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HP Deskjet Color Printer – 5 Top HP Deskjet Models under 9000 Rupees

HP Deskjet Color Printer 5 Top HP Deskjet 9000 Rupees

In this article, meet the best HP DeskJet color printer on sale under 10000 Rupees. There are some 30 odd HP printers available in the Indian market in the price range of 1500 to 14000 Rupees. Most of them are indeed the best printer for home use, to use in small offices and at businesses places. However, if you are looking for a heavy-duty printer to print not less than 25 pages almost every day, buy an Ink Tank printer then.

In the Gadgets Shiksha Office, we use HP GT-5820 Ink Tank Printer. That is also a DeskJet/InkJet/Ink Tank Printer. The Only difference is, instead of a cartridge set, we buy ink bottles.

Are DeskJet and InkJet the same? With “Deskjet” brand, HP sales its inkjet printers, in which liquid ink is used to print documents and photos. HP DeskJet printers have many advantages compared to the regular inkjet printers by other manufacturers. HP DeskJet printers can print in better quality. Fonts printed on papers using a Deskjet printer have sharp edges hence appear crisp and clear.

HP DeskJet printers are costly compared to the regular InkJet printer. However, DeskJet ink cartridges are cheaper and can stay longer. Thus, an HP DeskJet printer is the better solution than a regular InkJet printer is.

Here I suggest top 5 HP DeskJet color printer under 9000 Rupees. These select printers are automatic, can printer wirelessly, capable of mobile printing, and have the automatic duplexing function as well. The average duty cycle of these printers is 1000 to 1250 Pages per month.

Further, the selected best 5 printers are multitasking, fast, and reliable. They have a compact build and user-friendly control options also. Setting up these printers and using for everyday print is just kid’s play. The quality of laser & color print by these printers, — is just stunning. High yield is one of their central traits — makes them most wanting in the market.

The best trending articles on the Gadget Shiksha comes from printer section. Long back, I wrote a piece on how to reduce per page print cost to just 10 Paisa for laser and 20 to 30 Paisa for color. See, a cartridge printer cannot reach the pinnacle, which is reducing per page print cost to less than 50 paise.

The most profound technology, hence a genuine solution to reduce per page print cost is the Ink Tank Printer. With your new printer, if you are going to print more than 25 pages, the best solution for you is to get an ink tank printer.

Per page cost for laser print out is average 1.25 Rupees on an HP DeskJet color printer regardless of the advanced high yield technology it possesses. Then, your daily print cost calculation is 20 × 1.25 = 25 Rupees. However, the same on an ink tank printer is 20 × 0.30 = 8 Rupees. Thus, you save 17 Rupees every day. Repeat the same calculation in case of color prints — I am sure you would end up buying an ink tank printer. For an Ink tank printer, the best brand is Epson and HP. With four variants of the ink tank printers in the market, HP is the second best brand in market.

► HP DeskJet Color Printer 4729 with Free Cartridges to Print up to 2000 Pages

The HD DeskJet all in one printer can print, scan, and copy. A printer genuinely convenient in use, you can initiate all its function wirelessly. This printer is based on the most superior print technology available in the market. The essential traits of the HP thermal inkjet print technology are low-cost printing, high-speed printing, and print on a variety of surfaces.

The HP DeskJet mobile printer comes with 1000 pages duty cycle. Therefore, it is best suited for home use and to use in an office where average per day print limits to just 30. Lifetime duty cycle of a printer is also an essential factor, but printer manufacturers would somehow hide it. That would reveal precisely how many pages the printer can print before it says a final goodbye.

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Further, the HP DeskJet color printer requires the following cartridges: HP 46 Black Ink, HP 46 Tri-color Ink. Officially, the black cartridge can print up to 1500 pages, and the tri-color cartridge 750 pages. HP Deskjet cartridge cost is 800 Rupees and 600 Rupees respectively.

HP DeskJet Color Printer Ink Advantage Ultra 4729

Manufacturer’s claim for high yield cartridge is often not correct. Printer cartridges have the yield only 75% of what the manufacturer claims. Thus, considering every aspect, HP somehow reduces per page print cost to something in between 90 paise to 1.25 Rupees. That is indeed fantastic.

The regular specs of this HP DeskJet color printer are tabled below. Here I share only the unique features of this fantastic printer. It, in fact, is one of the best printers under 10000 Rupees for offices and business use.

Often I get questions about suggesting a printer with automatic duplexing. This HP multifunction printer has an automatic paper sensor but lacks automatic duplexing.

Advancing from a traditional printer, the HP printer supports mobile printing. It can print wirelessly and connect to a Wi-Fi network, so with any suitable Wi-Fi enabled device.

Next, the HP 4729 Printer can print on any printable paper and media if the size is in between 3×5 to 8.5×14 inch. Thus, it can print legal papers also. It cannot scan legal paper, however. To scan legal paper, you need a dedicated scanner.

