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Highly Efficient Low Cost Oven Toaster Griller Below 5000 Rupees

AMERICAN MICRONIC 25 Liters Oven Toaster Griller Review and Specifications

AMERICAN MICRONIC 25 Liters Oven Toaster Griller AMI-OTG-25LDx-B

Do you need assistance for your daily cooking chores in a lesser period of time? Microwaves are there to give you a lot of assistance. Time is a very important factor in today's world and microwave ovens are a time saver. Do you find boiling water on the stove for hot tea and reheating leftovers in a skillet to be a challenge?  So, this time I present an item from a company called American Micronic. Each brand has got a particular specialty and is different from other brands. To consider a few important brands, American Micronic is no doubt a brand that has its impact on the market.

Hence it is very important to go for a review of AMERICAN MICRONIC Oven Toaster Griller AMI-OTG-25LDx-B in order to determine its functionality and understand its significance prior buying. When shopping for it, look at what features it offers, its design and what kind of help and support the manufacturer provides.  Let us discover few reasons of it being a good choice.

Just the right capacity for a small family unit

The interior is spacious and allowing to heat food efficiently, quickly and comfortably. With a capacity of 25 Litres, this oven toaster griller microwave is ideal for daily cooking chores making it perfect for modern small families.

Powerful heating with power input of 1500 watts: The OTG consists of the variable temperature controller. This lets you decide the right temperature for you to cook your food. What’s more? The equipment possesses a 0-60 minute’s timer function that lets you automatically stop heating mechanism on the completion of an operation. Besides, you can support your multiple cooking stages and variable temperature controls and power input of 1500 Watts.

Hassle free culinary preparations

It is compact yet sturdy and basically feels durable all throughout. This oven toaster griller microwave oven sports a good mix of elegance and functionality that makes it perfect for any modern and small kitchen. This culinary creation lets you prepare appetizing fresh menus on the convenience of your home. Permitting you to not just grill chicken and veggies and toast pappads but also bake scrumptiously indulgent cakes. So, just prepare them in a matter of minutes!


  • Energy efficiency
  • Double glass door for safety
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable


  • No power saving mechanism
  • Very bad insulation

Verdict: It comes at an Indian price of 3980 Rupees and that too with One Year Warranty support anywhere in India against any kind of manufacturing defects. However, the biggest downside to this model that I noticed during the review period is its bad insulation and negligible power saving. But still, I would suggest you buy this product as its value for money for a small middle-class Indian family. Considering the price point, the features that the machine offers are exceedingly noticeable. Nonetheless, if looking for something grand then do not invest in this food heating machine.

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Price 3980 INR
Warranty 1 Year
Power Input 230 V AC, 1500 W
Capacity 25 Ltrs
Type OTG

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