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Good Quality Dry and Steam Iron Box below 1000 Rupees

Good Quality Dry and Steam Iron Box below 1000 Rupees

I am going to discuss here two good quality iron boxes: these are affordable home appliances from India’s premium brands- Orpat and Bajaj. Specialties of these appliances are instant heating, good built quality, and a massive two years of service warranty. Moreover, these products are available below 1000 rupees price range – a big saving for buyers in terms of budget they have to spend in home appliances segment.

If you are planning to buy a dry or steam iron box, products from Orpat and Bajaj could be a better choice under thousand rupees budget.

We have looked at these two iron boxes, about to discuss here, found them appropriate according to their price, which even complimenting to the main features they have in terms of quality, capacity, and care.

I have always been in favor of heavy iron box because that gets hard crease done on fabrics. One perfect example of this is crease done by street ironing center through a weighty iron. Such strong crease, however, would never be possible by an electronic iron box unless it is weighty accordingly.

Even though these two lightweight iron boxes come with instant heating ability, I do not find them quite suitable for hard creases that could last at least a full day. Still, you could buy one of these because in terms of features and price they are quite attractive. What better deal one could get than a 1200 watt iron box at just 400 rupees?

Orpat OEI 187 Dry Iron

The iron box from desi brand Orpat looks attractive in an epic color combination of blue and white; however, there is nothing fancy in its exterior as that is according to a regular design for a dry iron box of today.

Now I will have a look at the actual design of this low-cost efficient iron box. It has a well-balanced, user-friendly design with its handle positioned accordingly; therefore, less user’s effort require for gliding it over fabrics. Further, instead of American heritage, German grade non-stick coated soleplate has been used; however, nothing much is to read in it.

Control Options: For temperature control, the device has a regulator knob with marking for adequate temperature for different types of fabrics. Another big advantage, which no dry iron boxes generally have- is allowing high & low setting within a temperature range for a fabric.

Orpat's OEI 187 comes with temperature marking for fabrics type: Nylon, Silk, Wool, Cotton, and Linen. There is no dedicated button to get it into switch On or OFF mode. As soon as power is supplied, the iron plate starts heating up and gets ready to deliver solid crease on fabrics in just a few seconds.

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Orpat OEI 187 Review Specifications Price Online

Appliance and users Safety : The safety for device and users go hand in hand here. The product is made using touch shock proof plastic, which covers entirely – leaving only the heating plate area. In this way, it is posing less threat in terms of accidentally touch-n-burn to users and others, too, while they are roaming around the iron box.

Further, auto power cut feature to protect it from overheating is also present: electricity supply gets disconnected when the unit temperature reaching to user’s desired level. This has two prong benefits basically: one, it saves electricity and two, secures component inside the appliance from burning because of overheating.

Lots of Convenience Features on this Orpat Dry Iron

In terms of convenience features, Orpat 187 iron box has not much to offer. It is a low-cost product; therefore, expecting too many things besides basic features will not be fair. Still, there are some convenience features, too, which do influence user’s comfort.

Orpat 187 dry box has a power indicator and a long 1.5-meter cord in terms of convenience. In addition, cord winder facility is also included for its proper packing and storing back to the shelf.

Performance: Because of a uniquely designed heating plate, this iron box delivers better and faster ironing. Orpat should be appreciated for a 15 percent bigger plate than usually seen in regular dry iron boxes. Apparently, towards the front, the plate gets carved out as a tricky area, ending with a button groove for ironing every area of fabrics.

The combination of 15% bigger heating plate with a tricky area, which has the pointed top to reach to congested, hidden areas on fabrics, the Orpat dry iron box delivers fast and solid iron to fabrics; this is done without damaging fabrics.

Pro Features:-

  • Low cost
  • Tricky area with button groove
  • Two years of free service
  • Fast heating
  • Cord winder
  • Over heat protection
  • 15% bigger heating plate

Final Thought: Although I am not excited for this Orpat iron box as it is quite lightweight, but no denying the fact that it does effective iron every time comes into action.

The Orpat OEI 187 is made for instant heating; as a result, it becomes an oblivious choice for bachelors and students. Its price, too, supports my assessment.

Power 1200 Watt
Warranty Two Year
Convenience Button Groove, Tricky area, Cord Winder Facility, Lightweight, instant heating
Safety Shock Proof Plastic Body, Power Indicator, Over Heat Protection
Soleplate German grade non-stick coated
Buy 400 Rupees
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Bajaj Majesty MX15 1200Watt Steam Iron

The new addition into Bajaj’s Majesty series steam iron box is the model MX15 with 1200 watt heating capacity.

I am not a big fan of the steam iron box because of the deadly complication of electricity with water they bring into use. Generally, iron box considered a casual home appliance, anyone can use them without having a firsthand experience. However, steam function operationally being not so user-friendly leads to some inconvenience even for experienced users. Besides, if a steam iron is not operated as its user manual describes, then it might damage fabric and hurt the device as well.

In the fifteenth edition of the Majesty MX steam iron series, Bajaj has tried to offer better solutions to the problems, reported with earlier models.

Bajaj Majesty MX15 Review and Specifications

Manufacturer Note : According to Manufacturer note, users need to wait until the iron box has reached the maximum temperature. Actually, this is the right way one can use it effectively for getting hard creases on fabrics using the steam function. If pre-steps are not taken as described in the user manual, there are chances of water leakage thereby damage to fabrics.

Service Warranty: Two years of service warranty should be a big plus with such types of complicated products. Since it has steam feature; therefore, there is ample possibility that some malfunction might occur during its use either improperly or mistakenly.

Impressive Built and Design

In terms of outside looks and overall built, the product does well on my rating system. The body of Majesty MX15 is made using durable plastic, covered in nice, punchy color, essentially effable as a combination of red and white.

The tank, which holds water, has a standard size of 170 ml. There is variable steam control/regulator function as well. LED indicator feature is also present, indicates active power supply to the unit.

This article is dedicated to new iron box models with 1200 watt capacity. Bajaj Majesty MX15 has an effective 1200W heating capacity, which heats up soleplate fast along with steam function at a must faster rate. An interesting theory is higher is watt capacity, the faster will be getting start process of a steam iron box.

Although Majesty MX15 bears not so user-friendly design, still delivers solid crease on fabrics if used according to steps defined. I would like to point out, though, in terms of efficiency, it is certainly lacking. Actually, the length of its heating plate is not long enough. Besides, the handle is placed little forward that requires excessive thrust even to drag it on fabrics.

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Pro Features:-

  • Elegant looks
  • Low cost steam iron box
  • Fast heating
  • Delivers solid crease on fabric

Cons: Not so user-friendly in use

Final Thought: With steam function, Bajaj’s new Majesty iron box MX15 could be a decent buy at its current price, which is, by the way, less than 1000 rupees. As discussed in the beginning of this article, Bajaj has tried to solve flaws reported with earlier models of the series. Thus, trusting Majestic M15 steam box for better performance will be a wrong decision.

Bajaj Majesty MX15 Price Online in India

Power 1200 Watt
Water Tank 170 ml
Warranty Two Year
Convenience LED Indicator, Self-Cleaning, Steam Control
In the box A unit, water measurable cup, and warranty card
Buy 900 Rupees

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