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Helix Water Purifier Review – RO Purifier with Mineral Guard and Iron Remover

Above the price of 7000 Rupees in the Indian market, there are many RO water purifiers with excellent features. However, there is an acute shortage of reliable water purifiers under 7000 Rupees, which could be trusted as a companion for many years to come.

The Gadgets Shiksha is the best website for getting suggestions on a suitable water purifier at every price point. However, even this website does not have much to recommend for — a reliable electric water purifier under 5000 Rupees. It hosts some highly popular articles on best non-electric or gravity based purifier for home use, however.

We had published an article titled – Low Cost RO UV UF TDS Water Purifiers in 5000 Rupees in the year before last- received more than hundred thousand views until now. That proves that there is a massive demand for affordable RO water purifiers in the Indian market.

Before you decide to invest in a water purifier, the ideal thing to do is to evaluate your need. Not every home needs electricity powered RO purifier. Having a water purifier that requires power is same as running a water treatment plant at home. I mean it is a costly affair. Therefore, you must take every aspect into considering before deciding on buying an RO water purifier. If you are not sure what is best for you, ask us. Use the comment box below to send your query. The GS support team would provide an instant answer.

►Why there is a boost in demand for water purifier.

A water purifier is no longer a luxury, in fact, an essential need for the majority of household located in urban zones. In many states, even in small districts, groundwater is now contaminated, not suitable for human drinking. Therefore, the demand for RO water purifier is enormous. Our research says that traffic on the articles that suggest best RO purifier in low cost now gets large follow up from the people living in rural areas.

On the one hand, a rise in sea level due to Global warming is posing a pressing threat to the existence of humankind. On the other side, there is an acute shortage of quality water for agriculture, daily use, and drinking. The human civilization is facing a considerable challenge on the availability of usable water.

In this piece, the GS team presents a review of an affordable RO water purifier for home use. The price of the purifier is just 5500 Rupees. However, its features match with the features on advanced water purifiers priced not less than 15000 Rupees.

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The buyers and the users of the RO purifier have praised it for a durable build, great features, and the robust purification system onboard that comprises a total fourteen stages. The budget water Purifier is a product of Helix water purifier Pvt Ltd, New Delhi. Helix is one of the RO water purifier brands on the market sells durable low budget water purifiers.

►Helix AZ- 14-Stage Smart RO Purifier with UV UF

The Helix RO water purifier cost is just 5500 Rupees, as you know now. Still, it comprises many outstanding features for advanced purification of water.

Water Source: Having all the recommended filters fit in making it is an ideal purifier for all types of water sources: bore well, tanker, and corporation supply also.

Purification Capacity and Limit: According to the official stats, the water purifier can ready 10 liters pure water every hour. The inbuilt storage capacity of this RO purifier can hold up to 15 liters.

Leakage is one of the most significant problems in most water purifiers. Even purifiers from renowned brands get leakage problem after six to twelve months of use. However, the users of Helix RO purifier report that even after using their Helix purifier for more than six months there has been no issue including leakage problem. That is incredible. We should not forget that the purifier is very cheap. In fact, such precise about the purifier model prompted us to consider reviewing this affordable RO water purifier.

Helix AZ 14-Stage Smart RO Purifier with UV UF Iron Removal Drinking Water Treatment

As it is seen in the image, the RO water purifier body is transparent, made out of ABS plastics. The overall weight of this water purifier in budget is just seven Kgs. It requires 220 volts input voltage, and its operational power consumption is only 24 watts. No doubt, the budget RO water purifier is energy efficient. However, does it have built-in protection for voltage breaks? I do not think.

→Features of this Low Budget Water Purifier

Besides multiple water purification filters onboard, the RO water purifier advantages include two essential traits – remove excess iron from the water but guard vital minerals. Moreover, before water dropping from its tap to your glass, as the brand mentions, the water is purified through the 14-stages of efficient purification built-in on the Purifier.

Let me add a brief introduction of the filters in use for those not knowing their importance. RO filter removes visible particles and impurity. In UV chamber, UV Rays kills bacteria, but their dead body remains in the water. In UV filter, the water passes through tiny pores and gets the level of natural purity.

