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Best Headphone under 2500 Rupees

Best Headphone under 2500 Rupees in India Market

Are headphones safer than earphones? Both are harmful to ears. However, here Headphones have an edge if you want to know which one is less harmful. Headphones, because the design creates a sound zone on-the-ear and around-the-ear whereas earphones deliver audio into the ear. The point to focus here is the distance between eardrum and speaker. In the case of earphones, speakers are very close to your eardrum, on headphones, one the other hand, speakers are a bit far. Therefore, Headphones are the best choice compared to earphones, if you want to enjoy your favorite collection without disturbing others and yet maintain a good hearing ability until your last breath.

Music players can produce 100-dB sound. Scientifically proven fact is, if you listen to 100-dB audio for 15-minutes on a pair of earphones, you will lose your natural hearing ability. Similarly, when your ears are exposed to 85-dB sound for eight hours continuously, you will become deaf.

A proven trick to listen to high-quality audio from a music system and through a pair of headphones/earphones or on a speaker system is 60/60. Most speaker system and music player produce the best sound when their volume is set at 60% of their max volume. Set the audio output of your music player at 60 or less than 60%. If your headphones set has a volume control, set that too to 60 or less than 60%. With this setting listen to music continuously for 60-minutes only. Take at least 10-minutes of a break between two 60-minutes of music listening sessions.

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Which is the best headphone under 2500 Rupees? Here you read about the best-selling headphones from 2000 to 2500 Rupees range in India market from top brands JBL, Philips, Sony, boAt, and others.

► Philips UpBeat TAUH202BK Wireless Headphone

Which is the best Philips Wireless Headphones under 2500 Rupees? There are many, but the latest is the UpBeat Wireless Headphone with MIC. This Philips Wireless Headphone generates loud and clear sound with balanced and deep bass. Its build quality is strong, and yet it is not too heavy. It weighs only 195-Grams. The headband adjustment and soft earcups with angled adjustment make this Philips truly comfortable in wearing and listening to favorite songs continuously without getting headache and ear pain.

Philips UpBeat TAUH202BK Wireless Bluetooth Headset with Mic

The sound quality and clarity of this Philips Wireless Headphones with Mic are very-very impressive, too. And, I sure you will appreciate the quality of bass sound and bass level in its audio, as well.

The outstanding battery life of this Philips UpBeat Wireless Headphone is another good reason why you must consider it. Its battery after being fully charged to 100%, will provide 15-hours of music playback. That means roughly one week of usages.

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Thus, Philips UpBeat TAUH202 Wireless Headphone is a value for money option. Then It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is one of the best wireless headphones under 2500 Rupees.

Price 2300 Rupees | Amazon | Flipkart
Features On-Ear Dynamic Headphone | MIC with Eco Cancellation | Bluetooth 4.2 with 10-Meter Range | Active Noise Cancellation | 1-Year Warranty
Sound 32-mm Neodymium Acoustic Drivers | FR Range: 20Hz to 20KHz | Impedance: 32-ohm | Maximum Power Input: 10-mW | Sensitivity: 102-dB
Battery Backup: 15-Hours Music Play Time | Charging: 2 to 3 Hours
Build Foldable | Adjustable Headband | Soft Earcups with Angled Adjustment for Maximum Comfort | Onboard Control Music Playback and Call | Weight: 195-Grams
Sales Box Headphone | USB Charging Cable | Documents


► JBL T450BT Extra-Bass Wireless Headphones with Mic

JBL, Philips, and boAt are three of my favorite brands for a pair of high-quality headphones from 1500 to 3000 Rupees price range. Currently, one of the best-selling headphones under 2500 Rupees is JBL T450BT. The build quality of this headphone set is superior. It generates crystal-clear sound. Its communication is accurate, withal.

JBL T450BT Extra Bass Wireless Headphones with Mic

For my personal use, I do not prefer Bluetooth headphones as they have a short life and weight because of the battery. Wireless Headphones are like 4G network, fluctuating speed, one the other hand, wired headphones are a broadband connection, ensures a consistently high-speed.

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To listen to audio with True Extra-Bass, the wired headphones set is still best. The T450BT is not an exception, also. You will hear a nice, punchy bassy sound, not Extra-Bass however, on this headphone set. Essentially, that is not JBL fault. Battery-powered Headphones have a limited in terms of audio they generate. Although if you compare JBL T450BT wireless headphones with its alternatives from the same price segment, it is by far the best option.

Price 2490 Rupees
Features JBL Pure BASS Sound | Remote-Control on ear-cups | Built-in Microphone | Bluetooth | Hands-Free Calling | Siri/Google Now
Sound Speaker Driver→ 32-mm | Impedance: 32-ohm
Battery Rechargeable-Battery | Charging-Time: 2.0 Hours | Up to 11 Hours Calling Backup | Up to 11 Hours Music Listening Battery Backup
Build On-Ear Cups | Flat-fold design
Sales Box JBL T450BT | Charging-Cable | Documents


► Philips SHB4000 Bluetooth Headphone with MIC

This Philips Bluetooth headset in 2000 to 2500 Rupees price is currently a top favorite of buyers. Both sides of its ear-cups have a 32-mm speaker driver that generates loud & clear, punchy sound with deep Bass. Moreover, this headset comes with an advanced call and music track control management.

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The headband of this Philips Bluetooth headphone is thin and bendable and can comfortably rest on your neck. You can always adjust its length as you please. For easy use, the designers placed the control buttons in a strategic position on the rim of the left ear-cup.

Philips Bluetooth Headphone with MIC SHB4000

Apart from being a lightweight headphone set, the ear cups are heavily padded with soft cushions. This helps in reducing external noise interference and also adds on to the relaxed feel on this Bluetooth headphone.

I can’t complain about the battery on this Philips wireless headset. It comes with a standard Lithium-Polymer battery. A full 100% charged battery of this headset lasts up to 9 hours when using it non-stop.

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Considering that these headphones support Bluetooth connectivity and produce loud & clear sound with deep Bass, I wouldn’t deem them as expensive. My conclusion is, buy them! They are a great piece and won’t disappoint you.

Price 2490 Rupees
Features Clear & Natural Wireless Sound | Onboard Controls for Call & Music Playback | 12-meter Bluetooth Range
Call Accept/Reject Call | Last-Number Redial | Call-on-Hold | Switch between Call & Music | Microphone-Mute | Switch between Calls
Sound 32-mm Neodymium Drivers | Impudence: 24-ohms | Deep-Bass
Battery Li-Po Battery | 9-Hrs Music Play-Time or Talk-Time | 200 Hrs. Standby
Build On-Ear Design | 366-Grams Weight | Soft-Cushion | built-in MIC