For racing toys, Hot-Wheels is a well-known brand in the Indian market. Hot-Wheels small cars collections are in huge demand. The great thing about Hot-Wheels toy cars is excellent build quality and colorful design. I have also bought many Hot-Wheels cars collection to gift to my young friends on their birthday. Recently I bought this Hot-Wheels gift pack for my niece.

At the Gadgets Shiksha, we often emphasize toys that have potential to develop problem-solving skills in kids. In this piece, I review a Hot-Wheels track builder. If you have bought Hot-Wheels cars collection before, it makes sense that you buy this track builder set also. Hot-Wheels small toy cars have not much to offer in terms of keeping kids engaged for hours. Moreover, within weeks, kids do lose interest in playing with them. However, if you buy this Hot-Wheels track builder, the same toy cars collection becomes a part of an exciting toy set.

As good parents, you should buy toys, which can improve problem-solving ability and creative thinking of your child. You should less worry that your child spends more time in playing. What you should care is that whether the toy or the game he or she plays is any way helping in mental growth. Read also Play Panda Toys: Magnetic Puzzles and Brain Booster for Kids.

Hot Wheels Track Builder Box Track One

Knowing is one thing but using the knowledge more quickly and smartly is another thing. Mere knowledge and memorized facts from books are not enough to win in today’s time. Also, mental growth does not happen in one day. Therefore, invest yourself in the all-round growth of your child. This Hot-Wheel track build could help in that.

Best Toy under 2000 Rupees - Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Box ( हिंदी में )

→ Hot-Wheels Track Builder Stunt Box Concept

The concept behind this track builder is simple. There are multiple pieces. Assemble them to build an exciting track with turns, highs, and lows. Then using a launcher, release the car to run on the track, ultimately jump, and crash the bricks. How the track should be built requires creative thinking, planning, sorting all the given pieces and then hours of continue effort to piece them together. Thus, the overall process takes a reasonable amount of time, thinking, planning, and full concentration.

Hot Wheels Track Builder Box Review

Since the toy is compatible with other Hot-Wheels toys, there is scope to make even a grander track. Moreover, in future, the new design of track builder with more challenging designs could use pieces of this track builder also. Thus, the core concept of this toy is to be a standalone toy as well as an addition to other Hot-Wheel toys. In fact, it completes Hot-Wheels toy car collections.

→ What is in the Hot-Wheel Car Track Builder Box?

The box contains some thirty-five pieces along with a racing toy car and few blocks for crash rides. Here is a complete break-up of the thirty-five+ pieces.

Orange Track 6
Bricks 16+
Curves 2
Launcher 1
Connectors Multiple
Toy Racing Car 1


The pieces in the box have more than one usages. Hence, not just one rather many exciting tracks could be designed and built. There is further scope to build an exciting track using household things like cups, books, eraser, small bucket, etc.

As stated, this track builder is suitable for all the Hot-Wheels toy cars with small tires. That includes 1:64 size cars as well. Toy cars from your Hot-Wheel basic car collection would fly on the newly built track.

Hot Wheels Track Builder Box Develop Creative Skills

The right way to start with this track builder is first to read the manual. It would guide you to assemble the first track. The manual also includes several stunts and many options to experiment with more. Guide your child on how to assemble the entire track. Then guide him on how to make the track more exciting and try various stunts. Also, show him how to use cups, books and other things to add a twist and turn in the track design.

→ Build and Design of this Hot-Wheel Track Builder Toy

The Track builder box has a right size. It is very innovative for kids. Its overall weight is approx. one kg. Thus, it is not too heavy. You kids alone can move the box to the central hall.

Further, the overall build of this toy is in plastic. That would not quickly break. This toy is best to keep engaged your kids for hours. It encourages group play as well. This Hot-Wheel track builder is the best choice if the central hall in your house is spacious and your kids love racing toys.

Hot Wheels Track Builder Box Develops Problem Solving Skills

Conclusion – Kids in the age ground 4 to 10 years would love to play with it. The Hot Wheel track builder is, in my opinion, one of the most creative toys on sale below 2000 Rupees. It has all the right properties that justify its current price in the Indian market. Those properties are – being compatible with other Hot-Wheels track builder and all the Hot-Wheel toy cars with small tires, – as well as multiple usages of the given some 35+ pieces. The container box is also a pro as it stores all the pieces safely.

Curtis Toys 57 Pieces Race Track Set with Metal Plane and Car

Option: A good alternative of the Hot-Wheels track builder toy is the Curtis Toys race track set. It comes with some 57 colorful pieces including a metal car and a metal plane. This toy is ideal for both boys and girls above the age of three. The price of this excellent race track builder set is only 1000 Rupees.

Price 2000 Rupees
Ideal for 4 to 10 Years
Good for Improves problem solving capability; Develops Creativity
Compatible with Other Hot-Wheels Track Builder and Hot-Wheels Toy Cars
Total Pieces 35+