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Best Headphones under 500 Rupees

Best Headphones under 500 Rupees in India Market

Finding a decent headphone below 500 Rupees is indeed a tough task. Most of the available headphones in the price range have more or less the same mediocre build and sound quality. However, we make it easy for you with this review article that covers the best-selling headphones from 100 to 500 Rupees range.

☼ AXL AHP-02 Headphones with Mic

Probably you would have never heard about the brand AXL for headphones and earphones. Even I don’t know much about this brand. However, the headphone model AHP-02 of this brand is currently a top-selling headphone under 500 Rupees. Those who bought a unit of this AXL headphone model and currently using it — have rated it with either 4-Star and 5-Star. That suggests it comes with some uniqueness and is capable of generating better sound. Thus, considering the opinion of the current users of the AXL AHP-02 Headphone, we do recommend it.

AXL AHP-02 Headphones with Mic

Both speakers of the headphone generate rich HD sound with deep bass. The attached adjustable headband makes it comfortable to wear to users of any head size. Comfortable earmuffs on both earpads relax ears while listening to music on this AXL headphone. Plus, the built-in MIC makes it an ideal headphone for voice, video, and internet calls.

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On the flip side, some apparent weaknesses of the headphone are being heavy and manufactured in China. The weight of AXL AHP-02 headphones is 220 grams.

Price ₹490 | Amazon
Features Weight: 220-Grams | Wire: 1-Meter | Built-in MIC | Rich Deep Bass | HD Sound


☼ Philips SBCHL140 Headphones

This cheap & best headphone from the house of Philips is one of the best-selling headphones under 400 Rupees. Its current market price is only 345 Rupees. Being so affordable does not means it produces mediocre sound and its build is fragile. In fact, I was totally impressed with its build and sound quality. Of course, one should be sensible enough to understand that no brand can provide a steel body headphone in 400 Rupees.

For big sound performance, Philips equipped this budget headphone with a 30-mm driver. Also, its speaker design has BASS BEAT vents that allow air movement for better sound clarity. Thousands of users of this Philips headphone have rated it outstanding — not just best — for its ability to produce loud and punchy sound with clear bass. Therefore, buy it with confidence that it will thoroughly impress with its sound quality.

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This Philips headphone is an outstanding choice to listen to your favorite tracks for hours. You won’t get a headache and ear pain since It is an ultra-lightweight headphone, it weighs only 59 Grams.

Price ₹350 | Amazon
Features Weight: 59 Grams | Bass Beat Vents for better Sound Clarity and Deep Bass | No MIC
Sound Dynamic Speaker | Open Acoustic System | Ferrite Magnet | Mylar Dome Diaphragm | Copper Voice Coil | FR Range 18 – 20K Hz | Impedance: 32-ohm | Maximum Power Input: 100 mW | Sensitivity: 96 dB | 30-mm Speaker Driver
Connectivity 1-meter Cable with Copper Wire | 3.5-mm Chrome Platted Connected


☼ Zebronics ZEB-BUZZ Headphone with MIC

The Zebronics headset has a trendy look and enduring build. The design and build of cushions on its earpads provide comfort to ears. This headset price is 495 Rupees currently. Considering the looks, design, and audio performance, I would recommend it as an ideal choice for an extended music listening session.

Speakers on both side of ear pads with 40-mm drive disappoints on loudness, however. 40-mm driver means it should have been deafening, but actual loudness is just okay. I am not surprised though. Philips headphones under 500 Rupees reviewed here, below, also disappoints on the front of loudness.

Apparently, 500 Rupees is too less budget for a decent quality headphone. That is why there are not many branded headphones are on sale. Therefore, this Zebronics headphone, despite its loudness being passable, I recommend it.

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Bass boost and treble levels in the audio of this Zebronics Wired Headphone with MIC under 500 Rupees are just okay as well. Because of high impedance, to achieve the best sound levels, you have to use this headset with a device of high power output. It also comes with a built-in microphone with inline control for calling and recording needs.

The Zebronics over the ear headphones for music is lightweight because of the slim design. It weighs only 181 grams. The non-detachable cord is 1.5-meter long, withal.


  • Fold-able and Portable
  • Stylish
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Clear Sound
  • Inbuilt MIC

Cons:-Mediocre Sound Loudness

Conclusion: There are not many options on the market for over-ear over the head headphones or headsets under 500 Rupees. Among the options available from the well-known brands, Zebronics ZEB-BUZZ Wired Headphone with MIC is one of the best options.

Price 495 Rupees
Drive Size 40-mm
Frequency Response 20-20K Hz
Sensitivity 105 dB (+-3 dB)
Impedance 32-ohm
Cable 1.5-Meter
Weight 181-grams


☼ HP B4B09PA Headphone with Microphone

The HP B4B09PA is a high performing over the ear headphone but in a cheap body. Its design does not attract many and the quality of the material used is certainly not that durable. However, the price tag of 490 rupees and some cool features have made this headphone standout from the list of the budget over the ear headphones.

Comfort: The ear-cups are covered with a decent quality cushions, but the comfort gets limited here only. The size of the ear-cups is questionable as they do not cover users ears accurately and resulting in pain after a few hours of use. If wear it tightly, you might get headache on long usages.

HP Headphone with Microphone (B4B09PA) Review and Price in India

Sound Quality: The sound quality of the HP B4B09PA Headphone is really appreciable. Its frequency range of 20 Hz – 20000 Hz results in great bass levels and sharp treble levels as well. In addition, the 38 mm driver units might not seem enough, but delivers high-quality sound output.

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This HP headphone can prove to be best for playing games and listening to music in home. This Headphone has also got a noise cancellation feature that eliminates all the background noises while you speak with your loved ones. The microphone comes with a filter to prevent the blocking when you speak intensively.

Handling: 1.5-meter cord will prove to be short if you need some flexibility. However, it is not much heavy and on-cord volume controls give relief from constantly adjusting the volume directly from the device.


  • Bass and treble levels are good
  • Best for playing games and listening to music
  • Noise cancellation feature


  • Design and build quality are not up to the mark
  • The wire might prove to be short in some cases
Features Powerful Bass, 35-mm Drivers, Volume/Mute Control, Superior Sound Quality
Price 535 Rupees


☼ Philips SHP1900 Over-Ear Headphone

The SHP1900 headphone is a great deal for the price it is trending now. It features a comfortable over ear design with a stylish look. You can grab this headphone for just Rupees 411 from Amazon.

Comfort: The typical dual headband design of Philips also makes its way into this headphone. Over the ear design results in low pain in a long use and also enhancement of bass levels.

Philips SHP1900 Review and Price in India

Sound Quality: The sound quality of this over ear headphone seems decent for the price that you pay. The range of frequency response is 20 – 20,000 Hz, which is good for a budget headphone like this. The mids, highs and lows are pretty crisp without any distortions. 40 mm driver units are capable of producing great sound levels until it gets a device with 32 Ohm compatibility.

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Handling: This over ear HP headphone comes with a 2-meter long cable which makes it suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. It is lightweight and can be adjusted according to your head size.


  • Dual headband design and extra soft cushions make this headphone comfortable
  • 40-mm driver units
  • Comes with 2-meter long cord


  • No padding on the headbands
  • High impedance
  • Mediocre Sound
Features Neodymium Magnet Type, 98 dB/mW Sensitivity, 40-mm Driver Units, 20-20000 Hz Fq Response, 200 grams weight, Chrome Plated connector, 2 meters Long cord, Adjustable headband
Price 475 Rupees