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HP Windows 10 Laptop with AMD Processor for Home Use

HP Notebook with Windows 10 and AMD Processor Review Specifications and Price Online

HP Notebook 15-bg002AU : APU Quad Core Processor, 4GB, 1TB HDD, Windows 10

If you are looking for a budget laptop within 25000 rupees price, this article can help you with the details of a brand new HP notebook. The laptop I am about to discuss here comes with advanced specifications and a stylish sturdy build. It is designed for home and personal use, barring productive professional use. And, according to specs, it consists of – HP has got its pricing very right. By using it for a week and ten days, I am very sure, you will be proud of your decision and investment for this HP product.

Build and Design

Made using a high-quality plastic, the Windows 10 laptop is well-built, a body that will not crack easily even when some hard external forces are applied. Furthermore, HP’s choice of black, gray, and silver color for this model gives it a harmonious look. You will agree with me, when it is about looks and design, among all budget laptop brands, HP’s choice of color combination and design pattern have a greater appeal. You are going to like this HP champ for a better design and a slim profile on a lightweight body.

Talking about connectivity and ports placement, this, too, is no different than what usually seen on most budget HP laptops. SD card slot with one USB port and CD drive unit are on one side and the rest two USB ports with one VGA port and single Ethernet port are on another side of the laptop.


An AMD processor in the CPU of this laptop itself is a certification that HP has not designed it for hard multitasking and gaming. Thus it should only be your choice when your requirement in terms of multitasking is limited. In fact, students should consider this most because it offers everything in terms of features and it is affordable, too.

The CPU of this laptop consists of AMD APU A8 quad-core processor along with 4GB DDR3 RAM. For the faster execution of graphics, frames, and multimedia content, HP trusted the renowned AMD Radeon R5 series graphics rightly.

Much like Intel, AMD, too, is providing a turbo boost solution for optimizing processor speed. Using the technology one can boost the initial clock speed of the processor 2.2GHz to 2.5 GHz.

HP offers two RAM slots on this wherein one comes pre-occupied. The unused slot can also support up to 4GB size of RAM. Maximum RAM, therefore, can be as high as 8GB. Other specifications of the CPU are 2MB Cache and 1TB hard disk; the SATA hard has a regular read & write speed, 5400RPM.

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Let me say again, hoping more from this laptop in terms of multitasking & gaming will disappoint. Actually, AMD processors are more equipped in handling one task at one time, they are not best-trusted warrior when comes to multitasking. If you are looking for a well-equipped laptop for hard multitasking especially for running multiple applications at one time, consider then an HP laptop with Intel processor. By the way, HP laptops with Intel processor starts from 28000 rupees price in online malls.


Compare connectivity points on any 35000 rupees HP laptop with this one, there is no visible difference. There are three USB ports onboard wherein two are UBS 2.0 type and the third one is USB 3.0 type. It also has an SD reader slot and 8X CD drive unit. In addition, VGA port and Bluetooth service features are also included for making it up-to-date for best-practiced connectivity in most gadgets.

Why there is no difference in the list of connectivity points between two laptop models despite 10000 rupees price difference. A simple reason is – in personal computer especially, CPU defines whether a laptop is premium multitasking or just for a basic purpose. And, HP or Dell I mean laptop brands do not produce CPU hardware rather import from third-party manufacturers like Intel, AMD, and Seagate. So on a personal computer besides operating system, it is the CPU dictates a price of the entire product.

Display and Sound Features

The 15.6inch HD widescreen consists of HP’s BrightView engine for better clarity. In fact, watching movies in a group will be a joy with this laptop as viewing angles are extreme on both sides.

Needless to say, movies watching experience will not be pleasant without a power audio. Good news, therefore, is the HP notebook has a powerful audio management. Based on two powerful speakers, the setup can produce loud and clear DTS studio sound. And, if you want to enjoy movie alone without disturbing others, use its headphone jack.

Pro Features

  • Windows 10 original preinstalled ( lacks MS office applications)
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • Dual Speaker
  • 1TB Hard Disk
  • Slim profile
  • HP TrueVision Webcam
  • Kensington Lock slot

Much like any other HP laptop, this, too, weighs 2.19kg in weight and its outer shell is measured as 0.95×15.12×10.02 inches. Its pointer device is a multi-touch touchpad based on Windows 10 gesture support.

The display of this laptop is optimized with the low light technology, which means it will consume less battery fuel than what a regular laptop with 15.6inch LED display does. Therefore, expect a decent better backup from the four cell batteries.

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The HP 15-bg002AU Notebook is well-built and according to the current market trend – it is rightly priced at 25000 rupees. It looks stylish and offers good user experience in terms of entertainment, multitasking, and gaming. Home users and students will like this HP laptop, though.

Price 25000 Rupees
Display 15.6inch, HD, LED-Backlit
CPU APU Quad Core A8, AMD Radeon R5 Series Graphics, 4GB RAM, Quad Core Processor @ 2.2GHz, 1TB HDD
Connectivity Three USB Port, Card Reader, Bluetooth, Microphone & Headphone Jack, Webcam, RJ45 Port, VGA Port
OS Windows 10, 64-bit
Sound DTS Studio sound, Dual speaker
Body 2.19Kg
Battery four-cell

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