Which is the best hair dryer under 1500 Rupees? In this piece, we cover top hair dryers, which are on sale in the price range of 1000 to 1500 Rupees. Any price in this range is even enough for top brands to produce hair dryers with lightweight, portable build, many conveniences and required safety features. Here you read an in-depth review of advanced hair dryers, which are capable of clearing moisture from all types of hairs including curly hair and long hair in a few minutes.

☼ 1200W Philips BHC017 Hair Dryer

With Philips, you can always expect high-quality products at a reasonable price. I have been very pleased with the Philips products I have used. They have surpassed their life expectancy. Philips is, therefore, the right brand for your new hair dryer.

Philips has several top-selling hair dryers in the 1000 to 1500 Rupees price range. The model BHC017 in 1350 Rupees is what we recommend to you. Philips provides a Diffuser and Concentrator with this hair dryer.

The power rating of the Philips BHC017 hair dryer is 1200W. Being foldable makes it easier to carry. There are three preset levels, each of which is a combination of unique heat and airflow. To set a styled hair, it has the cool-shoot feature. Furthermore, this hair dryer model has the ThermoProtect feature, Philips’s signature feature for safe drying.

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Heated air damages hair. Therefore, we often press upon a low-power hair dryer. The Philips BHC-017 hair dryer, because of its 1200W power rating, is safe for all types of users, from first-timer to experienced ones.

1200W | Top Hair Dryer under ₹1500 {हिंदी में} | #Philips BHC017

Price ₹1300 → Amazon
Features 1200W | Levels: 3 {Cool-Shot, Thermo-Protect, Hot} | Attachments: {Concentrator, Diffuser} | Warranty: 2-Year | Build: ABS Plastic


► 2000W Rozia Professional Hair Dryer

You will find the Rozia HC8201 Professional hair dryer pretty helpful If you are looking for a cheap hair dryer that can deliver professional results. Rozia hair dryers are not exactly the most popular hair gadgets in India, though with time the brand has built an excellent reputation for itself. What we liked the most about the Rozia HC8201 is its sleek modern design. Additionally, this gadget outperforms most dryers in its price range.

Professional look: The designers that built this low-cost hair dryer had one strategy in mind –  make the device look expensive though cheap. From afar you will probably notice the glossy finish on this device not to mention its futuristic bezels. Apart from drying your hair, this device will adorn your dressing table or salon with that expensive look. Moreover, this device won’t stress your hand especially if you are using it in your salon business. The manufacturer built it with an ergonomic and lightweight design, to cater for comfort

ROZIA Professional Hair Dryer in 1100 Rupees

2 Speed and 3 Heat Settings: Just like most professional hair dryers, the Rozia HC8201 has 2-speed adjustments. These are meant to help you regulate the speed of hot air when blow-drying. Also, it has three heat settings, allowing the user more control on its run.  You can toggle these settings depending on the type of hair you are drying. Last but not least, this device has a cool shot button. Of course, you can use it to preserve your hairstyles all day long.

Price 1100 Rupees
Features Power Capacity: 2000-Watt | Speed Levels: 2 | Heat Levels: 3 | Cool Air Shot
Body Attachment: 2 Concentrator | Airflow Nozzle | Hanging Loop | Cord length: 2-meter | Weight: 240 Grams | Foldable: NO


► 1200W Philips HP8120 Hair Dryer

Without spending many words to explain what the brand Philips stands for, let us quickly jump to the details of this low-cost hair dryer. Here, I will discuss ability and efficiency of a low-end Philips Hair styling device HP8120, which is a hair dryer, comes with a 1200W mediocre power capacity.

Low-end Dryer for First users: A dryer has the primary job to blow hot and cold air to release moisture from hair. However, choosing a hair dryer or a straighter is not easy. If you are not friendly in using a dryer, then it might burn or damage hair strings.

In fact, frequent wrong care by a dryer can end up as a visible sign of baldness. That is something you would not want to have somehow. Therefore, my suggestion is to try a low-end dryer for safe and easy use.

Start with a low power dryer and continue to use until you find yourself very friendly in balancing it over your hair. Once you gain maturity in its use, then go for a dryer with 1800W or 2100W or 2500W motor for a faster hair setting every day.

With this much air blow power, a perfect hair styling session will take about 10 to 15 minutes. In case, you are queen of nice curly and long thick hair, then one hair setting session might continue for 20 to 25 minutes.

