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HP Gaming Laptop Below 47000 Rupees

Windows 10 Laptop HP 15-ac125TX (15.6-inch, Core i5 5th Gen, 1TB, 4GB RAM, 2 GB Graphics)

In spite of depreciating personal computer market, the American giant HP has been very aggressive with frequent launches. In recent time, HP has launched many laptop models with the latest hardware and software to suit the requirement of the student, professionals, home users, gamers, and other tough computing tasks.

The selection of a budget laptop with reliable performance is often difficult. Especially, when there are thousands of options available online. Therefore, to make your search easy we suggest a Windows 10 Laptop, HP ac125TX. This is a perfect laptop with advanced specs for hard computing job as well as gaming needs. In this laptop review article, we explicate in detail the features of this brand new HP laptop model.

HP 15 ac125TX Notebook Price in India

Flayer Red Body with Super space management

The body dimension of this laptop is 384×254 mm whereas the thickness is limited at 24.3 mm. Only 2.19 Kg of weight makes this a light gadget, which can be easily carried in backpack or in the hand.

After going through specifications and the performance report, I am sure with the fact that the brand HP has blessed this product with all the latest components to make it a monster machine. Interestingly, in spite of a powerful battery pack on board, which gives minimum three hours of working backup, the machine is not too heavy. Since it is a lightweight device, I would highly appreciate it for daily office goers.

The Editor of this website rates this HP product with 10 out 10 for solid built and premium design line. It is available only in red color outline that in the combination with black base color renders a neat unique look. HP has adopted such funky design to target a wider audience such as teenage gamers.

The palm hold surface of this laptop is wide has smooth finishing too. Island-style keyboard with number keypad makes typing easy even for the first-hand users. Such brilliant utilization of space enhances the user’s working experience mostly in terms of the typing speed.

HD Webcam: Nowadays, voice calling is a regular mean of communication. Therefore, to make a meaningful connectivity with friends, family, or office clients use the live video streaming. To take the real benefit of the digital webcam, HP adds the TrueVision – a signature technology from the brand. Using webcam feature on this laptop is quite easy. You will enjoy making HD video call or live office presentation on this laptop.

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15.6 inches HD BrightView Display with HD WLED Resolution

The HP laptop ac125 TX is having a high-quality display screen in the size of 15.6-inch. Much like any other popular HP laptops in the market, this device also comes with the resolution of 1366×786 pixels. HP has used its in-house technology HD BrightView with WLED Backlit feature to bring out the best of the screen. This technology gives better picture quality and reduces the polarization effect on the screen while in the sunlight. You can play FHD Blu-ray video and games without hardware lag or delay in the screen refresh.

Four cell Power: According to the official claim, the laptop is having enough amount of battery backup to work for almost four hours. HP has boosted this device with four cell of Li-ion battery which translates into almost two hours of continues HD gaming.

As we all know, the battery backup depends on how we use the device. If you watch movies or utilize the resources to execute hard applications such as Photoshop, Moviemaker, Audio mixer or others on the laptop, then it can withstand up to two to three hours of continuous usages.

HP 15 ac125TX Notebook Review

Communication: For the communication process, the HP laptop comes with all necessary ports, which is essential to connect it with modern computer peripherals. Thanks to the preloaded Windows 10 operating system, connecting the ac125TX with the internet is quite easy.

Take the advantage of Ethernet connectivity 10/100 base along with Bluetooth chip of version 4.0v, as they are the latest until now. Moreover, there is the latest version of Wi-Fi chips, which works at the speed of 802.11 b/n/g continues connection type.

Input Ports on this HP Laptop

The laptop owns precious luxury solution to improve user’s professionalism. You will not be left behind in terms of connectivity ports. HP offers three USB ports wherein one is 3.0 and the rest two are version 2.0. You also get one HDMI port, 3.5 mm headphone, and one microphone jack. I cannot miss the SD card reader slot, which makes easier to rewrite smartphone memory-card.

Processor and Graphics: The fifth generation Intel Core i5 processor generates the working power of this laptop. Even though the price of this laptop is more that what common Indians can afford, but you will agree, only because of advance hardware onboard HP is forced to keep price tag so high.

There is not much to speak for Intel i3, i5, and i7 processors since there are widely used chipsets and have no competition or alternatives in the market.

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The Intel i5 processor of this laptop executes task at the speed of 2.2 GHz. If you need more power, then take the benefit of unique software, which HP has included in the sales box. You can use the software to increase the clock speed of the core from 2.2 GHz to 2.7 GHz.

Because of an advance and powerful graphic card onboard, you can easily play FHD videos and HD games without any issue. The graphic card of AMD Radeon series is loaded in the CPU alongside DDR 3 RAM and Intel i5 processor. The version of this graphic card is R5 M330 and having supported memory of 2GB.

I am sure there will be no problem even if you play 3D games. Because of powerful hardware onboard, the ac125TX qualify to become a perfect laptop to play games and execute top applications.

Memory and Storage Features of this Windows Laptop

With all above said qualities, a laptop should also have a big media memory. Get 1TB media storage with HP ac125TX, which the user can use to secure documents, movies, HD games and others important files. I am sure 1024 GB Hard Disk will be sufficient for your need.

The type and working speed of the given HDD are SATA and 5400 rpm respectively. A supporting 4GB DDR3 RAM is also given, which never lets this laptop hiccup even in the need of huge virtual memory to run resource demanding multiple applications. I would have liked if the company provides 8GB RAM onboard, but still if you need, then you can extend by using one unused RAM slot.

Audio: Thanks to HP’s DTS Studio Sound technology, the ac125TX can generate loud and clear audio output from 2.1 stereo speakers. In fact, you do not even require a pair of sound system while watching a movie in a group.

HP 15 ac125TX Notebook Specifications

Software: The brand HP has bundled this laptop model with some premium software. Find a complete package of CyberLink software includes YouCam, PhotoDirector, and DVD player. Besides CyberLink products, you also get iPass, Skype, Evernote, and Dropbox applications preinstalled on this laptop.


  • Windows 10 Original operating system
  • 5400 RPM 1TB Hard Disk
  • Intel i5 5th generation hard multitasking powerful processor
  • Increase onboard 4GB DDR3 RAM to 8GB by using one unused slot
  • 2GB DDR3 AMD Radeon dedicated Graphic processor
  • Super stylish design
  • Keyboard with number pad
  • Cyberlink software package

Verdict: The HP ac125TX is a perfect laptop for gaming and hard multitasking. 4GB DDR3 RAM, 2GB DDR3 graphic memory, and Intel i5 processor make it a true gadget for all professional, fun, and gaming need.

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Dimention 384 x 254 x 24.3  mm
Weight 2.19 Kg
Display LED, 15.6 inches, HD WLED Backlit BrightView Display,   1366 x 768 Pixels
Processor 2.2 (2.7 GHz) Intel Core i5-5200U, AMD Radeon R5 M330 DDR3 2GB
Memory 4GB DDR3 RAM, 2 Slots, 1 Free slot, 1 x 4 Gigabyte
Battery Li-on 4 Cell, 65 W AC Adapter power supply
Ports One USB 3.0, Two USB 2.0, One HDMI, One SD Media card reader, 3.5 mm headphone jack, 3.5 mm microphone jack
Audio  DTS Studio Sound, HD Audio Solution
Buy 46000 Rupees

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