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Good Quality Philips Body Groomer under 1500 Rupees

Philips Body Groomer BG1025 Trimming Arms


Philips is a popular brand name famous for its genuine electronic products. It has launched many types of Body Groomers to the market and users for their excellent result have appreciated them. This review is based on Philips Body Groomer BG1025.

Philips Body Groomer BG1025 for men is not just a shaving trimmer. It is for those who prefer to have a delicate & clean body and want to look fit and fine. This fantastic and delicate body groomer is specially designed to have a comfortable trimming for the sensitive areas and help you get rid of unwanted body hair. This review can make you know whether this is ideal for you or not.PHILIPS BODY GROOMER BG 1025 Review and Specifications

Trim your body hair and protect your skin

The product description mentioned in the specification refers that this portable, authenticated device is very user-friendly. You will have ultimate comfort during trimming as its grip is handy. You can easily hold its grip and trim smoothly. It is flawless, noiseless, smooth, and ideal. It is almost like a very good and convenient razor blade. It does not hurt your skin during trimming. You also need not replace the blades after use.Philips Body Groomer BG1025 Blades

32 mm cutter with a trimming range of 0.5mm

This device is a skin protector with 32 mm cutter width waterproof shower cord. It trims hair both forward and backward that grows in the other direction. The device has a trimming range of 0.5 mm to 3mm and does not hurt the skin.

Outfitted with 3 combs

The trimmer is outfitted with three combs to trim your body hair contentedly. It has long and short combs, which can be used as the requirement. You can use its 3mm comb to trim the long hair of your body.Philips Body Groomer BG1025 Trimming Chest

100% water proof and easy to clean

You will be able to clean this waterproof trimmer in the water after you trim. It also provides a non-slip grip shower cord which helps during the shower. This cool black color device has the washable and oil free head.

Convenient to carry

You can carry it easily and use at your convenience. This kit can be kept in your bag and can be used during your journey.

Powered by Alkaline 3 AA Batteries

High-quality Alkaline 3 AA batteries power this device. Each battery can last up to two months and all three can last for six months at a stretch. But the performance of the batteries   depends upon the use. The frequency of use and the quality of hair determine the run time of the batteries. Another important thing is that the power button is easy to make it switch on or off. You can recharge the batteries with its adaptor.

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It has a 2-year warranty and free transit insurance. It has also additional extended warranty given to those who register online for the product.Philips Body Groomer BG1025 Box


  • Easy and user-friendly
  • 100% water resistant product works very smoothly on the body and makes you feel amazing.
  • It does not hurt or cause bleeding.
  • The blades are convenient and better than scissors or waxing.
  • The dry trimming has best effects and it has no risk of electric shocks.
  • The combs are provided for both long and short hairs and are to be used as per the requirement.
  • It can be carried in your kit bag and use at your convenience.
  • This cool black color body groomer is made of plastic and looks nice.


  • This plastic delicate groomer has to be handled with care.
  • You also have to be a bit careful while using it to trim hard hair of the body.


The trimmer is readily available in the market and you can also make an online order. This branded product will never make you feel unhappy after use. This well-designed trimmer has long lasting sharpness and can last for long. Its rubber coating ensures better grip and performs well.

One can opt for this device as it is currently available in the online market and is easy on the pocket. It is affordable as its cost is below 1500 rupees. Go for it   and enjoy the comfortable trimming. The awesome Philip’s product qualifies its brand name and gives amazing result. I recommend the product.


Price 1495 Rupees
Type Body Groomer
Suitable for Body
Model number BG1025/15
Ideal for Men
LED indicator Yes
Trimming range 0.5 mm – 03mm
Number of Combs 3
Cordless Yes
Shaver Type Battery Operated Trimmer
Detachable head Yes
Rechargeable Yes
Battery Size AA
Universal voltage Yes
Warranty 2 years
Cleaning and Caring the device Washable Head
Oil & Blades No need of oil, No need of replacing the blades
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