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Heavy Duty Industrial All In One Innovative Printers

Samsung ProXpress M4070 3870 3370 Review Specifications Price Online India

Many perceive printer technology as mature thus have lesser opportunities for innovation. Technologists consider the level of innovation and invention in product technologies such as this as low and incremental. For corporations to come up with innovations that will differentiate their products from their competitors is certainly a challenging endeavor.

This article highlights some innovative product lines that have come out of HP and Samsung to address the Business market segment for printers. The innovation has been geared towards improving productivity, efficiency, and security. Both companies have proved to be responsive to trends of moving to higher levels of internet connectivity and mobile device use.

Both companies have taken their share in providing leadership in consumer electronics at least in this product segment. Has once again demonstrated its ability to be an innovation leader in consumer electronics. The product lines reviewed in this article also recognize the global trend toward smaller offices, home offices, and more geographically dispersed organizations. Read also Heavy Duty Office HP Printers for Indian Offices.

HP Color LaserJet Pro Printer MFP M477fdw

A key feature that makes this printer fast is the capability to send scans to destinations aside from your computer. You can send a scanned document to your email inbox or to folders on your network. The printer also allows you to send your scan to your USB drive or the cloud. Cloud services are accessible by business apps available via

The m477 wakes up from sleep mode in a fast 11.3-11.5 seconds, much faster than any competitor or predecessor of its class in the market. This means you can easily grab the documents you need and rush of to your client meeting without the hassle of waiting for your printer to spit out the documents. With speeds of 28 pages per minute, this printer enables you to have rush reports and information packets out in no time.

For many users, 2-sided printing remains a struggle. The m477fdw is equipped with built-in automatic two-sided printing at speeds of 25 images per minute. This allows you to create books and brochures in the most efficient and productive manner available in the market.

Scanning, copying, and faxing multipage documents need not eat up your time anymore. With the m477’s automated feeder, you can load up to 50 pages of your document while you work on other tasks.

When scanning or copying bound or non-standard documents, page may be slid on HP patented on piece glass design. This comes in handy when copying pages of a bound report or details from an extra-large design layout.

The m477 enables encrypted data storage with the insertion of a USB drive and may be released with the keying in of a passcode at the machine’s user interface. With Pro series security enabled, you can add more security measures to ensure your data is safe. Authorized users may be defined as well as granting access to specific ports and machines. LDAP authentication may be enabled as well as data encryption and passwords for wireless security.

HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M477fdw Review and Specifications

Convenient Task Management and High Output

Managing tasks with the m477 made easy with the intuitive 4.9” touch screen interface provided. This means you will be able to print your documents with or without your printer on hand. M477 also utilizes HP’s Print management solutions such as HP WebJet admin and HP Universal print driver-enabling access to print job monitoring and reporting (i.e. page counts, etc.). You organizations’ IT group can easily monitor, manage, and change setting across all printers in your company. For smaller groups that use only one printer, the m477 maybe managed from your pc via USB connection or by means of the product’s HP embedded web server. Here you can monitor supply status, adjust device settings, access troubleshooting information.

You can maximize the M477’s printing output by using the 850 sheet loading tray instead of the standard 550 sheet paper tray. With the easy access USB drive, Word and PowerPoint documents may be printed directly without the need to use your computer.

The M477 is an Energy Star certified device equipped with automatic power down and power on. It also has rapid warm and cool capabilities for its fuser enabling you to save more power as needed. Original HP toner cartridges equipped with Jet Intelligence designed for more pages printed with lesser energy consumption enhances these abilities.

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More Pages Printed with Higher Quality: With this printer, you get 48% more pages printed that any other printer of its class available. This is due to JetIntelligence enabled HP original cartridges. Toner levels can be predicted with the print gauge technology. The HP ColorSphere 3 Toner was designed to match the capabilities of the m477. Engineered with a low melting point, this toner is capable of consistently delivering high-quality pages printed at high speed.

The m477 is equipped with anti-fraud devices, enabling you to determine if the toner cartridge you are using is an original HP cartridge. Original cartridges now come with high output versions that reduce the occurrence of cartridge changes for busy print shops and offices. The m477 comes at your door with a pre-installed toner cartridge allowing you to start printing immediately upon unboxing.

Mobile Device Printing

Recognizing the power of mobile devices today, the m477 enables users to print documents off their smartphones and tablets. Users with NFC-enable devices can walk up, touch the m477 with their device, and start printing. By pre-setting, the device with the HP JetAdmin or HP Embedded Web server users can set security access. Users will no longer need to search printers though a long list of devices.

Wireless printing is available for emails, PDFs, documents from devices using iOS, Android 4.4+, Windows 8/10, and Chrome OS. These may be done without apps or setups in general.  Users merely need to open the document preview and print. Unsupported devices will need to install the HPePrint app or software.

