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Godrej Single Door Refrigerator with Many Features below 11000 Rupees

Godrej Single Door Refrigerator Review and Specifications

Godrej RD EDGE 185 E2H 4.2 Single Door Refrigerator with 185 L Capacity

Although not as popular in the refrigerator market, Godrej industries are several strides ahead of popular rival models, such as Panasonic and LG, especially in the mid-range priced fridges. Among the fridge models in this mid-range class that is doing very well in terms of sales, is the Godrej’s 185 Liter Single Door Refrigerator RD EDGE 185 E2H 4.2. Unlike, popular fridge manufacturing companies, which largely depend on their brand names to make sales, Godrej has bettered the quality of their fridges to attract consumers. Moreover, their products are reasonably priced.

4 stars Energy consumption rating

Energy consumption rating is one of the key areas that Godrej has tried to improve on in the RD EDGE 185 E2H 4.2. It has a low starting voltage of 130V and therefore it’s pretty slow on power. Its thicker insulation than most of its rivals adds to its efficiency. A 4-star energy consumption rating on an 185 liters fridge is remarkable, so thumbs up for Godrej here.

Sturdy and stability modifications

One weakness that almost all mid-priced refrigerators have is being delicate. Due to their low prices, manufacturers opt to use substandard material to build this fridges in order to save on production cost and maximize profits. With most of them, you have to buy voltage stabilizers to forestall a possible fuse blow up and other power related faults with the fridge. However, Godrej has tried to build something indestructible since their RD EDGE 185 E2H 4.2 cooler does not require any stabilizer. This appliance can handle voltage fluctuations between 150 to 300 volts comfortably.

Godrej 185L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator RD EDGE 185 E2H


The RD EDGE 185 E2H 4.2 is convenient for standard kitchen use. For instance, it has adequate storage space for vegetables and drinks. Its wide trays made of hardened glass can support the weight of heavy vegetables without sagging or breaking. In addition, with this fridge, you have enough room to store food that can go for over a month so it helps in budgeting for your family. It has door locks for keeping kids out and removable gaskets for easy cleaning and repair.

Performance and Efficiency

Godrej embraced direct cooling technology in the RD EDGE 185 E2H 4.2 which ensures proper air circulation and uniform cooling. It has a working humidity regulator which is 100% functional. It is also an environmentally friendly (CFC/HFC-free) machine. I have not heard of any serious issues on efficiency and repairs with this appliance, apart from the normal maintenance procedures.

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Design Dimensions and colors

The RD EDGE 185 E2H 4.2 cooler has a solid and shiny metallic body.  The body is made of Microfiber except for the door which is metallic. It comes in one main color, wine red although if you are lucky enough you can find one in candy gray. Either, the polished metal makes this fridge look attractive and also helps in blending in with colors in the kitchen. This fridge measures 115 by 58 by 62 centimeters and therefore can fit even in the tiniest of kitchens.

Pricing and warranty

Godrej’s 185 Liter Direct Cool Refrigerator RD EDGE 185 E2H 4.2 is priced at 13000Rs on average although some outlets sell it cheaper by about 1500Rs. The warranty adds up to 5 years for the compressor and one year fully comprehensive, for the fridge itself, from Godrej.


  1. It’s cheap
  2. Low on energy consumption/efficient.
  3. Has adequate storage space even for large bottles.
  4. Durable


  1. It lacks some vital convenience features found in its competitor models such as a water/Ice dispenser.
Color Wine red and Candy Grey
Water Ice Dispenser No
Capacity 185 L
Shelf Material Hardened Glass
Net Height 1184 mm
Stabilizer Required No
Weight 34.9 kg
Additional Convenience Features Vegetable Basket: 21 L, Freezer Door: Transparent, Freezer Tray Ice (No. / Rows): 2 / 2
Other Power Features 135 V – 290 V
Display Type Digital
Star Rating 4
Child Lock No
Door Lock Yes
Gasket Type Removable Anti Bacterial Gasket
Power Requirement AC 230 V, 50 Hz
Removable Gasket Yes
Price 11500 Rupees

Users Review and Opinion


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