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HSL Smartphone with Powerful battery Under 6000 Rupees

In the desire of a high-end phone, we always compromise on the battery. The community that suffers most in this is of youngsters. New smartphone brand HSL has now more focused on this problem and seems to be interested in resolving it. In a latest attempt, it has launched its YUVA Y4200 smartphone that, as the name suggests, houses a massive 4200 mAh battery. Currently, it is available for the price of 5699 INR from Amazon.

Design and Display

It is quite interesting that in giving the best battery life, HSL has not compromised with the design. The nicely finished back looks premium in both the white and black colors. The front panel gives the feel of classical mid-2012 Android phones. However, HSL could not do anything about the thickness; therefore you will have to carry a heavy phone resulting in big bulge on your pocket.

Although at this price a top notch display might not be possible, but you do get a 4.5 inch qHD IPS screen. This display may seem to be small, but it will provide an immersive experience for sure.

Specifications: A 1.3 GHz processor (MediaTek chipset) at the core is capable of handling most of the intense processing. Only 512 MB of RAM puts a big limitation to all your dreams. You will not be able to play graphic intensive games and freedom of multitasking also gets devoid. The device boasts 4GB of on-board storage, which is further expandable up to 32GB using a micro SD Card.

The 5 MP rear and VGA front camera might not impressed many, but looking at this price point a desire for more can be unfair. Further, this is a dual SIM smartphone and also supports the 3G networks. Other connectivity options on this phone include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and micro USB. However, on the sensor front this phone only features gravity and proximity sensors.

HSL Y4200 Specifications

4200 mAh Battery For 3 Days of Use

The main reason why this phone is on the list of everyone is its 4200 mAh battery. This much power will easily last about 3 days on a moderate use.This can prove to be the best phone for teenagers as they like to use their smartphones all day. However, the charging of the battery this massive will also take much time.

User Interface: The HSL Y4200 runs Android Jellybean and upgradable to Android 4.4 KitKat. The user interface is mostly stock with no major customizations. The low RAM results in slow performance and ruins the whole experience.

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  • Massive 4200mAh battery
  • Solid build
  • 3 quad-core processor


  • Only 512MB RAM
  • VGA front camera

Verdict: Lovers of performance will not find this phone attractive, but the people who want more battery certainly would. If you have teenagers at your home, then this can be the best phone to gift them on their birthdays. But the fact that RAM is limited to 512MB only, you will not be able to run many apps on this phone.

Price 5699 Rupees
Battery 4200 mAh
Features Dual SIM; Android Operating System; GPS, Media Player, FM Radio
Display 4.5 inch, Touch QHD IPS
CPU 1.3 GHz, Quad Core, 512MB RAM
Camera 5MP Auto Flash, Digital Zoom, Auto Focus
Memory 4GB Internal, 32SD Card Support

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