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The hard filters and other difficult stages can also reduce the level of the vital minerals in the water. Therefore, the mineral guard protection is there to safeguard essential minerals in the water.

If there is excess iron in the water, the Helix RO purifier with Iron Remover filter can make it regular pure water. I must say that for the first time I see an RO purifier with Iron remover filter. I cannot verify although that how successful the purifier is in removing excess iron from water.

→Should you buy this best budget RO water purifier.

Your home has a water meter, or you depend on tanker water supply – in either of the case, this budget RO purifier is not fit. The water recovery of this Helix water purifier is just 10%. That means if 10 liters regular water is provided to it for purification, you get only one liter of pure water. In fact, just 10% water recovery is the lowest figure I ever saw by a water purifier. That indicates the purifier does a colossal waste of water during the purification process.

However, it could be an ideal purifier to use in the areas, where people get free ample amount of groundwater, but cannot use since the water is contaminated.

In Chennai, we pay corporation water tax, which is a fixed price for every building. Therefore, whether one uses 100 liters or 1000 Liters in a month, there is no water meter to measure that. For Chennai homes, this Helix purifier could be a recommended water purifier, which also comes with iron removal water filter.

Helix Water Purifier Customer Support

In general, manufacturers provide free installation. However, Helix water purifier installation is not free. You need to pay 400 Rupees to Helix service executives for installation.

The Purifier requires wall mount installation. It cannot be placed on a table to use. Therefore, you would have to call a plumber in your area. Besides, the brand Helix may not be able to provide post-sales service other than the Delhi region. Therefore, before, placing an order for the purifier do check with the brand that whether they have service in your city or not.

→Helix Water Purifier Address and Customer Care No
  • Address: B-523 Basement, G.D. Colony, Mayur Vihar Phase III, New Delhi 110096.
  • Helix water purifier customer care for installation and service request – 1800-313-8580

Going by the details on the official website, the brand looks a random brand selling an assembled RO purifier. In fact, the official website presumably runs on WordPress, still have the same default pages, which are added to a WordPress theme as the sample pages. It is quite strange that the brand does have a legitimate site with all the necessary details. However, Helix Purifier customer care number 1800-313-8580 works.

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Pro Factors:-

  • RO Water Purifier with UV and UF Purification
  • TDS Control
  • Mineral Guard Protection
  • Water softener iron remover
  • Affordable
  • Decent Build: Transparent ABS Plastics Body
  • Power Efficient
  • No Hidden Information


  • Only 10% Water Recovery
  • No Free Installation
  • No On-site service
  • Lots of complaints about Poor Customer Support by the brand

Conclusion: In this helix water purifier review, you read about its one of the best-in demand purifiers in the online market. The variant is not a fit RO water purifier for office use. The reason is the same, only 10% water recovery.

I would not recommend this RO purifier for home use either. Not only are the RO water purifier benefits many, but associated cons with it are also huge in number. Colossal waste of water and no customer support for buyers outside Delhi (apparently) is being the primary concern.

I appreciate the fact that the brand mentions all the essential details honestly on the official webpage. Still for a 5500 Rupees Water purifier, no free installation, no on-site service is just baffling. Then only 10% of water recovery is another elemental concern I would not recommend it.

However, the features like Iron remover and mineral guard protection is making this RO purifier an excellent choice under 6000 Rupees. Thus, if you are Okay with apparently no customer support and you have ample water supply at home, it is a fitting purifier for you then. Read also Here are 26 Advanced Water Purifiers for this Year.

Price 5500 Rupees
Filters RO, UV, UF, Iron Remover
Purification Capacity 10 Liters per Hour
Storage Capacity 15 Liters
Auto Shutoff present Yes
Replacement Alarm present No
TDS Reduction Up to 90%
Water Recovery (in %) →Up to 10%
Body Material ABS Plastic
Power Consumption 24 Watts
RO membrane Capacity 75 GPD
UV lamp wattage 11 Watts
UV lamp lifespan 3000 Years
Warranty Service Type Customer has to visit service center
Installation Type Wall Mount
Contact number for installation 1800-313-8580
Charge in Rupees for installation 400 Rupees
Warranty only On All Electronic Items
Warranty Service Type  On-site service only in Major Cities
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