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Huawei Tablet in Metallic Unibody design with Massive Battery

Huawei Tablet in Metallic Unibody design with Massive Battery

7-Inch Huawei MediaPad T1 7.0 with 4000 mAh Battery and Voice Calling, and Wi-Fi Support

Despite being banned in the US market, Huawei maintains its position in the list of top five smartphone & tablet manufacturers in the world. In India, Huawei has been doing well with “Honor” series smartphones.

So far Huawei has been silent with its plan in the tablet category. But that is going to change with some innovative, intuitive MediaPad second generation tablets launch in coming months. As expected, Huawei’s position may get a major lift in the tablet market with those launches.

The MediaPad T1 is one recently launched 7inch tablet from Huawei, which can be considered truly as a second generation device. In terms of looks, built quality, and design, this has set a benchmark for other manufacturers specifically for Micromax to follow.

One major advantage with this tablet is that it comes with good build quality and has all the regular features but still priced as low as a 7-inch tablet with 1GB RAM from Micromax. By the way, just to acknowledge here Micromax still rules the Indian tablet market.

→ What are the main features of this MediaPad tablet?

The slim profile is dominated by a metallic unibody design besides a mammoth battery and voice calling support at just a price of 7000 rupees. With this, it certainly becomes a Paisa Vasool tablet. Indeed, it is a worthy product in the current market. And, it also looks stylish. Huawei’s design team’s hard work is very much visible on this.

Built and Design: I have become a big fan of its overall design and a unibody slim profile. The device is just 8.5mm thick. With 278 grams weight, which says it is certainly one of the lightweight tabs currently, its body can be measured as 107×191.8×8.5 mm. Screen-to-body ratio is also pretty standard at 67.42%.

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Custom UI and Android Operating system: Here Huawei’s choice of Android version really undermines potential of this impressive tablet. Users will experience unique Emotion UI, which is not legendary but optimized for better user experience; certainly refreshment from stock Android UI. Besides having support to many international languages, Huawei Emotion UI can also be set the Hindi language as default. This is certainly good news for those users who are not comfortable with the English language.

There are many preinstall applications onboard. Besides Google applications, the tablet comes with all interesting and custom widgets and application to make user’s experience exciting.

IPS LCD 7-inch bright display: Because of an impressive screen-to-body ratio, the screen of this Huawei device appears bigger than any other 7inch tablets. This is an IPS LCD panel has the resolution measured as 600×1024 Pixels. The pixel density in the display which is neither low nor high rather appropriate at 170 PPI is also a huge compliment to the 4100 mAh battery. Images, videos, and graphics appear clear and sharp but not vivid, though.

→ Mediocre Gaming Performance

It seems Huawei was forced to pick Spreadtrum processor to maintain profitability on this metallic tablet. Has it a MediaTek quad core, medium level of gaming might be possible. However, with the current Spreadtrum quad core processor, which gets not much support from the limited 1GB RAM disappoints with poor performance. Mali-400 GPU is also an outdated hardware on this Huawei tab.

Thus, Huawei MediaPad T1 with relatively an outdated CPU disappoints in terms of gaming and multitasking. Yes, for basic online access, it is one fine device.

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Onboard Storage: Huawei MediaPad T1 comes with 8GB internal memory wherein approximately 3GB remains free after system use. However, nothing to worry about the low memory as there is a dedicated SD card slot which supports memory expansion up to 32GB.

2MP Primary Camera and Front camera: As I have said in the processor review section that this tab is designed to be a solution for easy online resource access, the poor camera features assert that.

4100 mAh Li-Po Battery: When selecting a mobile phone, tablet for a review, I always priorities battery power. In fact, you are able to read a review of this tablet because it has a massive battery power. 4100 mAh battery onboard is indeed an excellent feature. However, this, too, is not free from issue. The battery takes a good amount of time in getting fully-charged.

Huawei MediaPad T1 Review and Specifications

→ Network support and Connectivity features of this Huawei Tablet

Yes, this Huawei tab supports voice calling and GSM network. It has a SIM port optimized for 2G 3G voice and data network support. For navigation, it comes with GPS (A-GPS). For content sharing, users can take advantage of high-speed Bluetooth 4 and Wi-Fi.  Mobile hotspot is also supported by it.


  • Metallic unibody design
  • Voice Calling
  • 4100 mAh Battery
  • 3G and Wi-Fi support
  • Slim profile
  • Document viewer: Word, Excel, and PDF
  • OTG Support
  • Fully Laminated IPS Screen
  • Really bright display: 300 nits brightness


  • Outdated operating system
  • Poor CPU performance and camera
  • Battery charging is really slow

Final Thoughts: If the three major shortcomings listed above are acceptable to you then this Huawei tablet could be really a decent choice at present. As far as good features are concerned, I wouldn’t hesitate in saying Huawei MediaPad T1 is one of the most stylish tablets with mammoth battery power currently at 7000 rupees price.

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Price 7000 Rupees
Feature Android KitKat OS, Emotion UI, Single SIM, Voice Calling, 3G Data support, Metallic Build
Body Weight: 278 grams; Thickness: 8.5mm
Screen 7-inch, 600×1024 Pixels, 170PPI, Laminated, Brightness 300 nits
CPU Spreadtrum Quad Core, 1.2GHz, 1GB DDR3 RAM, 8GB Internal Memory, 32GB SD card support, Mali-400 GPU
Camera 2MP+2MP, Fixed Focus
Connectivity BT, 1G, 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, Calling, Online Data Access, USB
Battery 4100 mAh, Li-Po

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