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HP Laptop under 25000 Rupees for Student and Home Use

HP Laptop 15 ac173TU Review

HP Notebook 15-ac173TU : Windows10 Operating system, 1TB HDD, 15.6 inch Display, Intel Pentium Processor, RAM 4GB

I still remember my first Compaq laptop with only 512MB RAM but priced 42000 rupees a decade back. The laptop market has really changed now. With more resources onboard, Laptops are now very good in multitasking, in fact, a perfect alternative of a tabletop computer. In home use, prefer a laptop because a desktop computer means extra expense for a desk, corner space, speaker, and high electricity usages.

A good Notebook with slow processor

The HP laptop appears to be outdated since the processor inside is no longer in demand. But that will not be a fair assessment what I believe. In the era of Intel “i” series processor, no one would wish to have a personal computer with an Intel Pentium series processor. Does this mean we are discussing here an outdated laptop? The answer is a big no.

To keep price low, HP designed this laptop model carefully for basic computing task. Since everything is done online nowadays – a laptop with an internet connection has become a necessity. You need a decent working laptop or a computer for various online works.

HP Laptop 15 ac173TU Price in India

A computer with an internet connection can help with job search, ticket booking, bill payment, access to educational tutorials at YouTube, or other online works. These works cannot be done on a smartphone or tablet with ease. The same time, the need is for a good quality laptop, not an ultra powerful laptop that costs huge.

Furthermore, just to support my argument for students, I detail to a recent announcement by the HRD minister. The Indian government has announced that all NCERT textbooks will be online through App as well as in PDF version, which can be downloaded easily on a PC.

Never buy a cheap device that hangs every time when you try to do some work. See, I am only trying to build discussion to a point that we need something better in less price, which is ideal for low to medium, all kinds of computing tasks in the home.

 Build Quality and Design

One should never doubt built quality of HP products. This is my strong believe, though. You might have more expectation but that is something you need to consider while you are making decision final about a product. Coming back to this Laptop, it scores really well in terms of built quality. There is rough texture in diamond shape all around the body. Even the palm rest space has this texture. You love it as it gives nice feel while working. Work for an hour or four; there will be no discomfort in using it.

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A budget laptop is not a status symbol so I give more priority to working comfort. And, I must tell you HP ac173TU is a brilliant product in terms of daily use and specifically for typing. If you are in writing Job, then buy it without a second thought. You might feel shoulder and neck pain, but your palm and finger will always experience a very good comfort moving around on the keyboard and touchpad.

LED HD Display

This is 15.6-inch widescreen LED with an HD resolution. The screen resolution is as 1366 × 768 Pixels. Nothing fancy in the LED screen, but you get a surprise when it auto adjusts screen light according to the content brightness. In fact, it was surprising me because such cool features are rare in budget laptops. One thing is clear though HP adequately designed this variant by adding some cool enhancement and eliminating concerns registered with earlier models.

Keyboard and Touchpad

A full-size keyboard with a dedicated Numpad boosts your typing experience. Keys are soft and very fast in registering input instruction. While typing, sometimes your fingertip lands at a corner side of a key. Mostly Lenovo laptop fails to recognize this. However, on this HP laptop, you hit a key from any angle; input will be registered. This is in fact, a great relief while typing.

The touch pad is also very fast, no problem whatsoever in using it. I have a Dell Vostro, in which, the area around the touchpad has become sensitive now. While typing, obviously the touchpad will be surrounded by my palm. I face huge problem in typing because cursor directed by touchpad sensitivity jumps here there without my instruction. This explains what type of problem you might face in the future. My long experience with HP products gives me believe that no such problem will occur on this laptop, though.

CPU and Memory

Central processing unit is a brain in a personal computer. You would not wish to have a laptop with a slow processor. A relatively slow processor Intel Pentium powers this laptop. As I have explained in beginning, this HP device is only suitable for basic computing task.

In order to make it much more multi-task oriented, you will have to disable some unwanted Windows services that consume resources without a reason. I strongly advice that search for something better if you want to use your new laptop for gaming and to run high-end applications. It will be a mistake if you buy this Pentium device thinking it is suitable for all computing task.

