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Full HD Sony Smart TV Between 35000 to 45000 Rupees

Full HD Sony Smart TV Between 35000 to 45000 Rupees

32 Inch Sony Smart LED TV  BRAVIA KDL-32W700C

Sony is globally famous for its stunning displays. With many trademarks and display technology patents, the brand holds the master position in display panels productions worldwide. Therefore, when picture quality is the priority, this brand will prove to be the best option in highly crowded TV market.

For the regular Indian bedroom, 32-inch display considered a perfect size and Sony offers a number of products in this lineup. The BRAVIA KDL-32W700C is the latest (launched this year) LED TV model from Sony, which has impressed many customers in the world market with awesome clarity and powerful sound system. In the short span of time, it has grabbed buyer’s endorsement for its features and performance.

Super cool Design: The manufacturer has used top of the line materials in the making of this smart TV. The finish of the body gives a premium feel. Thin bezels give its display a futuristic look. All the connectivity ports on the back can be accessed easily. This smart TV rests on a single metallic stand that provides it a minimalistic appeal. However, the TV is a little heavy and weighs in at 6.9 KG without stand. Read also Best Smart LED TV in Best Screen Sizes below 40000 Rupees.

Full HD Display with X-Reality PRO Engine

The huge display of this smart TV offers a full HD resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. Taking advantage of X-Reality PRO Engine, the TV produces stunning graphics. Even the minutest details of footage can be seen clearly without putting any stress on the eyes. Sony has made this TV capable of playing Blu-Ray videos at the highest settings. I am pretty sure that you will get a cinema-like experience at home. However, do not get blown away by the MotionFlow XR rate of 200 Hz because the real motion refresh rate of this TV is not more than 100 Hz. But the good thing is that users can attach a gaming console and enjoy playing their favorite games on the huge display of this device.

Sony BRAVIA KDL 32W700C 32 inch LED Smart TV Review Specifications Price Online in India

Inbuilt DVB/T2 Tuner: Sony has also equipped this smart TV with a DVB T2 tuner that allows you to view TV channels without installing an external set top box. But the catch is broadcasting companies are still trying to figure out the future of this technology in India. Therefore, until DVB T2 signals become live, we will have to depend on digital set top boxes.

Bass Reflex Speakers: Enclosed in a bass reflex box, this Sony Smart LED TV has the two 10 watt speakers produce mind blowing low-frequency audio audible from every corner in the room. Thanks to the Dolby Digital Plus technology that helps in creating a theater-like environment in your room. Users can also choose from six different sound modes to improve their experience.

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Smart TV Features with Sony 32 Inch LED TV

This LED TV comes with a really fast processor that offers snappy performance throughout the interface. Ability to install apps opens a whole new world of entertainment for the users. You will be able to stream media over internet using apps like YouTube. The onboard media player supports a wide range of audio, video and image file formats. This smart TV also supports 25 different languages, of which 11 are Indian.

Inbuilt Wi-Fi: Built-in Wi-Fi not only allow the user to use internet wirelessly on this TV, but they can also open media files stored on their smartphones without getting connected to a router. Do not worry if your phone does not have Wi-Fi connectivity as the TV also is also compatible with MHL devices. Screen mirroring feature is also available, using which you can play smartphone games on the big full HD display of this smart TV.

Four HDMI Ports: The TV can be used as a display for about four devices simultaneously as there are four HDMI ports available on it. Sony has also provided an RJ45 port on the back that allows you to connect this TV to an internet connection. Wi-Fi Direct capability enables this TV to transfer files from a smartphone to a pen drive attached to any of the two USB ports.


  • Full HD display panel
  • Low power consumption
  • Built-in DVB T2 tuner
  • Loaded with connectivity options like Wi-Fi and Ethernet port
  • 4 HDMI and 2 USB ports
  • Viewing angles of 178 degree in both direction
  • 20 Watt audio output with Bass Reflex Speakers
  • Eye-catching design

Verdict: This 32 Inch LED TV is really a piece of marvel. It offers mouth-watering picture quality and breathtaking audio quality. The connectivity features that this TV comes with are just exceptional. There cannot be a better smart TV in the 32-inch display lineup than this. However, the price of 41185 rupees feel is on the higher side.

