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Premium Headphones Under 13000 Rupees

Best Headphones below 13000 Rupees In India Market

Gaming is slowly becoming a large and feasible industry. Already, thousands of gamepreneurs, bloggers, vloggers, marketers, and developers are making a full-time living from this entertainment model. If you are an aspiring gamepreneur or a heavy gamer, a good pair of headphones can enhance your gaming experience. In this article, we look at some of the best budget gaming headphones in India. The products discussed in this piece are particularly helpful to PC game reviewers as well as gameholics.

Generally, most people assume that the display aspect is the only important part of gaming. What they don’t know is that engineers put in quite much the same effort into the sound effects just as they do with the display. The role of sound in gaming is to immerse the user into the gaming context itself. Apparently, the clearer the sound, the better the experience. A good pair of budget over-ear headphones can make a huge difference, especially in combat games.

Have you ever tried playing Call of Duty or Battlefield 4 without sound? If you have tried it, then you probably understand why some sound is important in gaming. To get a holistic experience, you need a decent pair of gaming headphones. Here are some of the best headphones for gamers below 13000 rs.

In this piece, not just top gaming headsets, we also cover premium headphones with HD sound and outstanding build quality in the price range of 12000 to 13000 Rupees.

► SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless Gaming Headset

SteelSeries is a reputed gaming accessories manufacturer based in Denmark. Personally, I have had a great experience with one of their best gaming mice, the Rival 600. From my own experience with the mouse, I can attest that SteelSeries doesn’t disappoint when it comes to gaming equipment. Recently, I got a chance to review their new Arctis 7 stylish Bluetooth headphones for gamers. Though a bit pricey, these headphones are worth every penny. Here’s what I liked about them:

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Stylish and lightweight design: Just like most Steel series gaming products the Arctis 7 over the ear headphones have a sleek virile look that suits the character of most gamers. The manufacturer strived for absolute comfort when building this product. To begin with, these headphones have a Ski Goggle suspension headband whose primary duty is to distribute the weight of the headphones evenly across your head.

SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless Gaming Headset

In addition, these top quality headphones are made using an ultra-lightweight material. Their total average weight is 281 grams. The cushion paddings on these headphones are also pretty comfy. I also can’t fail to mention that the pads seal you ears tightly to minimize external distractions.  Most gamers don’t mind a little squeeze on the ears so long as the sound experience is superb.

→ Good sound balance

What puts the Arctis 7 among the best over the head headphones in India, is their audio clarity. In terms of Audio performance, this pair of headphones challenges most products in this price range. First of all, the manufacturer integrated these headphones with their own SteelSeries Engine software. The equalizing software is predominant in almost all SteelSeries headphones.  Using it, you can personalize your audio experience. The headphones 7.1 surround sound system keeps everything in harmony. The mid and lows are well pronounced while the bass can be perceived clearly in the background.

Clear cast mic: I also liked the fact these headphones use a Clearcast 100% audible mic. The manufacturer incorporated a next-generation bidirectional mic design on this device so as to guarantee audio clarity. This mic not only allows you to answer calls hands-free, but you can also engage in clear conversations when gaming online in multiplayer mode.

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Price 12980 Rupees
Features 15 Hours Battery Life | 2.4-GHz Frequency Wireless Connectivity | 12 Meter Bluetooth Range | On-Ear Audio Controls | SteelSeries Engine software for setting Headphone | ChatMix for chatting with friends while gaming.
Sound S1 Audio Driver | SteelSeries 7.1 Surround Sound | 40-mm Neodymium Drivers | Frequency Response : 20–20000 Hz | Sensitivity : 98 dB | Impedance : 32 Ohm
MIC ClearCast MIC for Studio Quality Audio | Background Noise Cancellation | Bidirectional Pattern | Sensitivity : -38 db | Impedance : 2200 Ohm
Compatible All Platform | Xbox | PlayStation | Nintendo Switch | VR | Mobile
Build Airweave Ear Cushions | Ski Goggle Suspension Band | Lightweight | Steel Headband | Weight : 281 Grams


► Bose SoundLink Wireless Around-Ear II Headphone

Bose has such a great reputation in the market that almost every headphone it launches becomes a hit. One of the many reasons why people greatly respect this brand is the well-balanced audio its headphones produce. The story of Bose’s founder is an inspirational one, but I will reserve that for another time.

Generally, music lovers do not like Bluetooth headphones as they fail to generate impressive audio. Bose has solved this issue with the recently launched SoundLink Wireless Around Ear II Headphone. To take this device home, you will have to spend a premium amount of 18038 rupees, but for this much money, customers are also getting many great features.

Premium Build Quality: This device is one of the most durable headphones I have ever come across in my professional career. Its headband material is quite sturdy; it will not break even if you twist it at 90 degrees. Its ear cups do not suffer from any kind of damage after falling from a table’s height.

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Circumaural Design Offers Unparalleled Comfort: You would love listening to music on this headphone. The ear cups are large and cover user’s entire earflap. Plush cushions take a good care of ears. I did not suffer from music fatigue syndrome even after using this device for more than two hours.

