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Portable Hair Dryer below 2000 Rupees

Best Hair Dryer below 2000 Rupees In India

The online market in India is saturated with thousands of hair dryer models. Buyers literally don’t know which dryer to go for. In this article, we have put together a comprehensive list of the best hair dryers in India below 2000 Rupees. Actually, The Gadgets Shiksha has reviewed more than a hundred hair dryers in the past. However, this article is unique to our readers in the sense that we have limited ourselves to the most convenient budget hair dryers in the market today. Some of the products we will be covering in this article may lack a number of professional features, but their handiness is something to revere.

For instance, in the previous articles, we emphasized on the need for a cool shot button in professional hair dryers. Even so, this feature is not critical especially if you don’t blow your hair every day. In the past, we have also talked about some gadgets that come with a hairdryer straightener and curler in one. Again, such features are unnecessary, particularly if your budget is tight.  This article limits itself only on the best budget and handy hairdryers in the market today.  Essentially, we gauged these gadgets based on a number of factors. Some of these factors include price, durability, portability, and efficiency.  Have a look: –

► Remington Professional Hair Dryer D3003

Remington is a very famous for its branded electronic hair styling products. Especially, Remington’s hair dryers are very well known for their good performance in hair styling. Here is one of its product the professional hair dryer model number D3003. Before deciding on buying this product, you should better know how far it could reach your expectations.

Currently, it costs 1,999 rupees on Amazon India website. Sadly, the manufacturer does not provide any warranty for this product.

Decent looking dryer: The D3003 Remington professional hair dryer looks decent with its black and red color combination. It does not look very elegant and pretty as it can be seen in the picture here. Even though it is made of ceramic for even heat distribution, it has more plastic glow in it, which makes it look cheaper yet attractive. It is handy and is easy to use. It is also not very heavy and so handling becomes easier.


Controls and settings: This hair dryer has three control buttons on it. One is the cool shot setting to choose the cold air instead of the hot air from the dryer. This cool shot setting can be used to set styles.

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The second control button is for setting the heat. This has three heat settings in it and you can choose one ideal for your hair. In addition, this allows you to select any heat setting according to your requirement for drying your hair.

The third control button is for setting the turbo speed of the hair dryer. This controls the wind flowing speed of the hair dryer. This button has two-speed settings in it. This turbo speed setting option enables you to dry your hair with a smooth finish and to add volume to it.

→ Ionic conditioning option

This dryer has the ionic conditioning option. This lets you keep hair frizz free, smooth, and shiny. This option also helps you keep the hair stylish like this for day and night.

This hair dryer has a powerful 2000-watt motor to provide you with a powerful wind. The best thing about this dryer is that it gives low noise compared to other dryers. It also has a concentrator for drying and precision styling.

Pros Features:-

  • Powerful 2000 watt motor
  • Low noise
  • Ionic conditioning option
  • Handy
  • Cool shot option
  • Affordable

Cons: It does not come with any warranty

Verdict:: The D3003 Remington professional hair dryer is affordable and can be used for a regular use. But, you can even get a better hair dryer at this price.

Brand Remington
Motor power 2000 watts
Cool shot Yes
Heat settings Yes
Speed Yes
Price Rs. 1,999


► Philips BHD007 Hair Dryer

The Philips hair dryer cares your precious hair efficiently and economically. Use it as and when you want without disturbing family members.

Although the brand claims a 20% reduction in the operational noise but during a test, we did not notice much difference when compared with old hair dryers. Yes, you hear less noise, but still it makes huge sound during the use.

Philips BHD007 20 Hair Dryer Review

Instant Hair Care with Ionic Conditioner : It comes with a concept feature called Ionic conditioning. This is for an instant care in case you are in a hurry for a party, cinema, marriage or any other event. The process eliminates static from hair then conditions it well and at last, smoothens well. Thus, you get a shiny hair frizz-free to set a new interesting style.

Cool Shot : I really appreciate how brands like Philips, Remington, and Oster observe issues and introduce a feature to solve that. This continuous approach ultimately benefits the end users.

The concept of Cool shot is one such simple yet efficient feature. Once you are done with a new hairstyle, just burst one cool shot to set it more promptly. You will be able to maintain this new hairstyle now for many hours to come.

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ThermoProtect temperature : Are you a first time user of a hair dryer? If the answer is yes, then you must use the ThermoProtect feature for the entire “how to use” learning process.