Server-based printing solutions are also available for bigger organizations. It groups can do pull-printing and advanced management and reporting functions. The M477 may also be integrated with third-party mobile device management solutions. Read also Heavy Duty Scanner for Scanning All Document types.

HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M477fdw Price Onine in India

Functions Print, copy, scan, fax, email
Control Panel 4.3-inch color touchscreen (CGD); 3 Buttons (Home, Help, Back)
Print Speed 24-28ppm
First page out from ready 8.9-9.9s
Print resolution Up to 38600x600dpi
Printing from USB Drive Word, PowerPoint, PDF,  JPG
Two-sided printing Manual, Automatic
Scan speed Simplex – 26 ppm black, 21 ppm color; Duplex: up to 47 ipm black, 30 ipm color
Scan resolution Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi
File formats PDF, searchable JPG, RTF, TXT, BMP, PNG, TIFF
Copy speed 27-28 cpm b/w and color
Copy resolution 600x600dpi
Fax speed32 3s per page
Processor 1200 MHz
Memory 256 MB NAND Flash, 256 MB DRAM
Monthly Page Volume 750-4000pages
Duty Cycle 50000 pages
Size 16.4 x 18.6 x 15.7 in (416 x 472 x 400 mm)
Buy 35000 Rupees


HP Color LaserJet Pro M452 Printer

The M452 is a printer that wakes up fast from its energy efficient sleep mode and starts printing as fast as 11.3 seconds. Users can get their first pages out as quickly as 8.9 seconds. At 28 pages per minute, this printer in an equaled by  the competition in its class when it comes to printing output for both black and white and colored printing.

The M452dn and M452dw versions give users the capability for automatic, fast, dual sided printing at 25 images per minute, also faster than what is currently in the market for this type of product. Using 850-sheet high output cartridges, users can load whole reams of paper and reduce interruptions due to paper reloading.

Like the M477, this printer also has tough security features to protect your business’ interest. The M452 allows for encrypted data storage enabled by a USB drive key. The information can be released by entering a PIN at the machine interface. With HP PrivatePrint, unauthorized access to confidential print jobs, stored in the cloud, can be prevented.

Users can pick up printouts at any compatible device. Pro-series security also enables administrators to define which users can be allowed connection and access to devices. Data encryption and password security are available for wireless connections. HP Jet Advantage Security Manager provides IT groups and administrators with the tools to manage the printers in your organization.

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All Done with High Quality: The M452 capabilities are maximized when used in tandem with original HP JetIntelligence toner cartridges. These cartridges enable the printer to deliver 48% more pages. Print gauge technology also available for the M452, enables consistent prediction of toner levels thus improving your printing productivity.

The M452 also uses the HP ColorSphere3 Toner. Its low melting point ensures consistent, high quality, fast printing.

The M452 is also equipped with the ability to detect if the toner cartridge used is the Original JetIntelligence enabled cartridge. Users may opt to purchase high yield cartridges capable of longer uninterrupted printing times. The M452 also comes preloaded with a toner cartridge.

HP Color LaserJet Pro M452 Review and Specifications

Printing, Efficient and Convenient

Tasks are simply and conveniently manage from the M452’s touch screen interface. The interface enables printing even without a PC. Using the interface M452dw users can print out Word and PowerPoint files directly from their USB drives.

Business printing can be managed with easy using fleet management solutions such as HP Web JetAdmin and HP Universal Print Driver. With these tools, administrators and IT groups can access reports, monitor data, as well as deploy printing rules across all printers in your organization. This capability is important in the ensuring printing tasks contribute to the company’s goals to improve security, reduce operating costs and minimize environmental impact.

The M452 was designed with capabilities to enable companies to do their share in being proper stewards of the planet. The M452 has an energy efficient sleep mode that automatically turns the printer on or off whenever you need it or whenever you do not. It's instant on technology gives this printer a quick warm-up and cool downs, reducing the power consumption for these operating phases.

This printer also allows the use of paper as light as 60 gsm to reduce rainforest impact. In addition, automatic 2-paper printing enables 50% reduction in paper consumption. Toner cartridges are recyclable with HP recycling programs active in many countries.

Smartphone and Small Screen Support

The M452nw and M452nd may print files from smartphones and other mobile devices. This can be accomplished via the printer’s wireless printing. NFC-enabled mobile devices can print devices with touch; no need to search through available devices. Simple set it up once with the HP Web JetAdmin or the HP Embedded Web Server. Printing can be done from smartphones, iPhone, iPad, laptops, and other devices running on Android 4.4+, iOS and Google Chrome with no set-ups for supported devices. Non-supported devices will require the installation of HP ePrint.

Server based Mobile printing across a fleet of printers is supported. Pull printing and advanced reporting and monitoring services may be deployed over your pool of M452 by HP representatives. Non-server based solutions are also available using Jet Advantage Private Print. Read also 4 Most Efficient Printer for Small Business and Corporate Office.

