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Best Hand Mixer under 5000 Rupees

Best Hand Mixer under 5000 Rupees in India Market

Are you dealing with an ample amount of cooking task that involves the process of mixing and blending ingredients? Then buying a hand mixer will be a great choice. Nevertheless, while buying a hand mixer, there are several things you need to consider. Eventually, this kitchen appliance can make your cooking task more comfortable, but knowing which one you really need is this right way to save an ample amount of time and money.

Food mixers can be excellent additions to the kitchen whether to speed up the mixing or save you the energy used in manual mixing. Buying a sound mixer can be a bit of a mix up especially if you do not know what to look for — in the available products. It is possible for a sound, high-quality mixer to have an unattractive appearance, but it can deliver well. On the other hand, attractive mixers are expensive but with limitations when it comes to providing excellent services.

Which is the best hand mixer under 5000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best hand mixers under 5000 Rupees in India market. Here you read about high-rated hand mixers from top kitchen appliances brands Bajaj, Philips, Havells, Bosch and others.

► 250-Watt Bajaj Hand Mixer {HM01}

This Bajaj hand mixer is momentously small motorized, light weighted and portable kitchen appliance. It can be straightforwardly placed on the top of your kitchen counter.

The preeminent pro of this hand mixer is that it is easy to use. It serves the purpose of swiftly mixing the ingredients well. Once the metal beaters are attached to the mixer, the only thing you have to do is turn on the appliance and chose the desired mixing speed. And you are all set to go!

250-Watt Bajaj Hand Mixer HM01

This Bajaj Hand Mixer is exceptionally good at mixing food ingredients and is incredible for baking. It comes with the beater attachment and chrome plated dough, which are capable of preparing dough for baking in an instant. You can even use it for heavier dough like those of cookies or pie.

It becomes an ideal hand mixer by encompassing three-speed control settings for the preparation of many dishes. The slowest speed is essential for the mixing of dry ingredients, as it does not raise dust, while the faster speeds are high in aerating the mixtures.

This hand mixer comes with the most idyllic wattage of 250-Watts. Usually, the motor capacity of hand mixers is in the range of 150W to 300W.

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The beaters are designed well to maintain the overall performance. Besides, an eject button is provided for using cake beaters, and stainless-steel dough hooks offer an improved experience. Moreover, it requires less physical strain on your part!

Price 1500 Rupees
Features Eject button for using cake beaters & SS dough hooks | Slicing/Push switch for convenient & safe operation
Motor 250-Watt | 3-Speed Levels
Build Chrome plated dough & beater attachment
Warranty 2-Years
Sales Box Hand Mixer | Stainless Steel Cake Beater | Dough Hook | Documents


► 300-Watt Philips Hand Mixer {HR3705}

This Philips hand blender has a standard design like any other hand mixer from the budget segment. Its build quality, however, is excellent. If used with care, it will remain functional for years without service. You will not need any kind of special utensil to mix ingredients using this hand mixer. Yes, it can work with any type of container.

Philips ships a strip beater, and a dough hook with this 300W hand mixer. They are stainless steel attachment, therefore, strong enough for all types of mixing. Both dough hook and strip beater can be detached from the central unit, and the power cord can be winded around the back.

300-Watt Philips Hand Mixer HR3705

A hand mixer shouldn’t have a high-power motor. The 300W motor of this Philips hand mixer has enough power to mix all types of consumables required for cooking.

Option to choose from five different speed settings is really great. It helps a lot in mixing ingredients to the right consistency. This electric hand mixer also has a special turbo speed mode that can be a lifesaver when you have very less time to prepare food.

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Thus, considering everything, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Philips hand mixer is one of the best hand mixers in the market. It is a value for money product.

Price 2000 Rupees
Features Lightweight | Cord clip for tidy storage | Large eject button to release beaters with one-touch | Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning | Non-slip grip for easy handling
Motor 300-Watt | 5 speeds + Turbo
Body Attachment: {Dough hooks | Strip beaters} | Cord Length: 1.2-Meter
Warranty 2-Years
Sales Box Philips Hand mixer | Stainless steel dough hooks | Stainless steel strip beaters | Documents


► 300W Usha 3732 Hand Mixer with 2 Hooks

Usha is a favorite brand in India market for affordable and durable kitchen appliances. Currently, one of the best-selling hand mixers under 2000 Rupees is the Usha 300W hand mixer. The build quality of this Usha Hand Mixer is outstanding, its performance mind-blowing. Those who have bought it and using it currently, have praised it and recommended it to others.

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Usha 3732 Hand Mixer comes with a powerful 300W copper motor. Stainless steel and high-quality ABS plastic are used to make its build quality sturdy yet lightweight. Usha brand provides two beater hooks and two kneading hooks with this hand mixer model. The length of the power cord is short, though.

Usha 3732 300W Hand Mixer with 2 Hooks

Accurately processing the ingredients before cooking is one of the most essential factors for a well-cooked, delicious food item at the end. With 5 speed levels and one turbo button, this Usha hand mixer can mix the ingredients the way you want, and with the evenness you desired. Also, it is super comfortable in use because of its perfect design and ergonomic handle for a better grip. One-click ejection of hooks makes it easier to disassemble, withal.

Price 1600 Rupees
Features 2-Years Warranty | One-Click Ejection of Hooks
Motor 300W | 100% Copper Wiring | 5 Speed Levels + Turbo Speed | Over-Load Protection | Air Vents for Motor Cooling | Max Run: 5-Minutes
Build Stainless Hook | 2 Beater Hooks | 2 Kneading Hooks | 1-meter 2-Pin Plug | Smart Box for Storing
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