The protection feature ensures safe air temperature so that even your unprofessional approach does not damage your hair and it remains silky as before.

→ Additional features of this portable Hair dryer

The affordable Hairdryer comes with many good features for an easy everyday use. Get an instant hairstyle with three heat/speed combinations. 1.8-mm cord length is perfect for a modern bathroom wherein switchboard has an ideal placement.

Philips has taken a good care of its storage. A rubber clip is fixed on the handle to hang it easily on a hook. The base handle of this Philips hair dryer is foldable so you can easily pack and even carry it easily on a tour.

Easy functions:-

  1. Can be used anywhere in the world as it offers dual voltage
  2. 1.8-mm cord for utmost flexibility
  3. convenient storage as equipped with a rubberized hook
  4. Created for a likable sound
  5. Portable and foldable

Brilliantly Styled Hair:-

  • 1800-Watt offers the right drying results
  • 3 preset speed settings for moderate drying
  • ThermoProtect temperature
  • Cool Shot feature for a perfect your style
  • Ionic conditioning for frizz-free and glossy hair


  • Lighter and foldable to carry anywhere
  • Irritating sound free
  • Offers frizz-free and shiny hair for longer hours
  • Long cable
  • Comfortable to use because of Attachable concentrator
  • A storage bag in the sales box

Cons: Cool shot is the ploy. You will experience less warm air compared to other dryers

Verdict: In my opinion, the Philips hair dryer is worth buying. It comes with Cool shot feature and a long 1.8-mm cable. However, the best part is that it is a portable gadget, which you can pack in a travel suitcase.

Price 1770 Rupees
Attachment Types Concentrator
Nozzle/Concentrator Nozzle/concentrator
Attachments 1
Heat Settings 3
Speed Settings 3
Technology Used Ionic Conditioning
Features Foldable Handle | 3 Flexible Speed Settings | Dual Voltage | Easy Storage Hook | Cool shot | Hanging Loop
Power 1800-Watt


► Oster HD33 Hair Dryer

When you are buying a hair dryer, you may expect to take it with you easily to other places when you are traveling. Oster presents a hair dryer, which is very, lightweight and so can be easily transportable. This dryer is also foldable. This makes it easier to occupy less space in your bag leaving space for your other important things to carry.

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Oster HD33 hair dryer comes at 1,409 rupees currently listed at all major online shopping websites. The manufacturer of this dryer also provides two years of free service warranty on the product. To claim the warranty, you will have to keep the warranty card safe.

Cool dryer design: The dryer is available in blue and black color combination. It is a cool looking combination with its elegant blue and deep black colors. Not only it is an efficient gadget rather it also looks decent and attractive with its simple design. The material used in the making is plastic.


This dryer is foldable at its handle. So, it occupies very small space and is easily portable. This device also has the hanging loop near the end of its handle. With this, it can be hanged anywhere easily.

Settings: The Oster HD33 hair dryer has settings buttons on its handle. It has a cool shot button on the handle near the foldable tip. When you enable this cool shot button, this passes the cool air through the nozzle. This cool shot button enables you to set your dream hairstyle easily.

This dryer also has the speed settings button on its handle below the cool shot button. This has two-speed settings with which you can easily control the speed of the wind flow. This speed setting allows you to style precisely.

→ An Ideal Hair Dryer with Concentrator

The dryer has a concentrator in the front end of it, near the nozzle. It is adjustable either horizontally or vertically, as you would like to use. This is also removable, so, it can be removed and kept aside when not in use. This concentrator comes in blue color. This is especially provided for the dryer for precision styling. Almost all the hair dryers come with this concentrator generally.

This Oster dryer has a powerful 1600-watts motor. The dryer has the swivel cord, which keeps the 1.8-meter cord tangle-free.

Pros Features:-

  • Affordable
  • Decent design
  • Comes with 2 years warranty
  • Foldable
  • Light-weight
  • Cool shot button

Verdict: The Oster HD33 hair dryer is cool looking gadget and affordable, too. This is recommended for those who would like to take their dryer with them anywhere. This is good for a regular use, but not for the professional hair drying.

Brand Oster
Color Blue & Black
Cold shot Yes
Concentrator nozzle Yes
Foldable Yes
Wattage 1600 W
Speed 2
Voltage 220-240 V
Warranty 2 years
Price 1609 rupees
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