water in the water tank, or the ice chamber is filled.  It is an automatic, fast, and smart machine. Its operation is super easy, too. It has a single button for all operations: process start, stop, and to make a change in ice cube size.

Further, this iCube machine can make two sizes of ice cubes, small and large. Operation of the machine should begin with the instruction to make the large size of ice cubes, the brand recommends.

Ice making process in this machine is straightforward. Fill the water tank, whose capacity is 2.2-liter. Start the operation using the single control button. To store formed ice cubes, this machine has a separate chamber, whose capacity is 1kg.

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Thus, considering everything, I would highly recommend it as a perfect ice cube maker for office, hotel, bar, restaurants, and event.

Price 18500 Rupees
Ideal for Hotel | Restaurants | Bar | Event | Office
Control Single Button Operation | One Click for Start | One Click for Stop | One Click for Large | Long Press for Stop
Storage Ice Cubes: 1-Liter | Water Tank: 2.2-Liters
Capacity 15 Kgs Ice Cubes (Summer) / 20 Kgs Ice Cubes (Winter) in 24 Hours
Build ABS Plastic Body
Smartness Auto Off in case of Ice Full and No Water | Built-in Sensor
Warranty 12 Months | [email protected] | Contact: +91-8076438910, +91-8505800128


► Allied Appliances Compact Ice Cube Maker Machine

The compact ice cube maker is an ideal choice for bars, restaurants, events, and marriage functions. This machine can continuously run for 24 hours. It is a heavy-duty ice cube maker. Since it weighs only 8.7-Kg, it is easily carriable to any event location.

Allied Appliances Ice Cube Maker for bar

It is also a fast ice cube maker. This portable ice cube maker can make 9 pieces of ice cubes in less than 10 minutes. Moreover, it can make ice cube in two sizes.

I was expecting this ice cube maker to be a power-hungry machine. However, it consumes only 95-Watt electricity. Thus, it is a perfect choice to be on the serving desk in bar and restaurants. It wouldn’t add much to the monthly electricity bill.

The manufacturer recommended that voltage supply to this portable ice cube maker should be between 220 to 240 Volts. If the voltage at your place is less than 220V or there is voltage fluctuation, you must use a voltage stabilizer.

The build quality of this Allied Appliances ice cube maker looks sound. Control options are at the top of the front side of the appliance. Its water tank capacity is 3.5-liter. As per the manufacturer, close to 12-Kg ice cubes this compact ice cube maker can produce in a day. Therefore, it is not an ideal choice for busy hotel bars and big events.

Price 13500 Rupees
Capacity 9 Pieces in 10 Minutes | 12 Kg Ice Cube a Day | Water Tank: 3.5-Kg | Can run continuously for 24 hours
Power Consumption: 95-Watt | Voltage must be: 220V – 240V
Build 8.6-Kg
Warranty 24 Months


► Carysil Ice Maker Machine

Carysil was founded three decades back as a result of collaboration between an Indian and a German company. This brand is quite famous for sinks, dishwashers, and other kitchen appliances. Its Lion Ice Cube Maker has recently gained a great popularity among customers. The machine offers a number of premium features and is available for an amount of 14,250 rupees only.

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Superfast Operation: The compressor of this ice cube maker uses 130 Watts of electricity. It is capable of making ice within 6 minutes. No other machine is capable of its performance. One can use this product for parties, celebrations as well in small restaurants.

Carysil Lion Quick Ice Cube Maker

Compact Body: You will not have to sacrifice a lot of space for the Carysil Lion Ice Cube Maker. Its body is highly compact and will easily fit on a small shelve. The manufacturer has used quality build materials while making this product. In fact, metallic outer shell and curved edges will enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

A glass window at the top allows the customers to keep an eye on the amount of produced ice.

Easy To Use: Making ice with the Carysil Lion Ice Cube Maker is a three-step process. First, pour in some water in the tank but make sure it does not cross the maximum level (marked from inside). Now connect the power cord and press the power button. In the last step, users need to select the ice cube size from small, medium, and large.

Like all ice making machines, this device also makes hollow and cylindrical ice cubes. Many customers do not know this and freak out when they see ice cubes in an unfamiliar shape.

On the left is an exhaust fan for removing the hot air from inside. And, a small nozzle at the bottom proves to be helpful when users fill more water than required.

Inbuilt Display Panel: It is one of the few ice cube makers (if not the only one) that come with an inbuilt display panel. The display is backlight and generates large texts.


  • Durable
  • Makes ice within minutes
  • High storage capacity of 1.1 KG
  • Back-lit display panel
  • Makes 12 KG of ice every 24 hours
  • Space-friendly
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Verdict: A product like this generally costs around 20,000 rupees but Carysil is selling it with a good discount currently. There is no major con associated with this machine.

Max Duty Cycle 12KG/Day
Storage Capacity 1.1 KG
Power Consumption: 130 Watts
Dimension 297 x 367 x 378 mm
Weight 10.7 KG
Price 14000 Rupees


► Mr. Freeze Stainless-Steel Portable Ice Cube Maker Machine

Maximatic is a US based company and has been working in the Indian market for quite some years. It has launched many great products in the country and the MIM-18SS Ice Maker is one of them. This product is famously known as the Mr. Freeze Portable Ice Maker and is available for an amount of 23,674 rupees.

Compact And Portable: Customers can take this ice maker machine to camping, picnics, stadiums as well as in RVs. Compact body and portable design making it suitable for all kinds of purposes.

There are handles on the left and right sides for helping the user in shifting the product from one place to another.

Premium Looks: There is no match of this ice-maker when it comes to design. Its outer shell offers a brushed metallic finish. Further, strong materials and finely graded parts eliminate flexing as well as creaking.

In fact, the Maximatic Ice Maker will impress you on the front of durability also. Proper care and timely maintenance will increase the life of this product up to many years.

Maximatic Mr Freeze Stainless Steel Portable Ice Maker

Makes Huge Amount Of Ice In Short Time: Although other alternatives make ice within minutes, they produce only a few cubes in a single batch. The Mr. Freeze Ice Maker tries to solve that problem. A powerful compressor at its heart generates enough cooling to make 9 large ice cubes in every batch. Plus this machine has a 1.7-liter water tank. An ice bucket and a scooper come free of cost.


  • Makes 9 ice cubes in every batch
  • Viewing window at the top
  • Metallic outer shell
  • Energy efficient

Verdict: I do agree this ice-maker offers great features but it is not affordable. One can purchase two budget level ice-making machines in the cost of this one.

Max Duty Cycle 10-11KG/Day
Water Storage 1.7 Liter
Dimension 39 x 38 x 28 cm
Price 23000 Rupees
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