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While I tried to open multiple tabs in the browser (in Firefox and Browser), the processor failed to give a good response, despite 4GB RAM. In fact, it was sluggish response. Surely, no impact of 4GB DDR3 RAM (12800 MB/s) when the processor responsible for taking advantage is dull.

Not for Gaming

A slow motion refresh rate of the display with an outdated processor makes this HP laptop only usable for basic works. Even more, the absence of a dedicated graphic card is another downside in terms of gaming.

Speaker and Webcam

One big reason you should always buy an HP laptop is the option to install and use VLC player without violating warranty agreements. However, when you have HP ac073TU laptop, then you might even not need to install VLC player to increase sound systematically. Dual speaker is boosted with DTS sound technology gives solid performance. It generates loud and clear audio without distortion. You will love to play YouTube videos and Blu-ray movie disk. I give full marks for speaker performance.

Use Skype, Google hangout, and other free and paid video chat using the Webcam with an inbuilt microphone. For a better experience during video chat, HP true vision application driver offers some cool adjustment. Follow the user manual to set it well.

Communication and Ports

There are three USB ports wherein one is ultra fast USB 3.0 supports data transfer up to 90 MBPS. The rest two is UBS 2.0 supports regular input-output connectivity. Having HDMI port is a surprise for me. For the internet connectivity, Ethernet port is there and for in & out audio, it has a 3.5 mm Headphone and microphone jack. 3-in-1 media card reader is a regular feature finds placement in all new laptop models.HP Laptop 15 ac173TU Review

Safety and Security

There are many securities and safety features are embedded with this laptop. Kingston lock is one of them for overall security. However, if you ask me, I shall be much more comfortable in packing the laptop in a good quality laptop bag, lock the zip, and load it on my back.

Preinstalled Softwares

HP offers all essential CyberLink software and Adobe production software pack. However, it has no worth, as all are in trial mode. You have to pay to active them.

Battery Backup

With four-cell 41-watt lithium-ion battery, HP claims approx five hours of usages in ideal condition. In real usages, we got almost four hours of backup on a regular usage. In case of movie watching, a full three hours movie can be easily played without a red mark on the battery symbol.

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In the Box

Laptop, battery, AC adaptor, user manual, and warranty card. Laptop back is not included in the sales box. So, enquire the price of this laptop model in nearest electronics showroom before you buy it online. Calculate well because a laptop bag costs 800 to 1500 rupees.


  1. Very good built quality
  2. Preinstalled Windows 10 is a delight
  3. 4GB DDR3 RAM
  4. Affordable MRP
  5. Skype is preinstalled
  6. Excellent Battery Life
  7. Super DTS sound


  1. Pentium processor is outdated now
  2. No dedicated graphic card

Final Verdict

Advance system case it the first thing you should install on your new laptop. Using this software, you can clear all errors (disk, registry, temporary files…) in just a few seconds. This is free software and using it once in a week will keep system healthy in terms of software error.

Coming back to this laptop, I told you in beginning that this is a handy device for basic computing works. You should not consider it for professional, production, and gaming. HP ac173TU is a good-looking laptop at an affordable price of 25000. At this website, we rate it a must buy for home and educational use.

Price 25000 Rupees
Operating System 64-Bit, Original Windows 10
Hard Disk 1TB @ 5400 RPM, SATA
Display 15.6 inches, 1366 x 768 Pixels, LED, HD LED Backlit Widescreen
Processor Intel Pentium 3825U (1.9 GHz, 2 MB cache, 2 cores), with Intel HD Graphics
Memory DDR3 4GB RAM
Ports 2× USB 2.0, 1×USB 3.0, Ethernet Port RJ45, BT 4.0, HDMI, Headphone & Microphone Jack, 3-in1 Media Reader
Peripherals SuperMulti DVD burner
Keyboard Full-size island-style with numeric keypad
Webcam YES, HP TrueVision with Inbuilt Microphone,
Sound DTS Studio Sound, HD Audio Solution
Battery 4 Cell Li-ion, 65W AC Adapter
Body 10 x 15.1 x 1 cm, 2.19 Kg

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