Scanning and copying function of this HP Deskjet Mobile Printer is as good as any all-in-one printer has. You can export the scanned document in PDF and shrink a document to print on either A4, B5, or A6 sheet. However, to initiate scanning and unlock advance copying function, you need to install HP Photosmart Software on your computer system.

What is you opinion now about this HP Deskjet Ink Advantage printer? The Pro factors with this DeskJet color printer are low-cost printing, high volume printing, fast printing, wireless printing, and border-less printer. Its replacement cartridge is the latest in the market.

The HP Deskjet color printer price should have not more than 7000 Rupees. HP makes 2000 Rupees premium on sales of each unit. The basis of my saying is – the HP printer 3835, which comes with similar features and uses the same cartridge. Therefore, before you decide to order HP 4729, check the features of its affordable variant 3835,too. That is the best HP LaserJet printer and scanner for small businesses around 6000 Rupees.

Price 9000 Rupees
Function Print, Copy, Scan
Connectivity Mobile, Wireless, USB
Print Speed 7.5PPM in Black, 5.5PPM in Color, First Page in 15 Second
Monthly Duty Cycle with A4 Sheet 1000 Pages
HP Recommends Monthly Page Volume 200 to 400
Print Quality Up to 4800 x 1200 dpi color | Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi black & white
Paper Drawer Input 60 Sheets | Output 25 Sheets | Automatic paper sensor
Duplex Manual
Paper and Media Supported A4, B5, A6, Any Media Size in between 3 x 5 to 8.5 x 14.”
Scanning Size Maximum 8 × 11 inches
Copying Fit to Page
Cartridge HP 46 Black→ Official Yield 1500 Pages @ 800 Rupees

HP 46 Tri-Color → Official Yield 750 Pages @ 600 Rupees

Complete Specs Click Here


► HP 5275 DeskJet All-in-One Photo Printer

{A better Printer than HP 5075, HP 5085, HP 4535, and HP 4675}

The printer, you just read above is the best option to cut down monthly cost of printing. However, it lacks auto duplexing function. Therefore, the best HP multifunction printer with duplex is HP 5275. It is a superior printer at an affordable price compared to those DeskJet printers on sale at nearby price points.

Technical specs, features, and functions are parallel on HP 5075, 5085, and 5275 printers. They use the same HP 680 Cartridge as well. However, among them, the best model is HP DeskJet color printer 5275. The HP Deskjet all-in-one printer price in India is 8000 Rupees. Whereas the HP 5075 costs 8700 Rupees and the price of HP 5085 printer is 7500 Rupees.

HP 5275 DeskJet All-in-One Color Photo Printer

In spite of being affordable, the HP printer 5275 has five functions: print, scan, copy, photo, and fax. The 5075 and 5085, on the other hand, have only four functions each. Therefore, it is apparent that the printer 5275 is a better choice. Therefore, its price is more accurate than the two old favorites.

However, the HP 4729 is still a better option compared to the HP Deskjet best printer with latest features. The reason is all the three printers 5075, 5085, and 5275 requires HP 680 Cartridge, which costs 1100 Rupees for Black & white Unit and color unit together. Yield from the cartridge on this printer is poor – 480 pages in Black & white and only 150 Pages in Color. Thus, the printer would burn your cash as an SUV at full speed does on a straight highway. I still suggest that instead of these slow poison increase your budget by 3000 Rupees more — and get an ink tank printer. If I were, you I would stay away from these cash burning printers.

The print quality of the printer is just outstanding. The model 5275, the HP DeskJet color printer with scanner is a fitting choice for a photo studio use as well. By the way, if you are looking for the best printer for a photo studio, check the article: 7 best Photo Printer for Photo Studio.

Price 5000 Rupees
Function Print, copy, scan, fax, photo
Print Speed 10 PPM B & W | 7 PPM Color | First Page out in 16 Seconds
Duty Cycle 1250
Print cartridges HP 680 Black and Color
Connectivity Wireless, USB, Mobile
Duplex Automatic
Paper & Media Supported A4, A5, B5, DL, C6, A6, HP 10 x 15 cm photo paper
Borderless printing YES
Full Specs Click Here


► DeskJet Ink Advantage 3777 – Portable HP Multifunction printer for home office

{A better printer than HP 2677, HP 2676, HP 2675, HP 3635, HP 3636, HP 3775, HP 3776}

The recommended HP Deskjet color printer price is lowest among the printers it was put to the test against. HP 3775, HP 3776, and HP 3777 are one type of printers. They don a compact build and user-friendly design.

The Gadgets Shiksha website hosts an excellent review of the HP Printer 3775, titled the best HP multifunction printer, which is also world’s smallest Printer. Therefore, I am not going to discuss it in detail since the features of all three printers is ditto matching. I highlight the unique features of this portable multifunction printer although. A detailed review is on the given link and a crisp review I provide here. That can help you to decide whether the smallest multiple function printer is ideal for your workplace or not.