HP Color LaserJet Pro M452 Price Online in India

Functions Print
Print Speed 24-28ppm
First page out-from ready 8.9-9.9s
Print resolution Up to 38600×600 dpi
Printing from USB Drive Word, PowerPoint, PDF,  JPG
Two sided printing Manual, Automatic
Processor 1200 MHz
Memory 128MB or 256MB
Recommended Monthly Page Volume 750 – 4000 pages
Duty Cycle 50000 pages
Buy 45000 Rupees


Samsung ProXpress M4070/3870/3370 (Fast, High-Quality Printing)

This series of printers can deliver up to 42 pages per minute of high quality printed material. With a Cortex A5 processor and 256 MB of memory, M4070/3870/3370 printers enable increased efficiency when it comes to printing. Image sharpening and edge resolution enhancement is done with the ReCP technology, improving the readability and quality of printed documents. Thus, M4070/3870/3370 printers can deliver sharp scans with output print resolutions of up to 1200×1200 dpi. The Multipurpose tray supports media up to 58 lbs giving users more options for professional documents.

Reduced Toner and Paper Expenses: A notable cost saving feature of this printer series is the One Touch Eco Button. This feature automatically adjusts the print job and enables to up and dual sided printing. The feature also allows skipping of blank pages and a toner save mode. An administrator can drive these settings across a fleet of printers maximizing savings across the organization.

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ProXpress M4070/3870/3370 printers come with Samsung’s Award winning Easy Eco Driver, which enable toner saving of up to 20%. With this technology, users can opt to remove images from printouts, convert bitmaps to sketches as well as remove bold text thus reducing toner costs.

Jobs can be managed centrally with the SyncThru Admin job accounting feature. This enables administrators to assign users to specific printers as well as set quotas for the number of pages they can print or copy per printer.

Samsung ProXpressM4070/3870/3370 printers offer toner cartridge options to suit the printing practices of any organization. Cartridges come in four types with different page yields: 3000, 5000, 10000 and 15000 standard pages.

 Flexible Printing Options to Maximize Output

Samsung ProXpress M4070/3870/3370 printers are 4 in 1 multifunction printers that allow you to print, scan copy and fax. The M4070FR and the M3870FW come with a Duplex Automatic Document Feeder standard, enabling dual sided printing.

A free Samsung Mobile Print app gives users the ability to print, scan, and fax directly from their smartphone and tablets. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Users will be able to detect compatible printers, like the Samsung ProXpress M4070/3870/3370 printers, in the same network and utilize their full features.

Samsung ProXpressM4070/3870/3370 printers are ready for Google Cloud print allowing users to print from anywhere with an internet connection. With Google Cloud Print, printers and work may be shared over the web.

Samsung ProXpress M4070 3870 3370 Review Specifications Price Online India

Side-by-Side Comparison: Comparing these 3 products side by side proves to be a good exercise for those who are looking for the right printing device for the company. If you are going for a multifunction printer, then the HP M477 series and Samsung ProXpress M4070/3870/3370 printers are the products to go for. If you are looking for a purely printing solution then go with the HP M452 series.

The main strength of the HP printers is the first copy and first print times from sleep while the Samsung printers boast of their less than 6.5s first print/copy times from ready. It would definitely be beneficial from an energy efficiency and productivity standpoint to have a printer that quickly wakes up from sleep to print.

The strongest points of the Samsung ProXpress M4070/3870/3370 printers would be energy efficiency measures such as the One Touch Eco Button and the Eco Driver Solutions, which enable higher printing capacity and manage toner use respectively. The different print yields for toner cartridges also give more flexible options for users in terms of budget or logistical convenience. Another thing going for the Samsung printers is the duty cycle, which can go as high as 100000 pages.

Both manufacturers have a lot to offer in terms of resolution. In the end, the users will have to check out the quality of images produced on these machines and decide which is most suited to their needs.

Usage with respect to Industry

HP printers had a relatively even spread across most notable industries. The devices are very popular among organizations with 101-250 employees who use their mobile devices for printing. No data for Samsung printers is available at this time. Read also Best Inkjet Printers between 16000 to 23000 Rupees.

Functions Print, copy, scan, fax, email
Print Speed 35-42 ppm
First page out-from ready 6.5s max
Print resolution Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi
Two sided printing Automatic
Scan speed 20-24 ipm
Scan resolution Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi; Up to 4800 x 4800 dpi enhanced mode
Bit depth 8 bit b/w , 48 bit color
Copy speed 35-42ppm maximum
Copy resolution 600x600dpi
Processor 600 MHz
Memory 256 MB (Max 512 MB)
Duty Cycle 50000-10000 pages per month
Size 18.5″ x 17.5″ x 19.0″
Buy 35000 Rupees

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