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Godrej ACs with Brilliant Features For This Summer

Godrej AC Collest Offer This Season

Thermostat has risen greatly over the past few weeks. In some north-Indian states like Uttar Pradesh, the condition is so bad that the government had to restrict school timings from 7 to 12 only. In the coming days, we will experience more heat because the months of May and June are yet to show up on the calendar.

Because of the rising temperature, many people will be thinking of buying a new air conditioner this summer. The problem is, a person with no past experience of purchasing an AC faces great confusion as all the brands tease their products with hard-to-understand terms.

My team has decided to run a review series in which we will discuss the pros and cons of AC manufacturers and their products. In order to do this systematically, we are selecting the products brand-by-brand basis. Moreover, we are not selecting the ACs launched before 2015 as those will not come with modern features and can also be a bad purchase considering present needs of people.Godrej India

We have already published an article covering the available air conditioners of LG (which is one of the largest players in the market). This article can be a great resource if you do not know the basic terms used in air conditioner market. Do not worry if you have not read it or do not want to read it, I will try my best to make this article as comprehensive as possible without exaggerating its length.

This article is devoted to Godrej air conditioners. Considering the expected temperature levels of coming months (it is going to be really hot), my team has decided to only focus on the ACs of 1.5 ton or above capacity.

Common Features of All Godrej Air Conditioners

Godrej does not have a good reputation in the AC market. Most of its ACs have got really bad reviews on various shopping sites. However, the brand is trying its best to change this situation.

Before moving to all available Godrej ACs, let us discuss what are some common features that you can expect to get across the range.

Different Operation Modes: Temperature inside the room does not always remain constant (well, this rule also applies outdoors), so why should an AC work on a single setting all the time?

All Godrej air conditioners come with four special operation modes i.e. Auto, Dry, Sleep, and Turbo. These modes are self-explanatory. In Auto Mode, the AC senses the room temperature and decides the best settings. I would advice everyone to use this mode as much as possible because it saves power.

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The Dry Mode removes humidity by lowering fan speed and turning on the compressor in cycles. This mode also helps in saving electricity. In Turbo Mode, the AC runs at full power and cools the room quickly; though at the same time it consumes electricity in high amount. The Sleep Mode increases the thermostat and lowers the compressor power after you go to sleep. It saves power without affecting your comfort.

Auto Restart: Godrej’s all new air conditioners come with a handy-dandy feature called Auto Restart. It is supposed to help people who live in areas where power cuts are a normal thing. Normally, after a power outage, the user has to manually turn on the AC and set the desired temperature. This can become quite annoying if your area suffers from 5-10 power cuts in a day. When the Auto Restart function is on, the AC will return to the last settings on which it was running before the power cut.

Other Features Of Godrej ACs for Home

Godrej equips its air conditioners with all the bells and whistles that ACs of other manufacturers come with these days. Moreover, you get a small liquid-crystalline display on the air conditioner itself, which is a great bonus in my opinion. Separate buttons for separate features on the remote certainly enhances the user experience.

Available Products: Now that we have discussed all the common features, let us jump directly to the pros and cons of all Godrej ACs one by one.


Godrej GSC 18 TPX3 1.5 Ton Split AC

The Godrej GSC 18 TPX3 is one of the cheapest 1.5 ton AC you can currently purchase. It comes in an outer shell that will blow your mind at the first look. Its white finish and curved body will enhance the beauty of your room for sure.Godrej GSC 18 TPX3 Split AC Review Specifications Price Online

An LED display panel on the right side displays information like temperature, selected mode, and other important settings. The display is equipped with a backlighting system and generates big text.

The manufacturer has used copper for making the condenser and connecting pipe. Its cooling capacity of 4900 Watts is enough for a medium size room. The AC uses R410A refrigerant, which is chlorine free and is less dangerous than R-22 refrigerant. So, by using this AC, you will also help in making Earth a better place.

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This Godrej air conditioner is a 3-star rated product. It consumes 1576 Watts of electricity at the highest settings. You can easily control the electricity bill by using different operation modes. I would like to point out though there are more energy efficient ACs out there.

Its fins allow 4-way airflow, which can be controlled using the remote.

Tonnage 1.5
Power Input 1576 Watt
Cooling Capacity 4900 Watts
LCD Panel Yes
Dimension  90 x 20.2 x 28 cm (Indoor) and  78 x 29 x 60.5 cm (Outdoor)
Weight 11 KG (Indoor) and 38 KG (Outdoor)
Buy 29000 Rupees


5-Star Split AC Godrej GSC 18 FGA5 1.5-Ton

Air Conditioners consume a lot of electricity. This is the reason why many budget households prefer to sleep in heat than to purchase an AC. Fortunately, this condition is starting to change.

Godrej GSC 18 FGA5 Split AC Review Specifications Price Online

Many manufacturers have already launched some energy efficient air conditioners that do not require the high amount of electricity to run. One such product is the Godrej GSC 18 FGA5 1.5 AC. According to the manufacturer, this machine has a maximum consumption rate of 1408 watts but it does not always consume that much power. Once the room cools down, the compressor will stop to save power. Moreover, a 5-star energy efficient rating tag makes this AC a more attractive option in the market.

