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High Capacity Easy to Clean Rice Cooker below 3500 Rupees

Havells Riso Electric Rice Cooker Review and Specifications

There are times when even the most custom and simplest cooking job can become puzzling and exasperating. Cooking rice can be that way but, there is no need for the confusion! Now is the time to buy an electric rice cooker. Not only can you have ideal rice with any meal, you can make meals within the cooker, food steamer without having to dirty any dishware or heat your home up by using the stove. There are numerous options out there. Though the crucial principles of each of them remain the same; some models of electric rice cookers are more intelligent than others and are able to multitask.

Despite all the different models of electronic rice cookers, I would recommend Havells Riso Electric Rice Cooker to cook rice as flawlessly and effortlessly as possible for you and your family and friends. However, it is a fine idea to know the fundamental functions and uses before buying.

Various elements available with the main unit

Although the term seems to suggest just a single unit for the job of cooking rice, there are in fact an extensive assortment of tools accessible in the way of non-stick coated cooking bowl, cooking pans, measuring cup, spatula, steaming basket, special hygienic trivet tray along with the chief unit considered for multiple use.

Offers an exceptional level of convenience: What you need is not more than the accurate measurements of rice and water addition, followed by the push of a button. Consequently, the machine takes over and requires no additional attention whatsoever to fabricate perfect results. Not only can it cook rice but it also has multi-functional uses so you can cook oatmeal and slow cooked Chicken stew in one vessel.

It will never burn your food: Get an answer to your daily question – How do I cook rice? Soon that query will become moot as Havells Riso Electric Rice Cooker will do all of the guesswork for you. Just set it and forget it! Do not agonize about burning rice! With such a grand creation you will never have to fret about sullying your rice ever again. Every time you can get great rice that is not stiff, chewy or sticky.

Auto keep-warm and auto switch off for your safety

This kitchen equipment is made to boil liquids very quickly and then to keep whatsoever it boiled hot with its auto keep warm feature. If you have to depart or do not keep an eye on the cooker, you can be convinced that your abode will not catch on fire because of the automatic switch off feature.

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Smart rice cooker with a reliable brand: When talking about excellence, once the dust settles, there is merely a handful of brands that comes up over and over again – and for good motive. Havells just so happens to be one of those brands, and the cause is that they make class products according to their clients, with the kind of hardware that can last a long time.


  • High capacity cooking container
  • 900 Watt power consumption
  • Resilient body
  • Easy to clean

Final Verdict

Havells Riso Electric Rice Cooker is a kitchen appliance, intended to help mechanize the process of cooking rice so that you can center your attention on other things while the rice is cooking.  All you need to do is add the right amounts of rice and water and then start the cooker.

You can attain all this at a price of 3,500 Rupees with 2-year manufacturer warranty. This might sound a little overpriced, but after reading the specification sheet, you will be all set to pay more than its price tag.

Price 3,500 INR
Warranty 2 Year
Capacity 2.2 L
Color White
Lid Material Stainless steel
Power Consumption 900 W

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