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Hair Curler Straightener and Dryer for Indian Girls

Philips HP 8643 Hair Straightener and Hair Dryer Combo Pack

Oster HC22 Hair Curler

Everyone can look attractive when they have a well-maintained hairstyle. Now, you need not rush to a beauty parlor to get that good hairstyle. Yes, it is possible to style the hair at home easily. All you have to do is to treat your hair with ayurvedic shampoos, natural conditioners, and styling gadgets even though they seem a little bit expensive. Read also Four Best Hair Straighteners Below 1300 Rupees.

Hair styling can be done in many ways. But straightening and curling are the common varieties of styling. When you want to look pretty and cute for a party or a night out, I suggest curling up your hair rather than straightening. Curling the hair makes it look voluminous alongside giving a natural glam look. Curls look great on every girl no matter how long her hair is.

Oster HC22 Hair Curler Features

Oster HC22 hair curler has very good ratings in different online shopping websites. But you cannot just buy it blindly as it is a good curling iron. It should be a good iron for you and you have to decide it based on your hair length, texture and the specifications of the product. So, researching on different irons is preferable. Read the review and check whether this hair curler from Oster is a perfect pick for you.

Super Sleek design: The Oster HC22 hair curler looks sleek and smart. The barrel of the curler is made of ceramic and tourmaline. This special combination gives a shiny and smooth look to the hair. The barrel is of 33 mm with a cool tip at its end. This ensures the safety of hair when styling. The entire body of the curling iron is of plastic. It comes only in black color.

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The resting stand is provided near the hair clamp release to rest it on a flat surface before and after use. This stylish looking iron comes with the stylish digital display and touch screen to control the settings.

Salon high temperatures in Home by this Hair Curler 

You can switch on the curler by pressing and holding the power button on the touch screen. Then it displays the temperature in the digital display provided above the touch screen. The curling iron enables you to choose a temperature from a range of 130°-210°C in seven temperature settings. However, once you switch it on, it shows the default temperature of 130°C.

The barrel heats up very fast. This is really helpful when you do not have enough time to wait for the curler to heat up. The value in the display blinks until it reaches the selected temperature. It will stay still unless you press the + or – buttons to increase or decrease the temperatures respectively. You can start curling once the number in the display stops flashing.

Beautiful curls with less effort: Curling iron should not be used in a shower or on wet hair. Therefore, after washing, you have to dry your hair completely by dividing it into sections.

It is very simple to get a salon curling style. By pressing the hair clamp, open the clip and place one section of hair between the clip and the barrel. Release it to firmly hold the hair in there. Grasp the cool tip and start to wind your hair around the barrel towards the scalp without touching the scalp. Keep the hair like that for five to ten seconds while the beautiful curls are on your way. Then start unwinding and open the clip to have the nice gentle curls on that section of hair. You may have to repeat it until you curl all your hair sections.

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Oster HC22 Hair Curler Price

Imperative Auto shut-off facility

This product has auto shut-off feature. This means, when the curler is not used for a certain time for approximately 60 minutes, it switches off automatically. You have to switch it again by pressing the power button for one or two seconds when you want to use it again.

Swivel cord: The 360° swivel cord prevents it from tangling by rotating easily. This makes it easy to use. The unit also comes with a triangular shaped hanging loop near the swivel cord for easy storing and handling.

Price and warranty: To get the best styling product into your make up shelf, you need to invest in it. This hair curler costs around 1800 rupees. I think it is affordable and worthy enough when you are looking forward to a nice hairstyle at home.

Oster seems very confident in its product, as it has provided two years free warranty on the unit.


  • Always place the hair curler on a flat and stable surface.
  • Do not touch the barrel as it can be very hot
  • Select a suitable temperature for your hair type
  • Do not hold your hair in the barrel for a long time to keep your hair safe
  • Avoid frequent usage to avoid damage to your hair


  • Gives perfect style of curls
  • Light weight
  • Slightly expensive but affordable
  • Value for money
  • 2 years warranty
  • Auto shut-off feature

Verdict: The Oster HC22 hair curler works efficiently in curling and giving you the perfect party-ready hairstyle in less time with less effort. Overall, it is worth the money.

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Oster HC22 Hair Curler Review

Price 1,851 rupees
Color Black/silver
Model HC22
Barrel size 33 mm
Swivel cord Yes
Hanging loop Yes
Minimum temperature 130° C
Maximum temperature 210°C
Weight 630 grams
Power 52 W
Voltage 220-240 V
Warranty 2 years
Link 1850 Rupees


Philips HP 8643 Hair Straightener and Hair Dryer Combo Pack

There have to be more brands like Philips. Better technology, excellent built quality, and best customer care all of this after paying a pocket-friendly price. I do appreciate other brands. In fact, I keep the highest regard for Sony’s product, but you need a deep pocket and also there is huge criticism about Sony’s so-called premium customer service. Read also 5 in 1 Philips Hair Styler below 3000 Rupees.

