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High Capacity Best Double Door Refrigerator in India This Year

Haier HRB-3654PSG-R Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

A refrigerator can perform miracles for a household's decor and for a clan's cold-storage abilities. Whether you are shifting to a different home or renewing your present household, you must know that the most significant necessity of your household is a top rated refrigerator. Nevertheless, purchasing a new fridge can be nerve-racking for numerous folks as it can:

  • Comprise an unintended expenditure;
  • Root a flap over the looks of the refrigerator with your kitchen theme;
  • Make organizing the shifting of both a timeworn and new device probably hard.

Double door refrigerators are growing in terms of fame as a consequence of their competence and chic. They are available in a sophisticated design and an appearance that is just charming. The design of these refrigerators was framed to propose large refrigeration storage in trivial spaces. Read also LG Double Door Refrigerator with Inverter Digital Compressor.

With such a massive assortment of fridges accessible in the market, your verdicts to purchase one are liable upon your culinary wants, routine, and space. There are diverse models available in the market, each of them in different shapes and sizes. Thanks to the World Wide Web, and the reviews, that can assist you in determining the one for you. Here are a number of options you can think through. Here we are brushing up the best double door refrigerators in India this year. Take a look:

350 Liter Godrej RT-EON-350-P-3.4 Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Godrej RT-EON-350-P-3.4 is a frost-free refrigerator that can carry the groundbreaking refrigeration to your home. This Double Door Refrigerator is a part of the amazing EON series by Godrej. This perfect model features the paramount design with top-class grace. You will seldom determine such quality in any further model of top rated refrigerators.

Elegant Design: The Godrej RT EON sports a smooth silver color that matches the floriated patterns with a metallic finish. The general size of the refrigerator is 65.2 X 67.6 X 175.5 cm. This lets you securely keep the fridge in your galley. Regardless of its ultra-smart design and stylish characteristics, it just owns a weight of 72 Kgs. The see-through core of this fridge extracts a clean and fresh appearance.

Moreover, the handgrip offers you the hold while opening or closing the door. The double door design in addition to the apex door is designed to deliver more space. It arrives together with an outsized vegetable tray. This offers a discrete section to store your vegetables and garden-fresh fruits with 70% more capacity. The 2.5 L bottle shelf that sports metal retainer assists in storing big 2.5 L bottles with no trouble. This lets everything to be systematized while the metal retainer averts the bottles from dwindling over. Therefore, you can have refreshment with cool beverages anytime.

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Godrej RT-EON-350 Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Superior Cooling Performance

The Godrej RT EON 350 P 3.4 Frost Free refrigerators propose the greatest refrigeration performance and is combined in conjunction with exclusive features. These features include quick-freezing, twist and serve ice trays, 3-star rating, deodorizer, large vegetable tray, and cool shower technology, 2.5 L bottle shelf with a metal retainer, and LED lighting that allows watching the substances inside without difficulty.

Polybag Suspenders and Intelligent Operations: The space within fridge-freezer holds the hooks that can be recognized as Polybag Suspenders. These allow to appropriately suspending the Polybags of frozen foodstuffs. Over and above, the intelligent automated defrosting interprets the previous defrost time and the period occupied for previous defrost. Likewise, it checks the door openings, ambient temperature and frost buildup in last defrost. Thus and so, it delivers ideal frost removal. By this means, it improves the efficiency.

Technologies like Anti-B and Cool Shower: Godrej Eon's Cool Shower Technology is the first across the globe. This is a top rated refrigerator that consists of the shelves with integral air vents. These vents are positioned straight above the food, guaranteeing greater refrigeration. In addition to this, it features Anti-B technology. Owing to this, you get silver ions in the air channel and anti-microbial resistance in the lining.  This allows the food to stay hygienic and garden-fresh.

Performance by this Godrej Refrigerator

Priced at 38000 Rupees, the Godrej RT EON ensures fantastic performance. The refrigerator owns a bottle snugger that preserves bottle in its comfort zone. The LED illumination lights up the entire refrigerator and the deodorizer freshens up the hostile aroma from dried-up tumbles within the fridge. This prolongs the food life, decreases food decay, stimulates a fresh fridge atmosphere, and eradicates stinks.

The refrigerator likewise features twist and serve ice trays. With this, you can merely twist and get the ice cubes needed with comfort. The product arrives along with 3-star rating for saving electricity. Its strengthened glass shelves are intended to clamp weighty utensils without any harm. Therefore, you can store your full watermelon in the refrigerator without upsetting about weighty stacking and harm to your fridge.