Another reason why I love the SoundLink 2 headphone is it fits perfectly on the head of any size. Its headband is adjustable and earpieces offer swivel in both horizontal and vertical directions. Circumaural design blocks outside noise and gives users an immersive music listening experience.

You get a much high quality carrying case along with the box. It makes the whole setup (including the aux-in cord) highly portable and saves the headphone from outside impacts.

Bose SoundLink Wireless Around Ear II Headphone Price Online in India

→ Well Balanced Audio

As I said in the introduction also, Bose is famous for offering a balanced audio profile on its products. Suppressed treble helps the user in enjoying music without getting annoyed by those high-frequency itchy noises that other headphones make.

Its drivers generate crisp and clear vocals at all volumes. Bass is present but the headphone certainly disappoints when it comes to generating punchy sound.

Active EQ technology balances the audio frequencies when you change tracks. This maintains a consistent mood while listening to music for longer sessions.

Wide Wireless Range: Inbuilt Bluetooth chip of this headphone is capable of offering a connectivity range of 9 meters. You can pair smartphones within seconds by following the voice prompts.

The headphone connects with multiple devices at the same time and switches from one device to another within a blink of an eye. Bose has also developed a dedicated smartphone app especially for this device.

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The average battery life of most Bluetooth headphones in the market is around 10 hours, but this product is capable of playing music for 15 hours on a single charge. An aux-in port allows the users to use the headphone on physical connection if the device runs out of juice.

→ Inbuilt Microphone

Bose has equipped this device with a really great microphone. It records good quality audio and is perfect for making calls. This mic also removes ambient noise.


  • Generates balanced audio at all frequencies
  • Isolates the user
  • Circumaural ear cups
  • Remains comfortable for longer duration
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Long battery life
  • Sturdy and durable

Cons: Bass is not punchy

Verdict: The features that this headphone offers are in a perfect balance with its price. Sound remains balanced at all frequencies and gives a soothing feel. However, bass lovers will be a little disappointed with its performance.

Bose SoundLink Wireless Around Ear II Headphone Review and Specifications

Connectivity Bluetooth and Aux-in
Design Around-The-Ear
Weight 149 grams
Dimensions 7.5 x 6 x 1.5 inch
Buy 12800 Rupees


→ Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

Jaybird had launched the BlueBuds X Sport Headphone back in 2012. Within months, this device became the most popular sports earphone in the market and every headphone expert on the planet started talking about it.

Although it is a great product but no one would like to purchase a headphone that is four years old today. Well, Jaybird also knows about it, which is why it had unveiled an upgraded version of the same device called the Jaybird X2 Sport Headphone last year.

This new upgraded version is also available in India, but you will need to have deep pockets in order to purchase it. The price of the device greatly depends on the color variant you choose. Currently, the white color one is available in the market with a price tag of 14,609 rupees.

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Premium Sound Quality: The Jaybird X2 is the best sounding Bluetooth headphone that I have ever heard. Its sound quality has not changed much from its predecessor. Clearly, Jaybird did not want to play with the already great drivers of the BlueBuds X.

Its powerful earpieces generate loud and clear audio. Wireless headphones normally struggle at generating quality vocals, but that problem was not present on this device. I really enjoyed listening to pop and rock genre on it.

The audio does not lack bass and contains punchy beats though the device fails to offer any soundstage. It does generate some level of stereo effect; still I faced great difficulty in positioning the music instruments in mind. However, I would not judge the quality of this earphone based on that because even the 20,000-rupee premium series headphones fail to produce good sound-stage.

Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Price Online in India

→ Durable and Sweat-resistant Feature

The design and build quality of the Jaybird X2 has highly impressed me. One of the many reasons why experts regard it as the best sports headphone is because the outer shell of its earpieces offers a sweat-resistant performance. In fact, the manufacturer is giving lifetime warranty on sweat related damages with this device.

Jaybird has used superior quality materials for making this headphone. It can easily resist falls shortfalls and light force. Cable connections are strong and flexing of wires does not cause any kind of damage.

Portable and Comfortable: The manufacturer also ships a durable soft-touch carrying case with this device. This case is pretty strong and good for carrying the earphone with all its accessories. I would like to point out though the cap of the case is a little hard to close.

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Jaybird was also kind enough to offer six pairs of ear tips free of cost to all customers. Of these, three pairs are made with durable rubber while the remaining ones are carved out of a soft foamy material.

The headphone itself is highly comfortable. Its fins will hold your ears firmly and not fall off no matter how hard you jump. The earpieces connect with each other with a flat cable, which is resizable.

→ Extended Wireless Range

The Jaybird X2 supports a wide range of profiles and can connect to any Bluetooth device in the world. It offers a wide wireless range of 10 meters that roughly converts to 32.8 feet. You can find an inline remote towards the right earpiece, which is easy to reach. This remote allows the users to increase/decrease the volume, receive a call, and play/pause a track.

Its inbuilt microphone cancels out most of the ambient noise and records clear audio. It is really good for making calls as the person on the other side will be able to receive the sound clearly even if you are walking on a busy road.

