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Highly Rated IFB Dishwasher Below 25000 Rupees

IFB Neptune FX Dishwasher Review and Specifications

IFB Neptune FX Dishwasher

Having a dishwasher at home is not a very common thing in India but yes people are gradually getting into its mode, especially in the metropolitan cities. The life nowadays is faster than it used to be. People are way too busy achieving their aims at their respective jobs or offices. Such times call for as many automated products as possible inside the house, as they help you with your daily tasks and give you your off time from work to be treated like luxury and not drenching yourself in the household chores.

Some people might ask ‘What is the need to put in all that money and buy a dishwasher when you have your house maid to do the dishes for you?’

Well, the answer to this is simple as it gets. I personally recommend a dishwasher as it perfectly minimizes the risk of the breakage of your precious crockery. It also adds up to the hygiene factor because it won’t leave dirt or any scope of it too. The third reason is if people who have maids at their place for such work, have ever wondered as to how much they have to pay their maids? Plus the extra money on festivities and you always have to stay cautious because some of the house helpers even steal the utensils. To avoid all of that, you can take the one-time payment, clear cut way which is to go in for the dishwasher.

Even if you live with your family and your mother does such chores, I guess this dishwasher will be a perfect gift for her on this birthday. Washing the dishes makes our hands too dry with time and the tiredness is always a fact that stays along.

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So buying a dishwasher is a must from my side and the plus points add up even more rapidly when the brand is IFB.

IFB is a highly trusted and old brand which has always maintained the bar of its quality. Making a lifetime of clients, Indian Fine Blanks that had collaborated with Heinrich Schmid AG of Switzerland back in 1974. Since then it has been a good ride with them. Let’s now go through the features of IFB Neptune FX Dishwasher.

Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Well as the title explains it all, you do not have to put in your efforts or even stick around or come to check on the machine after every some minutes as it is completely electro mechanic or automatic. This feature is a bonus as by buying the dishwasher you saved on your time but now it’s just getting easier. From adding the required quantity of water, heating it to the appropriate temperature, opening the detergent dispenser at the exact time to doing every step precisely till the end that is to dry the dishes while they are in it. Every single step is to be completed without any of the human interference, all you need to do is to just set the desired settings and it will then work in a uniform manner all times.

Thorough Rising Program: The rinsing takes place thrice in this dishwasher. First, the pre-wash is given on 50 degrees, then on 70 degrees followed by a higher value. The three stage rinsing program diminishes the possibility of any sort of dirt or stain left on the utensils after the washing takes place. It takes good care of the hygiene factor which is an important task.

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Water Softening: The machine has a function in which it softens the water automatically and therefore gives a level up to the effect of the detergent. It softens up to 60dh which contributes to the eco-friendly level of the dishwasher as well. The utensils are then finally handled with the care they deserve and are unable to get it with the manual hand washing.

IFB Neptune FX Dishwasher Pros Cons and Verdict

Flexible Basket

The upper basket in the dishwasher is pretty easygoing because it can be adjusted truly as per your convenience. The height of the basket can be easily adjusted but that is possible in the case, only if the basket is empty. With the help of this feature you are no more kept in certain bounds, like putting only a number of dishes or not including bigger utensils all together. It gives you the advantage of putting in more utensils than you normally can in a standard dishwasher.

Pro Features:-

  • 5 Different Washing Programs that give you a variety to choose from
  • Heater Protection Available
  • Over Flow and Leakage Protection
  • Natural Drainage System
  • 4 Foldable Racks in the upper basket
  • Jog Dial Available
  • 12 Place Settings

Ending Thoughts: IFB is a renowned brand and has always been delivering good products. As it goes for this one too, the features are satisfactory but apparently the customers who bought this dishwasher were not treated in the right way. The new machine soon had issues with it and they had to pay money while the warranty time period is on the go too. If the overview of this product is taken up, it seems to be nice but it’s also a fact that the market is full of many better dishwashers which are full of a ray of features which are superior to this one. The list of the best dishwashing machines does not include any IFB dishwasher, which is not what usually happens with the products this company manufactures as they always excel.

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Price 29,990 Rupees
Wash Programs Five(Heavily Soiled, Normal, Hygiene, Super 50 Minutes, Light Soiled)
Noise Level 52dB
Wattage 7000
Water Consumption 12 Liters
Control Console Fully Automatic
Warranty 2 Years

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