Miss Fresher's Pack: Especially for teenagers, travelers, and beginners, Philips offers a combo pack of all essential hair styling gadgets titled as “Miss Freshener.” For a complete care of hair (For Miss, not Mr.), we need a dryer, electronic curler, Hairclip, Hairbrush, and a comb. Some spray or gel will be an additional requirement.

The good thing is Miss Fresher pack is affordable for Indian consumers. You will agree with me, just 1500 to 2000 rupees for an all-in-one pack is not much and anyone can purchase it.

I add here an official Philips video, which explains how to curl your hair with a Miss Freshener combo pack. Even though I have no use of this learning, still I found the video very interesting. If you are a first timer user, then must watch to learn initial Hair styling steps.

I will explain the video material in few sentences for those who have slow internet.

  1. Give deep wash to your hair
  2. Dry up using Philips Hairdryer
  3. Comb your hair well
  4. Make small section with comb and clips
  5. Clip all sections of hair. Closure you get to the root, better the result is
  6. Wind hair around Philips straighter by twisting it around and move the straighter smoothly through hair, one section at a time from root to tip.
  7. Repeat the action to all the sections of hair
  8. Keep curling in layers until you done everything
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1000W Capacity means it is a slow performer

This is not a powerful dryer and it will not give a very fast result. Still it is a good product because Philips designed it for teenage girls and beginners.

1000W power will not give satisfaction, as the process will not be fast for those who have already used a hairdryer before. In fact, you will get annoyed with effect less slow air blow.

Understand this product well and never fall into a trap because of an attractive offer. Philips is not in social service rather it is doing some cut-short in the features and performance to adjust this project in the affordable price range for Indian buyers.

Two Speed Setting in Dryer: Philips has also made a poor adjustment in hairdryer control thereby lowered its performance. Instead of three, two-speed settings onboard make it an ideal gadget for beginners. Three-speed settings give more control to increase or decrease airflow & heat in order to get a damage-free fast result.

Possible four combinations give a good result every time you use this dryer. Because of less complexity in control, this Philips hairdryer is an ideal gadget to have in a beginner’s makeup kit.

Missing Cool Shot: A hair dryer should have cool shot feature. In another hairdryer review article on this website, I have explained the benefit of the cool shot feature; how it makes hair styling much easier and better. Therefore, before you get excited due to hundreds of positive rating for this Philips combo at e-commerce websites, understand its limitations.

Safe 210 Degree Celsius High Heating  

The straighter requires just 30 seconds in reaching to maximum heat (210°c) level, which is in fact safe temperature for a perfect styling. Within two minutes, the straighter gets ready for use. I have to say this is brilliant and in fact, kudos to Philips for such efficient product, which gets ready in much lesser time.

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Ceramic plates: Never compromise in minimum essential features while buying a hair Straightener. In premium or more, rightly a costly gadget will always come with all necessary safety and the latest enhancement features. However, you have to be more careful with a low-cost gadget and check all its features before placing an order.

All hair straighter will have the ceramic plate, which is an essential coating overheating plate for hair safety. Ceramic plate coating is also necessary to complete styling task in much better and safer way. Here, we are talking Philips’s quality in Ceramic plate processing that gives better caring properties, results in shiny hair with no damage or hair loss.

Philips HP 8643 Hair Straightener and Hair Dryer Combo Pack

Flexible Worldwide use – Carry it on International Tour

So far, I endorsed these two hair tools for beginners. But this is also a cool combo pack for travelers. Clever compact built (it will easily fit in a travel bag), flexible 1.8-meter long cord with 360-degree swivel, and its support to a wider voltage (110V to 240V) range are sufficient to tell that this is a necessary kit for female travelers.

Hair Safety: Not much precaution is needed for outside safety. But for Straightener use, I offer some safety tips. Curling is not a natural hair care. Therefore, apply heat protection over hair strings before using any straighter. This will prevent heat to reach directly to strings. Such protection liquid will cost you anything between 250 to 750 rupees.

In the Box:-

  1. One Hair dryer unit
  2. One Hair curler unit
  3. Hanging loop
  4. Travel pouch
  5. Concentrator nozzle for dryer
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  • Affordable price for a combo
  • Hairdryer with two heat and two speed settings
  • Hair straighter requires just two minutes to get fully ready for use
  • Rubber hook in both the devices
  • Modern design makes it ideal to carry on a tour
  • Adaptable to worldwide usages
  • Long cord in both gadgets


  • This Miss Freshener kit is suitable only for beginners and travelers.
  • Missing Cool shot feature

Final Verdict: Miss Freshener 8643 combo pack is an ideal pack for the first timer users. Moreover, it can also be a good choice for travelers. We cannot criticize efficiency of this set, as it has been one best-selling product at all major online platforms. Go for it, but consider its limitation before placing an order.

Color Warm Pink
Swivel cord Yes
Hanging loop Yes
Cord Length 1.8 meter
Straightener Maximum temperature 210°C
Dryer Wattage 1000W
Dryer Speed 2 Settings
Dryer Heat 2 Settings
Voltage 110-240 V
Warranty 2 years
Link 1750 Rupees

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