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Good Quality Affordable Headsets For Your Smartphone

Sony MDR EX15APLIZE Headphone

Best seven wired headsets in 700 to 1200 Rupees price range

Music can change the mood of a person but only if the earphone he or she is using is good. Smartphone manufacturers do not ship good quality earphones with their products (because it saves them money). Bad sounding earphones not only degrade the mood but can also cause ear pain. Thus, it is quite important for people who love music to find a good headphone.

In this article, we have listed seven such earphones, which have got great customer reviews and are available under 1000 rupees.

Skullcandy Headset S2IKFY-074 with Mic

For many music lovers, fashion matters a lot. You obviously would not wear an ugly looking earphone. Skullcandy is quite famous for its design policy. Most of its products look great and attract a number of customers.

The Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 offers an eye-catching design and comes with an affordable price tag of 999 rupees.

Attractive Looks

Skullcandy sells this earphone in multiple colors. It has greatly focused on the branding aspect (you can find the brand logo on inline remote, drivers as well as on the joint). From the looks, it feels like a premium product.

Average Build Quality

Cheap build materials make this earphone highly susceptible to damages. In-line remote feels flimsy and can easily break if enough pressure is applied.

Although the cord is flat but it is not entirely tangle free.Skullcandy S2IKFY 074 Headset

Decent Audio Quality

Supreme Sound technology helps the Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 earphone to produce loud audio. The bass remains heavy at all volume.

It is a budget level product and performs just like one. Mids and Highs are not in balance, because of which music listening experience of the users degrades.

The device also suffers from sound leakage problem.

Good For:

  • Mind blowing design
  • Loud Audio

Bad For:

  • Cheap build
  • Inline microphone fails to record good audio
Price 1000 Rupees
Connectivity 3.5mm Jack
Inbuilt Controls Single Button
Microphone Yes
Frequency Response Range 18-20000 Hz
Impedance 16 Ohm
Driver Size 11 mm
Buy Skullcandy S2IKFY

SoundMAGIC MP 21 Headset

The SoundMAGIC MP 21 is one of the best budget headphones out there when it comes to sound quality. In my opinion, it is the most underrated product about which only a few people know.

Great Sound Quality

Super wide frequency response range of 15 – 22000 Hz allows this SoundMagic headphone to produce deep bass and sharp treble. Its drivers give an audio output of 20 mW.

Moreover, the circuitry of MP 21 has a low impedance of 12 Ohm only, which means it can work with all portable devices.

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Good for Making Calls

SoundMagic has installed a highly sensitive microphone on this headphone. It records clear audio and helps the users in making good quality calls.

Disappointing Build Quality

It looks like the manufacturer has given more attention to the sound quality of the MP 21 headphone than its build quality. Customers seek a perfect balance between performance and build of a device, which SoundMagic has clearly failed to achieve.SoundMAGIC MP 21 Headphone

I would like to point out though this device is still a good option to go for. It can be a good backup headphone.

Good For:

  • Superior sound quality
  • Sensitive microphone
  • Gold plated connector
  • 2-meter cord

Bad For:

  • Below average build quality
Price Rs. 1000
Connectivity 3.5mm Jack
Inbuilt Controls Single Button
Microphone Yes
Frequency Response Range 15-22000 Hz
Impedance 12 Ohm
Buy  SoundMAGIC MP 21

JBL T150A Headset

JBL mainly sells premium products but the profit potential of the dominating Indian budget market has forced this brand to change its strategy. Last year, it launched the T150A Headphone in the market. This device is currently available for an amount of 813 rupees.

Average Performance

This headphone sports 8mm driver with a frequency response range of 20 Hz – 22000 KHz. Bass levels are not as deep as other earphones of the same price segment are offering.

Surprisingly, it generates well-balanced audio at all frequencies. Treble is high but does not cause pain in the ears. Vocals remain crispy and easily audible no matter at what volume you are listening to the song.

Impedance of the JBL headphone is slightly high at 16 Ohms, though there will be no problem in using it with a smartphone or a portable music player.JBL T150A Headphone

Impressive Design

Even at this price point, JBL was able to use high-quality build materials. This headphone will last for a really long time.

Each driver sports a slightly curved back and fits into years tightly. Small rubber piece covers the wire joints and prevents them from breaking during the use.

Inline Remote

This JBL Headphone features a single-button inline remote for receiving calls. Its microphone records decent quality audio as well.

Good For:

  • Great build quality
  • Balanced audio
  • Inbuilt microphone

Bad For:

  • Bass levels are not deep
Price 850 Rupees
Connectivity 3.5mm Jack
Inbuilt Controls Single Button
Microphone Yes
Frequency Response Range 20-22000 Hz
Impedance 16 Ohm
Driver Size 8mm
Buy JBL 150A

Philips SHE3595 Headset

If you want a great earphone under a tight budget, then the only company I would recommend is Philips. This brand rules the budget headphone segment.

At just 664 rupees, the Philips SHE3595BK headphone is a great product to go for in case you did not get an earphone bundled with your new smartphone.

