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Great Quality Bluetooth MEE Headphones with Noise Isolation Feature

MEE audio M9B Wireless Headphones in India

For music lovers, headphones are an inseparable part of our lives. You don’t just want any type of headphones, you want something that will deliver an excellent sound quality without any distortion whatsoever. Over-the-ear headphones are a good solution especially when it comes to peripheral noise isolation, but again they look a bit conspicuous. Most people avoid having over the ear headphones while in public and reserve them for indoor uses such as gaming and for watching movies. So for outdoors listening we are left with the more conservative in-ear headphones.

Most In-ear headphones we have out there- are not of the best quality, to be honest. The fact that there are thousands of in-ear headphone models out there in the market further makes it hard for consumers to make a choice on the best earphones to buy. Even so, some headphone brands have carved a name for themselves in as far as quality is concerned. MEE is one of these brands and I would strongly recommend their latest release the MEE audio M9B in-ear headphones to you if you haven’t made a decision yet on which headphones to buy.

Features of MEE audio M9B in-ear headphones

One thing I liked about these headphones is the way they are designed to fit perfectly in the ears. The headphones are light in weight so you won’t have that sore feeling you get in some in-ear models. The designers also included four sets of earbuds, so you will just choose that which pleases you. The product also comes with some ear guides but unfortunately this time they never included varied sizes. The ear guides hold the earphones securely on the ear lobes so they won’t fall off.

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One area that didn’t delight me is the way the designers included a long cable or connector between the two earphones. The cable is quite long, probably to increase maneuverability, but in the long run after using the headphones for 3 hours or so you realize that the cable is quite distracting. Remember, the M9B earphones are wireless headphones so having a long cable is just impractical. The product is made of hard plastic and comes in black color.

Wide connectivity range: The M9B headphones use Bluetooth 4.0 technology which allows for seamless audio streaming between devices. The Bluetooth working range for these headphones is about 30 feet and is not constrained by physical barriers like walls and objects. If you want headphones that you can use within your house while doing the dishes, then this is the product for you.

Battery and control Unit of this Effective Bluetooth Earphone

So as to maintain the light weight on this product, the designers built the M9B with a small battery as well as a smaller control unit. Of course, the smaller battery cut down the battery capacity but making it any bigger would interfere with other design qualities. The battery is a standard Lithium-ion battery that can go up to 6 hours of uninterrupted use. The Bluetooth 4.0 technology in this product is probably the reason behind the low power consumption by this wireless headphone.

MEE audio M9B Headphones Review and Specifications

The control unit is a bit complicated and it will take you some time to learn it. All the same, you can always use the user manual to know what each button does. Among the buttons included in this unit are some volume toggles, playback buttons like next/pause and previous and a call receive/hold button. The charging port is also on this control unit. The buttons are responsive and feel solid. Read also Bluetooth Earphone Power Bank and USB Fan for Smartphone Laptop Users.

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This MEE Headphone could Produce Excellent Sound

These headphones allow you to experience the true meaning of Bluetooth 4.0. The sound is ultra-clear and noise isolation is active on this device. The only issue I had was some bit of bass distortion when the headphones are used at maximum volume. MEE not included aptX Codec technology in this product so the sound quality can’t be compared to that of other competitors like Beats Audio. Nevertheless, the lower price of this piece sort of compensates for that sound quality glitch.

Pricing and Warranty: These headphones are priced at around 1600 Rupees in most online outlets, but could go a few hundred Rupees higher, depending on where you will buy them. The manufacturer gives the user a 1-year warranty, which does not cover any physical damage on the device.

Final verdict: If you are looking for a low priced set of Bluetooth headphones, then this is the product for you. It looks great and noise isolation is active. However, this product will compromise on the audio quality to some extent if compared to other expensive headphones in market in 2000 price range. But since you are not always on your headphones for the whole day, I’d advise you to buy this product and save some money.

Price 1600 Rupees
Brand MEE Audio
Model M9B
Device type Wireless in-ear headphones
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0
Color Black
Material Hard plastic
Bluetooth range 25-30 ft
Battery life 5-6 hours
Battery type Li-Ion
In-line remote/ Control Unit Yes
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