Moreover, hair dryer noise does create a headache for family members or husband sleeping in a bedroom attached with the bathroom. Therefore, if you continue to use a hair dryer more than five minutes then it is a matter of disturbance for everyone in the house.

However, even with this disadvantage, I suggest using a low power hair dryer because we are discussing to care more precious element of a beautiful personality that is Hair. I am sure you will agree that we cannot take a risk in daily hair care.

Philips HP8120

Another advantage with a low power hair dryer is even if you have mistakenly started using at optimum power, it will give a gentle air blow to make your hair silky and soft.

I return to the main subject that is the Philips HP8120 hair dryer. In my opinion, it is just a test & try dryer for your learning. Once you have a free hand then go for a powerful machine with 2100W motor for quicker and faster result.

Especially in the summer season, blowing hot air on your precious hair is not a good idea. Therefore, a better way to dry up hair is to use cool air shot. Fortunately, the Philips hair dryer does come with a concept feature of cool air blow essentially useful to care damaged hair or to use in hot summer time.

Heat Protection: This is an essential and must have feature in a dryer. Whether you appreciate this Philips device or not, is less important. However, what is necessary that you buy a dryer with good features, safety, and certainly heat protection ability.

So far, I have not mentioned here that you can make the Philips hair dryer more useful by adjusting air blow speed and heat settings. Sometimes user forgets to maintain a safe distance between dryer and hair that too when the device is running at an optimum power. In such situation, this is very likely that you end up damaging hair. Just to make hairs safe from such mistake, here comes is the Thermo protection feature. Because of this feature, the device is optimized so well that even your unprofessional use does not result in any hair damage.

You can fold its handle for an easy packing and store at a safe place. Just at the end of the handle is a rubber clip for hanging it in the bathroom.

1.5-meter cord length is just standard. If power plug is at a distance, then get one wire extension. It will cost less than 100 rupees.

Moreover, Philips ships a concentrator for a more pointed air blow to set a hairstyle. Even you can buy additional nozzles from local market for better use of this hair dryer.


  • Excellent hair dryer for first time user or a teenage girl
  • Thermo protection and cool air shot feature
  • It being a Philips product itself is a pro fact

Conclusion: The Philips HP8120 hair dryer is a lightweight and convenient dryer for a gentle care of your silky hair every day. It is cheaper and you can have it for a test & try purpose.

Power 1200-Watt
Cord Length 1.5-meter
Heat Setting Three
Speed Setting Three
Cold Air Yes
Attachment Concentrator, Nozzle
convenience Storage Hook and Fold-able Handle
Warranty Two years
Price 900 Rupees


► 1200W Oster HD11 Hair Dryer

In this Hair dryer suggestion article, I introduce a product, which should be an ideal solution for teenage girls or someone a first time user want to care her precious silky hair every day in a much easier way.

This is a product from a 75 years old multinational corporation Oster. Yes, I am discussing a brand new hair dryer HD11, which comes equip not more or less rather, a perfect 1200W capacity.

One big attraction of this hair dryer is its premium built in pink color, which looks cute and pretty. With its special foldable handle and less weight, it can easily be stored anywhere like into a shelf, drawer or even in your makeup bag. However, you may not find all the required settings in it that the other hair dryers come with.

The Oster HD11 hair dryer comes at the price of 1,235 rupees on online shopping websites. The manufacturer also provides two years free service warranty or a replacement.

Oster HD11 Hair Dryer

This hair dryer looks girlish in pink color. However, it is looking cute with its outer design, but it is not very efficient dryer with a powerful drying capability. The dryer has 1200 watts motor, which provides gentle drying. Read also Low Cost Heavy Duty Multifunction Hair Dryer for Indian Women.

It is very light in weight, which is a very good feature to have for any dryer. The hanging loop on its handle comes into use to hang it and store it. The dryer also comes with the concentrator at its front end, which is adjustable and removable. This concentrator enables you to style your hair precisely to give it a shiny and smooth look. It also makes your hair look gorgeous.

Foldable Handle: With the foldable handle, it can be folded when not in use. Because of having this folding option, it can be easily stored at any place without needing much space.

The handle has a speed-selecting button on it. This button also works as on/off button. When in on, you can select one from the two-speed settings with which you can control the wind flow and heat. Further, the dryer has a swivel cord, which is very useful to keep the cord tangle-free. The cord comes with the length of 1.8 meters.


  • Cute looking dryer
  • Affordable
  • Foldable handle
  • Light weight
  • 2 years warranty

Verdict: The Oster HD11 hair dryer is useful for the regular usage with its gentle drying performance and lightweight. Teenage girls may find this dryer more interesting as it is affordable and looks very pretty in its pink color. However, you can get better hair dryers at this price range with different settings and with better performance.