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Philips has tried its best to make this earphone as comfortable as it could. Customers get three ear caps of different sizes. These caps are ultra soft and do not put any strain on user’s ears. Because of the lightweight design of drivers, the headset is suitable for long music listening sessions.

The cord measures 1.2 meters, which is an ideal length for outdoor usage.Philips SHE3595 Headset

Large Drivers

While most earphones feature 8mm drivers, this device comes with 9mm ones.

Customers will get a great music listening experience on the Philips headphone as it generates 50 mW audio and offers an exceptional frequency response range of 12 – 23500 Hz. The ear caps are good at isolating the user thereby eliminating outside noise.

Sturdy Design

High-quality rubber insulation makes its cord quite durable. The earpieces do not suffer from any kind of creaking or flexing.

Good For
  • Good build
  • Wide frequency response range
  • Suitable for long music listening sessions

Bad For:

  • Microphone does not record good quality sound
Price 700 Rupees
Connectivity 3.5mm Jack
Inbuilt Controls Single Button
Microphone Yes
Frequency Response Range 12-23500 Hz
Impedance 16 Ohm
Driver Size 8mm
Buy Philips SHE3595

Sony MDR-EX15APLIZE Headset

The Sony MDR-EX15APLIZE can beat any other earphone out of competition with its unique design and high-quality audio. Currently, it is selling at 815 rupees.

Available In Different Colors

This Sony headphone is perfect for those who like to personalize their devices. It is available in five colors including black, blue, pink, white, and violet.

A futuristic design makes the Sony device look really attractive. Its drivers weigh in at 3 grams only and are super-comfortable.

Unparalleled Sound Quality

No other earphone in the market can compete with this earphone. Deep and punchy bass will make you will feel like dancing while listening to songs. Its frequency response range of 8 – 22000 Hz is the widest on any device under 1000 rupees.

This Sony headphone’s 9mm drivers have the capacity to generate 100 mW audio.Sony MDR EX15APLIZE Headphone

Smart Key Android App

The Sony headphone has an inline remote with microphone. A dedicated Smart Key android app lets the users customize the functionality of the inline remote button.

Good For:

  • Mind blowing audio
  • Deep bass levels
  • Customizable inline remote button

Bad For:

  • Supports Android devices only (a separate variant is available for iOS devices)
Price 850 Rupees
Connectivity 3.5mm Jack
Inbuilt Controls Single Button
Microphone Yes
Frequency Response Range 8-22000 Hz
Impedance 16 Ohm
Driver Size 9mm

Panasonic RP-TCM125E Headset

There are people who do not care about design or build but want their earphone to offer superb audio quality. For these people, the Panasonic RP-TCM125E-K seems to be a pretty good option.

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Sharp Treble and Deep Bass

This earphone is capable of generating bass levels as deep as 10 Hz and treble levels as high as 24 KHz. It sports neodymium magnets and generates distortion free audio.

Its stereo effect is quite impressive. Max volume is high enough that users can easily listen to songs in crowd.

Great Isolation

The ErgoFit design is a special feature of this earphone. Its earpieces are slightly tilted and as a result, they perfectly fit inside the tragus.

You can wear the Panasonic earphone while running, jogging as well as working out.Panasonic RP TCM125E K Earphone

Unimpressive Design

To be honest, this device feels more like a child’s toy than a good quality earphone. Panasonic has molded the earpieces in spotlight shape, which does not make any sense. The quality of the materials used while manufacturing it is also not good.

Good For:

  • Good quality microphone
  • High treble
  • Fits tightly into the ear

Bad For:

  • Toy-like design
  • Average build quality
Price Rs. 700
Connectivity 3.5mm Jack
Inbuilt Controls Single Button
Microphone Yes
Frequency Response Range 10-24000 Hz
Impedance 16 Ohm
Driver Size 9mm
Buy Panasonic TCM125E

SoundMAGIC ES18S Headset

Last in this list is the SoundMAGIC ES18S BS Headphone, which is available in the market for an amount of 799 rupees. This device has attracted many customers recently and it may be the best value for money earphone out there.

Will Last For Years

SoundMagic has done a great job on the durability front. The 3.5mm jack of this headphone is covered with a reinforced and sturdy material. A shell like material connects the jack to the cord. This connection is very strong and the cord will not detach even if it is stuck somewhere.

Powerful Drivers

The headphone flaunts two 10mm Neodymium drivers. Considering the price point, its sound quality is exceptional.

Powerful bass with stereo effect making this SoundMagic device a great platform for enjoying Pop and Rock music.

Inbuilt microphone is sensitive to a wide frequency i.e. 20 – 16000 Hz.SoundMAGIC ES18S BS Headphone

Comes With a Leather Pouch

SoundMagic ships a high-quality leather pouch with the ES18S earphone. This pouch makes handling and storage of this device much easy.

Good For:

  • 10mm drivers
  • Robust build
  • Compatible with a number of devices

Bad For:

  • Soundstage is absent
Price 800 Rupees
Connectivity 3.5mm Jack
Inbuilt Controls Single Button
Microphone Yes
Frequency Response Range 15-22000 Hz
Driver Size 10mm
Buy SoundMAGIC ES18S

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