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Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player Below 3000 Rupees

Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Gadget Below 3000 Rupees

While it comes to technology, 21st century belongs to American companies because they have large work force of American brain. Google, Intel, Microsoft, Amazon and thousands of American companies have delivered innovative creation that has made our life easy.

A gadget with cost of one lakh rupees and have many advance functionality does not get appreciation. However, while a finger long pen drive type gadget transfers your home into high speed content sharing zone in a minimal price that is something should be praised.

Today, I am looking at a tinny gadget, which is quite unique and advance in terms of performance and functionality. This Google hardware is available at a price of 2999 rupees and does much more than what you pay for it. Yes! I am talking about the Google Chromecast, which is a Wi-Fi data transmission gadget supports multi-device connectivity within a local space.

→ How to Use Chromecast?

The Chromecast has a primary job to transmit data or your activity on a TV. It works with HDMI port and delivers seamless and delay-free transmission to a HDMI enable Display. While your TV has a plug-in Chromecast device, you can easily share videos, image or music directly on the big Display without much hassle. The moment setup is completed, a rectangle appears in your phone or tablet or laptop to share contents on the TV.

Google Chromecast Working

Useful For: This is a must have gadget in a family or an office. In a bachelor life, the Chromecast does not have much role to play.

Use in Family: Today most of recording or image shooting is done by a handy smartphone. Now, to deliver these multimedia collections to Dadi or Nana on a 4 to 5 inches screen is not a good idea. In case everyone in family eager to see photos of some excellent moment, then the smartphone display is inefficient.

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For example, you want to show photos of new born baby, and then the Chromecast becomes handy as it gives an easy option to share through the rectangle symbol to your big 32 inches or bigger display TV. Either you place all photos of your baby in slide share mode or find easy in pressing to next button. Your entire family together is going to enjoy the great moment. Happiness of entire family is much more than the cost of this device

Google Chromecast Working with Multiple Devices

→ Use Chrome-cast in Office?

Now, time is over for Boss presentation with old fashioned projector. Nowadays, most of Indian offices have a TV for news relay or presentation playback or Cisco Video conference Connectivity. On a Chromecast enabled TV, Boss or employee can showcase presentation or any report or needed improvement in office efficiency right from their laptop. No need to give 30 minutes for projector setup before taking meeting.

Also, if the boss or management has some email or SMS or MMS that has to be delivered all employees, then the Chromecast is a solution as it offers an easy share through a Wi-Fi network to a TV.

Use in College: Off course, most universities are Wi-Fi enabled and have a big screen TV placed in central hall or in a classroom. Teacher and all Students of classroom can connect to the TV and share their work, thought, problems and unanswered question from smartphone and tablets.

Google Chromecast in HDMI Port and USB Port

→ Functionality and Price

The Google device has impulsive and easy working with Wi-Fi enabled multiple devices. It comes with a simple functionality to transmit or share activity from Wi-Fi enabled gadget to a Chromecast enabled TV.

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If I can simplify for you, a Chromecast enabled TV will be able to connect with all Wi-Fi enabled devices one by one and display shared contents one by one.

Google Chromecast Sales Box

Price: Affordable price makes this product a hot gadget. And, this is why I am big fan of Google brand. Though Google designed Nexus devices are out of public budget, but the Chromecast is available at a throw away price of 3000 rupees. Further, considering its seamless integration in multiple devices environment, this is cheapest and the best HDMI connectivity gadget available as of today.

Google Chromecast Sales Box Contents

Sales Box Content:-

  1. Chromecast
  2. HDMI Extender for a TV does not have free HDMI port
  3. Micro USB Cable to Power Chromecast
  4. USB Adepter for TV with USB port
  5. Booklets

Google Chromecast in HDMI Port

→ How to Install Chrome-cast?
  1. Plug-in the micro USB cable into the Chromecast
  2. Then plug-in the Chromecast into the HDMI port of TV/Display Panel
  3. Next, plug-in the other side of USB cable into the Display TV’s USB
  4. Switch on your TV
  5. Go to (mentioned on the box)
  6. From the website download driver/software
  7. After installation, go to application and search for chrome cast
  8. After it founds, you will get message that

Google Chromecast Setup

Now, let’s get “ChromecastXXXX” connected to your wireless network.

  1. When you proceed further, you see a code on the TV that you need to enter on your current device
  2. Fill the Wi-Fi network detail
  3. Connecting to Wi-Fi network
  4. Connected to your current device
  5. Now you are ready to use the Chromecast

Google Chromecast Rectangle Icon in Chrome

→ Chrome Cast Apps

According to Google, the Chromecast is long surviving project. It has a niche for usability in daily life and availability on an affordable price. However, there are many flaws since it is still in “Beta” status for some of advance features.

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For the maximize usages of the Chromecast, we have done research and found some unique and must have third party apps for the better use of it. One can get these apps from Chrome Apps Store and Google Play Store

  1. Local Cast => to play memory stored videos, music and images. In simple term, it can play all media files stored on your phone or laptop memory.
  1. Real Player Cloud=> Play video from your device storage
  1. Video Stream => Play video, but does not matter where the source is.


  1. Seamless transmission of data to the TV
  2. Affordable Price
  3. Supports multi-gadgets environment
  4. Google considers this a stable project and future is going to be much better.


  1. Require multiple apps from Chrome store.
  2. Music transmission is not smooth
  3. Still some complication as it work with chrome browser

Google Chromecast Front

Verdict: Should we buy it now? The clear answer should, Yes. The future improvement this tiny device although is linked to advancement of its software and bag resolution. However, there are no future changes in the concept of device or in its shape and size or construction. And, we are sure of that Google will make the regular improvement in the Chromecast software.

Price 2999 Rupees

While this gadget is useful in current package, off course it is going to be worthy in the future, too. In my opinion, if you work in multi-devices setup, then you need to have the Chromecast as it stands for wire-free and easy data sharing and transmission. The Chromecast is a must have gadget.

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