Besides its portable build, the first significant pro factor of the printer is its price. Only 5000 Rupees you need to pay for the HP all in one printer latest model to way it home. Given the build quality, performance efficiency, and multifunction capability, this portable printer is cheaply priced in the Indian market.

HP DeskJet Color Printer Ink Advantage 3777 All-in-One

It is a wireless printer and an advanced mobile printer, the second major factor. Its noiseless operation as the third major factor makes its way to the list of the most recommended printers.

SMEs sector accounts 95% of India’s economy. Among the SMEs, a rough figure is more than 80% businesses operate from a single table or one-room office. What I am trying to say is that no space in Indian offices for peripherals is a reality. Therefore, HP’s move to target the need is understandable and practical.

All the HP Deskjet color printer with scanner on sale under 10000 Rupees can print, scan and copy more or less at the same quality. However, what separates them is convenience features, connectivity options, yield per cartridge set, and photo & media print quality. The print, scan and copy feature of HP 3777 Printer is at par with the standard set by other top-rated HP printers. It could be exciting if HP brings such a portable printer with ink tank technology as well.

Thus, if you are looking for HP multifunction printer for small business, here it is. It is a perfect home use printer as well as an ideal printer for a startup’s office. In fact, the HP color Deskjet printer is the only option if one needs a personal printer on his office desk. HP 3777 is ideal choice to sit on senior manager’s cabin desk and print quietly. HP should promote it as a recommended desk printer for managers and CEOs. Buy: 5000 Rupees.


► DeskJet Ink Advantage 2135 – HP Multifunction Printer for Home Use

{A better printer than HP 2622, HP 2623, HP 2138, HP 2132, HP 2131, HP 1515}

The HP all-in-one printer price in India is 4200 Rupees. It is the most affordable printer with efficient performance. In fact, it is a far better printer compared to six other printers available in the price range of 1500 to 4500 Rupees.

The other six printers referred here have mediocre performance and limited features. They lack technology to print in low-cost. Hence, they cannot be an ideal printer for home use as well. Consider one of those printers if you are going to take print only once and twice in a week. However, if you want to use your new printer almost every day, the cheapest printer then from the brand HP is the DeskJet 2135. Let me also add here the latest and the successor model is HP 2138.

At this point, you should also check what best Canon offers around 4000 Rupees. You may not be knowing that some of the top selling budget printers in the Indian market have the Canon level on them.

HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2135 Multifunction Printer for Home Use

Buy a Canon budget printer for brilliant print quality. Although per-page print cost by a Canon printer is much higher than by an HP printer is. Especially in the low price segment, the gap widens further. However, when comes to print quality, there is no match for Canon printers.If you need outstanding print quality and the per-page print cost does not matter, the way to go is a Canon printer. On the Gadgets Shiksha, we have covered almost all the top-selling Canon printers on sale in the price range of 2000 to 4000 Rupees.

While buying a printer below 5000 Rupees, first check what best other brands especially Canon has to offer. If you need just a laser printer, Ricoh SP-111 single function printer under 5000 Rupees is the best option. Read more about the HP DeskJet color printer 2135 is at 5 Best Printers for Home Use below 4000 Rupees.


► DeskJet Printer 3835 – A HP all in one printer for small business

A perfect alternative to the HP DeskJet Color Printer 4729 is the HP 3835 Printer. It has the same features, function, but it is affordable. This printer usage the same high yield cartridge set as well – HP 46 Cartridge. Hence, the per-page print cost would less than one rupee for Black & White print and less than three rupees for color print.

The HP color printer comes with 5-in-1 function: Print, Copy, Scan, Wireless, and Fax. It is full-fledged wireless printer as well as a printer capable of mobile printing. The duty cycle of this budget printer is 1000 A4 Pages per month. Moreover, the core print technology is HP Thermal InkJet, a fact worth noting. On the connectivity side, it is a conventional printer with Wi-Fi, USB, HP ePrint, Apple AirPrint, and Wireless direct printing.

HP DeskJet Color Printer 3835 All in one printer for small business

Further, the advanced features of this printer are an Automatic paper sensor, Scan-to-PC, ADF, and Borderless printing. HP 3835 DeskJet color printer can also print HQ photos. It supports photo media in size of 10×15 cm.

It is also a power efficient printer. Even if you leave this ideal office printer in the active mode most of the time, it would add almost nothing to your monthly power bill. In active mode, it consumes just 10-Watts and 1.17-Watt in sleep mode.

All in all, the HP DeskJet color printer is a fantastic, efficient multifunction printer for small business and home use as well. More you can read about it at Best Color InkJet Printer under 9000 Rupees.

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