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Best Gas Cooktop under 10000 Rupees

Best Gas Stove under 10000 Rupees in India Market

As the saying goes ‘we eat to live and not live to eat.’ What that implies is that though we aren’t supposed to spend much time thinking about our kitchens, kitchen affairs are still paramount to our lives. How you prepare your food and the time you spend doing the same is somehow going to dictate how successful or time conscious you are going to be. Basically, food is a basic need that any human being cannot do without. Regardless of this fact, time is money, and with the current economic crises, our stomachs have gradually become an ignored part of our daily living.

Now more than ever, people don’t want to waste even a single minute, especially in the kitchen. Using wrong cooking gadgets is perhaps one of the most feared menaces, especially for many of us who are obsessed with our jobs.

In this piece, you read about the best gas cooktop in India market from 5000 to 10000 Rupees price range. Here we cover gas stove of top brands Glen, Prestige, Maharaja, Elica, Hindware, and others.

► Glen 4-Burner Gas Stove {GL-1049-GT-Forged-BB-AI}

To get this Glen gas stove home, you need to spend a whopping 9000 Rupees. Its four burners include one high flame burner, one medium flame burner, and two small flame burners. They have a high-quality brass cap. Glen brand offers 2-Years warranty for the whole product and additional 3-years warranty for the burners.

Glen 4 Burner Glass Cooktop

How is this costly 4-burner gas stove different from other affordable 4-burner gas cooktops from the brand? Actually, this pricey variant has more sophisticated construction than the other affordable gas cooktops from Glen brand.

Glen’s 4-burner gas stoves, which are priced around 4000 Rupees have a 6-mm thick glass top. This 9000 Rupees gas cooktop, however, has an 8-mm thick glass top. The same implies for the support plate, stainless steel body, and four feet. So, it could be said that if the affordable 4-Burner gas stove from the brand would last 5 years, then this pricey 4-burner gas stove would last 8 to 10 years.

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Experts and those who have been using the Glen gas stove say that it is an excellent product at the right price. Therefore, the 4-Burner Gas stove is recommended for those who are interested in buying a high-quality gas stove in a premium design.

Price 9000 Rupees
Features Manual Ignition (Auto Ignition variant is available) | Require Modification to use with PNG
Burner High Flame Burner + Medium Flame Burner + 2 Small Flame Burners | Forged Brass Burner
Body 8-mm Thick Toughened Glass | Rich Matt Finish Steel Body | 4-mm Thick Support Plate | Matt Finish Steel Drip Tray | 360 Degree Swivel type revolving inlet nozzle
Warranty 2-Years on Whole Product | 5-Years on Burner
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