Color Pink
Speed settings 2
Cold shot No
Concentrator nozzle Yes
Cord length 1.8 m
Swivel cord Yes
Voltage 220-240 V
Power 1200 W
Warranty 2 years
Buy 1235 Rupees


► 1000W Ikonic Mini MD007 Hair Dryer

My third suggestion on a hair dryer is more suitable for a frequent traveler. The device has been highly appreciated by many experts. This is a product of Indian brand Ikonic – a popular name in the beauty appliances segment.

The Ikonic mini dryer is lightweight & compact yet very efficient device. In fact, you can easily carry it in a handbag.

I have not selected this Ikonic dryer merely because it is a compact built and does hold a powerful air blow system inside. Rather, there are many more features on board makes it one good hair care device to have in your dressing table drawer.

iKonic Mini Dryer MD007

Two Speed and Temperature setting : I have already discussed a Philips hair here, which I believe is an ideal choice for beginners. However, the Ikonic dryer, thanks to a compact built and low power capacity, is a good choice for both a first timer user as well as a frequent traveler.

Buy beautification products by following suggestions of mom, sister, or friends. Trust and buy only those items, which have already been used by someone in your circle.

The above said long suggestion is just to get your attention on essential features of this hair dryer. Let us understand the benefit of multiple speeds setting and temperature control functions.

The Ikonic MD007 comes with two speed and temperature control buttons. Such control gives you options to make a combination of air blow speed and temperature for a perfect styling.

Start with a gentle setting that is a combination of a full air blow with low temperature. This way you can reduce moisture from hair without damage due to heated air. Next, increase temperature for a faster result and reduce it again to dry up a section of hair for a perfect style.

Although the temperature of 1000-Watt is not sufficient for a quick result but it does fine especially when you are on a tour. According to my experience, a low power gadget should be used outside the home. This is because you cannot trust a power socket at a temporary location handling electricity requirement of a device like a heavy hair dryer (2100W, 2500W …). Therefore, an ideal choice is to use only low power gadgets while away from home in a hotel.

Additional features : You get all basic features loaded on this dryer for easy hair styling every day. Cool shot, foldable handle, and Nozzle & diffuser attachments are some regular features make it a must-have gadget.


  • A perfect hair dryer for travel
  • Two speed setting for heat and Temperature control
  • Cool Shoot features
  • Affordable price tag
  • Attachments for styling
Power 800 to 1000 Watt
Heat Setting Two
Speed Setting Two
Cold Air Yes
Attachment Nozzle and Diffuser
convenient Feature Hang-up loop and Foldable
Buy 1500 Rupees


► 1200W Morphy Richards Hair Dryer

Morphy Richards designed this mini hair dryer as a suitable companion for travelers. This is not only your everyday hairdryer but also one of the most excellent hair styling devices on the market today. We liked a number of features in this device, among them, its unique design and durable build.

Foldable design: If you are a frequent traveler then this is one of the gadgets that might fit your busy schedule perfectly. The HD-031 hair dryer comes with a foldable comfigrip. Basically, this means that you can always fold the device before sliding it into your handbag comfortably. The gadget is also light in weight as it weighs less than half a kilogram.

Dual Voltage for travelers: People who travel a lot require devices that can work within different voltage ranges. Morphy Richard engineers were aware of this fact and therefore built this hair dryer to work with different voltages. The HD-031 adjusts itself accordingly depending on the power input that is fed to it.  Additionally, the manufacturer included an overheat safety cut-out to prevent the hair dryer with diffuser from overheating.

Other features: This Morphy Richards hair dryer for travelers also comes with a number of accessories including a concentrator and a diffuser. The motor is a 1200-watt motor with 2-speed and 2-heat settings.

Cons: Lacks a cold air button

Best Travel Hair Dryer with Diffuser (हिंदी में) | Morphy Richards HD-031

Price 1300 Rupees
Features Power: 1200-Watt | Diffuser | Air Speed Levels: 2 | Heat Speed Levels: 2 | Universal Voltage | Dual Voltage for Travelers | Safety Overheat Cut-out
Build Attachment: Concentrator | Hanging Loop | 1.8-meter Cord | Cord Guard | Comfy-grip Handle | Anti-skid Cushion | Weight: 481 Grams | Foldable
Warranty 24 Months | Morphy Richards Customer Care: 1800-103-5963