Jaybird has equipped this compact earphone with a massive battery capable of giving 8 hours of power backup. The battery takes about 2 hours to get fully charged.


  • Impressive sound production
  • Wide frequency response range
  • Long power backup
  • Durable build
  • Sweat resistant outer shell of the earpieces
  • Comes with free ear tips
  • Fins secure the earpieces while working out
  • Generates loud audio
  • Inbuilt microphone records crisp and clear audio with minimal distortions
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Cons: Carrying case is a little hard to close

Verdict: You will fall in love with this headphone after using it once. This device is great for athletes and those who work out a lot. Despite being a wireless headphone, it generates superior audio. The most interesting are the fact that its battery lasts for around 8 hours on a single charge.

Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Review and Specifications

Connectivity Bluetooth
Frequency Response Range 20-20000 Hz
Design Earbud
Battery Backup 8 Hours
Weight 13.8 grams
Dimensions 22 X 29 X 13 mm
Buy 13300 Rupees


► Beats Solo HD headphones

Beats is one of the few brands that got famous really fast in the initial years. The brand came into existence in the year 2008 and within just 6 years, it got so popular that Apple acquired it for $3 billion (these days every big brand keeps an eye on small emerging brands). We are not here to discuss the achievements of this brand though it was necessary to give a short background to the readers.

Last month, some regular visitors of this website asked me to do a review on the Beats Solo HD Headphone. This request came to me as a surprise because Beats had launched the Solo HD headphone way back in the year 2010. In fact, the manufacturer has already stopped the production of this product.

Why so much demand for an outdated Product: I got curious why people are so interested in a 6-year-old product. After doing research for a couple of weeks, I found out that some units of this headphone are still available in the market. Well, on paper this product seems to be a nice option considering its price of 15,500 rupees.

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In the following weeks, we tested this headphone on the fronts like audio quality, build quality, comfort, and portability. I am very excited to show how this old world headphone performs in the modern day. So without wasting any more time let us get down to it.

→ Great Build Quality

The build quality of the outer shell clearly gives an idea about why people love this headphone. Beats has made it with the most durable plastic available out there. Both the earpieces offer a gyroscope like a design as they hang on the headband via a horizontal hinge. This hinge gives the earpieces a lot of flexibility in the vertical direction. I would like to point out though these do not offer horizontal swivel of any degree.

Not Comfortable For Longer Duration: This is an on-ear style headphone. It feels much lightweight on the head and is good for listening to music outdoors.

Its headband is foldable, which means you can easily store it inside a small carry bag.

Although on-ear style headphones are lightweight, portable and compact but they fail considerably when it comes to comfort. In spite of heavy padding, its earpieces generate pain and discomfort after using the headphone for a couple of hours.

This device will be good for college students who like to listen to songs on the way to their institution. For travelers, though an around-ear style headphone will better suit the needs.

→ Comes With a Carrying Case

Beats has been trying to attract the premium customers since it entered the market. Considering all premium brands offer a custom made carrying case with their headphones, Beats has also followed that strategy. The case that you get with this product is durable and features a soft touch material outside. It is really compact and also comes with a small hand strap. A pocket inside allows the users to store aux-in cord and other accessories.

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Generates Deep Bass: Large neodymium drivers generate powerful ultra low frequencies. The bass levels are enough deep to shake your ears with great intensity. The greatness of the sound quality ends right here as this headphone produces unsatisfying mid and high frequencies.

Vocals suffer from serious distortions and I would not recommend listening to classical Indian songs (which greatly emphasizes to singer’s voice) on this device. Soundstage is totally absent as the earpieces feature a closed back design.

The isolation that this headphone provides has impressed me greatly. Its earpieces are capable of stopping all outside noise from entering your ears.

Beats Solo HD headphones Review Specifications Price Online in India

→ Detachable Aux-in Cord is one cool feature of Beats Headphone

I always prefer detachable aux-in cords over non-detachable ones while shopping for headphones. The reason behind this is obvious. A fixed cord can easily stick anywhere and damage the headphone, but if the cord is detachable, it will detach when stuck and pose a less threat to the headphone itself.

The headphone cord also comes with an inline remote. It allows the users to receive calls, skip music tracks and control the volume. The quality of the microphone is good though it does pick up ambient noise.


  • It is a highly durable product
  • Vertically swiveling earpieces
  • Headband is foldable
  • Beats ships a high-quality compact carrying case with the box
  • Comes with detachable aux-in cable
  • Inline remote with microphone
  • Bass levels are really impressive
  • Perfectly isolates users’ ears


  • Mids and highs remain weak at all volumes
  • No sound-stage

Verdict: This headphone is perfect for outdoor usage. It is compact, comes with a detachable aux-in cord, and offers great isolation. However, some associated problems will affect the purchase decision of people who are very critical of audio quality. A pair of experienced ears will not like this product. The drivers do not generate quality vocals. And, the headphone causes discomfort during long sessions.

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Connectivity Aux-in
Design On-Ear
Weight 159 grams
Dimensions 23.1 x 17.5 x 13.2 cm
Buy 12100 Rupees

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