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Get a Secure Reliable Email with Feature Advantage of Gmail

Google App for Work

This tutorial is not for those business owners have a dedicated technology team working around the clock to keep the server entirely safe, email service working, and all the resources and data on the server fully protected.

Business Communication Solution

Every growing business requires a safe and reliable communication system so that customers, associates, business interests and others can contact them anytime. And, there are only two channels that work as default solution for communication. Yes, I am referring to Phone and email services.

Report shows those businesses that have an online presence (with a live website) and offers both email and phone contact, register better sales than those offers none. Thanks to the telecom revolution, obtaining a telephone or mobile service for your business is very easy nowadays.

Infosys founder N R Narayana Murthy had shared a story of his struggle of the initial days in setting up the Infosys. After applying for a BSNL landline connection, newly started Infosys office had to wait one and half year for that connection to install and activated. Such terrible blockage in starting a business does not exist now.

Thus, you have the telephone or mobile communication service active for your business. But what about email communication channel that represents your business name. Gmail or Yahoo mail service cannot give you a dedicated email that is related to your business name.

Cpanel Email Service

If you have a website hosted on Cpanel powered server then some server space will be allocated for creating email accounts. Honestly, I do not endorse this. And the reason being

  1. Due to some reason if the server is down then the hosted email accounts, too, will be out of reach. Such terrible situation comes down as double loss. Those messages sent to the email IDs during the down time will bounce and will not reach to you.
  2. There are ample chances that hackers send some malicious file that will not only compromise the email account, even the website might be exposed for hacking. It’s like opening a window to hackers to access the root of your business website server.
  3. Moreover, the email accounts become live naked without any firewall protection
  4. To access such email messages from the accounts you need a third-party application.
  5. And, you may not find that very easy as like current Gmail service.

Thus, I would strictly advice keep your email service separated from your business website.

Email Resources

If your business website is live on a VPS or dedicated server, still that comes with the same inconveniences that I have listed for the Cpanel email setup.

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What is best Email Solution?

Recently Google started “Google App” service for those business owners have a live website. Not only “Custom Gmail” is safe and reliable but cheaper, too. However, the biggest advantage is – the email is not sharing server resources with your active website and has all those safety, security, and firewall service running in the background that a regular Gmail user enjoys from Google. The email data will be stored on Google server, thus, you can be 1000% sure of data security.

Besides all the said good things, customers also get 24 × 7 phone and email support.

How to setup custom Email

This is one big worry that stops many website administrators to have this professional and reliable email service active from them. I, too, was not very sure how to setup this. Thus, after reading many tutorials and doing a trial on a dummy website, and getting confidence from that I decided to sign up for “Gmail for work” service.

My good luck, Google offered telephonic support for setting up this service. This was not mentioned in any of the tutorials I read for this. Thus, in spite of huge complication in your server setup, without worrying much about any technical glitch in them, you can sign up for the service. You will be given a customer care number to call. Within a few seconds, an experienced Google engineer will be online to assist you step-by-step in setting up this.

 Basic Requirement

  1. Active website
  2. Credit card
  3. Basic knowledge about the currently active server setup

Plan and Price

I cannot believe that Google offering such great service so cheap. In India, you need to pay just 125 rupees per account per month to experience this service. Google gives 30GB of storage with all the Google services free of cost. If 30GB storage is not sufficient, then go with $10 or 650 rupees (according to current Dollar to Rupee exchange rate) wherein storage is unlimited.

Gmail for Work Plan Price in India

Google also offers easy update solution: you start with 30GB plan and later on upgrade to unlimited plan is possible. My advice is to start with the 30GB plan with one year purchase. And, use our coupon code for 20% discount. We are one of the partners of Google to explain about Google app service and share coupon code to those whom we think will sign up for Google App service.

To get discount coupon code mail us at [email protected]. All the coupon code are unique can be used only once. Our coupon code will allow you to get discount for all Google App services.

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Service Google App for Custom Gmail
Price 125 Rupees
Minimum commitment Period 12
Storage 30GB
Support 24×7 Phone and Email
20% Discount Coupon 7YKUDVHKNFKPQE
Applicable Reason Bharat

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