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With the advent of more stable Global Warming, it is our duty to do everything possible to fight harmful emissions. Purchase of this AC can be a step in right direction. Its compressor runs on R290 refrigerant. The Green Balance Technology promises lowest emissions, lowest ozone depletion, and much low power consumption.

Memory function is another attractive feature of this AC. The product is smart enough to remember the last setting on which you were running it. This saves both time and energy of the users.

Godrej is also offering 10 years of warranty on the compressor and 5 years of warranty on the condenser of this AC.

Although this 5 star AC consumes less electricity than other 1.5 ton alternatives but its cooling has not got affected at all. In fact, it has a cooling capacity of 5000 watts, which is more than that of the Godrej GSC 18 TPX3 1.5 Ton AC.

Tonnage 1.5
Power Input 1408 Watt
Cooling Capacity 5000 Watts
Dimension 94 X 23.2 X 30 cm (Indoor) and  82 X 30 X 54 cm (Outdoor)
Weight 12 KG (Indoor) and 36 KG (Outdoor)
Buy 45000 Rupees


Godrej AC GSC 18 FG8 1.5-Ton 3.91 star

With the Godrej GSC 18 FG8 1.5 Ton AC, we are moving into the mid-range segment of the market. This particular product is available out there for around 55,000 rupees. A budget customer may not be able to spend this much money on an air conditioner. I would like to point out, though, if you can somehow save money and purchase this Godrej AC, then you should definitely do that.Godrej GSC 18 FG8 Split AC Review Specifications Price Online

It is one of the most energy efficient ACs out there. Its rated power consumption of 1258 Watt is the lowest in the 1.5-Ton segment. The AC also has an EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating of 3.91, which is a highly respectable number.

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Godrej has equipped this AC with an auto-clean function. The fan of the AC keeps running for a few seconds after you press the power off button on the remote. This happens to blow dust and other particles out of the air conditioner.

A silver ion filter stops dust particles and bacteria from entering inside and damaging the AC parts. As a result, the life of the product is increased.

This Godrej AC also comes with Green Balance technology about which we have already discussed in the preceding sections.

Tonnage 1.5
Power Input 1258 Watt
Cooling Capacity 4920 Watts
Dimension  94 X 20 X 29.8 cm (Indoor) and   85 X 40 X 59 cm (Outdoor)
Weight 13 KG (Indoor) and 40 KG (Outdoor)
Buy 53000 Rupees


1.5-Ton Inverter AC Godrej GSC 18 GIG 5 DGOG (NXW)

What Is Inverter AC? For people who are serious about electricity saving, there cannot be a better option than an inverter AC. These ACs do not run on inverter battery. Instead, inverter technology means that an AC is capable of changing compressor speed/power. This ability is not available on conventional non-inverter ACs.

Godrej GSC 18 GIG 5 DGOG Inverter AC Review Specifications Price Online

Specialty of Godrej Inverter AC: The Godrej GSC 18 GIG 5 DGOG 1.5 Tons Inverter AC is a 5-star product, which you can purchase for just 58,990 rupees. Normally, an inverter technology based 5-star AC costs much more money than this product.

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This AC flaunts 3 BLDC motors i.e. one each for IDU, ADU, and compressor. The intelligent brain of the Godrej continuously senses the room of temperature and changes fan and compressor speed accordingly. All this helps in enhancing the power efficiency of the whole setup. A special ECO Mode helps in saving up to 25 percent electricity.

The AC itself looks gorgeous. Its metallic outer shell gives a premium feel to the eyes and adds to the beauty of the room.

Tonnage 1.5
Power Input 1350 Watt
Cooling Capacity 5000 Watts
Dimension  94 x 29.8 x 20 cm (Indoor) and  85 x 59 x 40 cm (Outdoor)
Weight 13 KG (Indoor) and 36 KG (Outdoor)
Buy 59000 Rupees


Universal Service and Warranty Commitment by Godrej on its ACs

Godrej is also giving 10 years of warranty on the compressor and 5 years of warranty on the condenser. Other parts of the AC come with 1 year of warranty.

Pros Of Godrej ACs:-

  • Attractive and appealing design
  • Great build quality
  • Ideal size
  • Low power consumption

Cons : Cooling effect is satisfying but it could have been even better

Installation: Surprisingly, Godrej offers a basic installation service free of cost with all its air conditioners. To avail the free installation, you need to call Godrej support center at 1800-209-5511/1800-225-511 after the delivery. The service engineer may charge you if the installation requires extra parts. Moreover, some authorized dealers of Godrej are also giving free stabilizers with these ACs.

Woman Employees at Godrej Appliances AC manufacturing Line

Verdict: After researching and reviewing these air conditioners, it is clear that Godrej is trying really hard to become a reliable AC brand.

All these products are good, durable, power efficient and come with some attractive extra features. I also admit though there is no guarantee whether customers will like these ACs or not. It will depend on how these products stand against the shores of time and how well customer service Godrej provides to the customers.

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