  • Cool Shower Technology
  • LED illumination
  • Intelligent Operations
  • Anti-B Technology

Verdict: The 350 Liter Godrej RT-EON-350-P-3.4 refrigerator assures you a boosted chilling performance and retain your fruits and veggies fresh for the extended time. This is top-freezer kinds of a fridge have some exciting features – including rapid freezing utilities and twists & serve ice tray choice. It also includes a LED light secured to the interior. Moreover, the smart deodorizer feature removes the development microbial, so that foodstuffs can stay garden-fresh for an extended duration. For proposing competent cooling, Godrej has furnished this model with Intelligent Operations and Cool Shower Technology. The model has an inclusive 1-year manufacturer warranty in addition to the 10 years limited warranty on the compressor. Read also Godrej Single Door Refrigerator with Many Features below 11000 Rupees.

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Buy 38000 Rupees
Weight 78 Kg
Capacity 350 L
Voltage 230 V, 50 Hz
Compressor Regular
Energy Rating 3
Type Base
Control Panel Cabinet Top Electronics
Warranty 1 year on Machine+ 10 Years Compressor


345 Liter Haier HRB-3654PSG-R Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Owning a refrigerator has turned to be an absolute necessity because without it the preservation of fruits, dairy and veggies, and storage of foods would be next to impossible. But, what about the large families with several members? For them, the Haier HRB 3654PSG R Double Door Refrigerator can act as a lifesaver, meeting their essential demands in a massive capacity of 345 liters.

Design: This model from Haier symbolizes a merger of modern looks with an equilibrium of innovation. It brags for its sophisticated Jhunka Mat color that would go flawlessly with the interior decoration of any home. The general magnitudes of the model are 595 X 641 X 1600 mm and it weighs up just about 72 kg. In addition to the innovative design, the Bottom-Mounted Refrigerator allows you to use your fridge slice and decreases bending for about 90%.

Storage: The refrigerator features around 3 unbreakable glass shelves attached to the foremost section of the fridge. They rest at the balcony of the fridge door. It also includes other sorts of storage places like beauty and care box, fruit case, candy box and utility box making an over-all 16 diverse shelves in the whole maneuver. You get a distinct fruit box to help you suitably store fruits into it. The vegetable crisper section is two times better and bigger than any other fridge offering you the suitability to store more. Thus, it retains your veggies for long.

Haier HRB-3654PSG-R Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Exclusive Features of this Haier Refrigerator

345 Liter Haier HRB-3654PSG-R Refrigerator is bottom mounted. Thus and so, it assists in successfully operating the refrigeration area without bending. The device features 1-hour icing technology along with a crisper size that is nearly 2 times bigger than the customary refrigerators. It is valued 3 stars by BEE energy star ratings. A large cool pad preserves the cooling for nearly 10 hours even after a power cut. Likewise, it utilizes the No Frost Cooling Technology, Super Freeze Function and BMR Technology. Thus, it proposes astonishing cooling process.

Performance: The refrigerator imposes great performance by using following efficient technologies:

  • 1 Hour Icing Technology (1HIT): Groundbreaking 1 Hour Icing Technology conveys the freezer temperature down to -5degree Celsius in about an hour.
  • 2X Bigger Vegetable Crisper: As the fridge section is up, it allows escalating the crisper size and offers additional storage space. This is twice larger than any other fridge.
  • One Touch LED Display: The LED light comforts you to control refrigerator temperature.
  • Full DC Inverter Compressor: DC inverter compressor allows for adjustable speed, improved energy savings, a reduced amount of noise. Thus, the performance turns out to be more robust than inverter or rotary compressor.
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Haier Warranty Commitment for this Refrigerator Models

The refrigerator enables a 1-year manufacturer warranty on the refrigerator as well as 9 years warranty on the compressor. Thus, you can enjoy a hassle-free process and affluence of mind.


  • 1-hour icing technology
  • DC inverter compressor
  • No Frost Cooling Technology
  • Bottom-Mounted Refrigerator
  • LED Display
  • BMR Technology

Cons: A bit noisy

Verdict: At the price of 35000 Rupees, the HRB-3654PSG-R Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator from Haier embraces an excellent ratio scheme that is 75% fridge and 25 % freezer volume. 1 HIT (1 hour icing technology) assures freshness in the shortest time possible. This results in flawless nutrition possession for your foodstuffs. On top of, wonderful twist ice maker is intended for 32 ice cubes in one go. Moreover, full DC inverter compressor saves about 51 percent electricity, upholds low-slung noise and uniform cooling. Personally, this refrigerator is too good in all respects. I would recommend it beyond doubt. Read also Whirlpool Haier Single Door Refrigerator Under 12500 Rupees.

Buy 35000 Rupees
Doors Double
Capacity 345 L
Door Type Bottom Freezer
Control options Door Lock
Defrosting System Frost Free
Ice Maker Ice Tray
Shelf Type Toughened Glass
Warranty 1
Color Silver
Number of shelves 2
Dimension 595*641*1600
Weight 72 Kg

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