Display Size 32 inch
Resolution 1920 X 1080 pixels
Audio 10W X 2
Power Consumption 62 Watt
Dimensions 738 x 435 x 59 mm (Without Stand)
Connectivity Wi-Fi, MHL, Ethernet, 2 X USB, 4 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, Audio Out, VGA In and Composite In
Extra Features Smart TV, Bass Reflex Speakers, X-Reality PRO, Screen Mirroring and Wi-FI Direct
Buy 42000 Rupees


Sony BRAVIA KLV-32R562C 32 inch Full HD Smart TV

To expand the reach and remain competition attractive in the market, electronic brands launch new products every year. 2015 is proving to be a great year for Sony fans because this brand has launched some great LED TVs in the last couple of months. And, the Sony BRAVIA KLV-32R562C LED TV that we are going to review next in this article belongs to this group. Moreover, the price of 35920 rupees seems to be in a perfect balance with the features this TV offers.

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2.1 Channel Surround Sound: The main speaker and two sub-woofers give a total output of 30 Watt, which is more than what any other TV in this price segment offers. Dolby Digital Plus technology enhances all the frequencies and produces appealing audio. Thanks to the S-Master Digital Amplifier, this LED TV is able to produce loud audio output. Even if you install it in a big room, clear audio will reach to every corner of the room. Finally, I would add here that just because of optimum clarity and loudness, the existing external speaker system will be useless with this TV. Read also Best 5 Sony LED TV in India Under 15000 Rupees.

Great Picture Quality and Impressive Design of this Smart LED TV

The display panel of this Sony TV produces natural colors and immersive graphics. Its viewing angles are wide enough that you would not notice any kind of distortion from steep angles. Because of Full HD resolution (1920 X 1080 pixels) the display regenerates even the smallest details of footage and offers a cinema-like movie watching experience to end user. The Clear Resolution Enhancer reduces the noise and increases the contrast ratio. The disappointing thing is that the motion refresh rate of this TV is really low because of which you cannot attach a game console to it. Moreover, the Edge LED technology that Sony has used results in unequal distribution of brightness, but the good thing is the change isn’t noticeable to human eyes.

Sony BRAVIA KLV 32R562C 32 inch Smart LED TV Review Specifications Price Online in India

Impressive Design: This TV is unimaginably slim and measures just 65 mm in thickness. The outer shell is made of durable materials and can survive light collisions. Its ultra thin bezels will be hardly noticeable while watching movies. This makes users experience even more immersive. The pitch black finish of the body matches the color of the display when TV is not turned on and gives a premium feel.

It’s a Smart TV! Perhaps, the greatest benefit of purchasing this TV will be the ability install apps from the Sony’s custom app store. The preloaded browser allows the users to browse internet on the large screen. The processor of the TV is powerful enough to handle multiple tabs at once. Internet calls can also be made using the Skype App.

Wireless LAN: All the smart features will be of no use unless the TV gets connected to internet. The good thing here is that it comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi and also features an Ethernet port on the back. The only thing that users will have to do is make sure they have a working high-speed (slow speed will make your experience worse) internet connection.

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Screen Mirroring and Wireless Streaming

Videos, music and even images can be cast directly onto the full HD display of this TV over Wi-Fi. The TV also supports MHL devices and allows for features like screen mirroring. Moreover, the battery of your smartphone will also get charged after connecting it to the TV through MHL cable.

Consumes Less Power: In the active mode, this smart television consumes just 58 Watts of power, which is much less than the power consumption of other full HD TVs. It consumes a mere 0.5 Watt of electricity in the standby mode. Also, there are several power saver options to limit the electricity consumption of this TV.


  • Produces extremely loud audio with the help of two sub-woofers
  • High-resolution display panel reproduces crispy graphics
  • Features two USB ports, multiple storage devices can be attached simultaneously
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi, also features an Ethernet port
  • MHL
  • Smartphone screens can be mirrored
  • Clear Resolution Enhancer
  • Power efficient
  • Smart apps
  • Inbuilt FM radio
  • Supports local Indian languages


  • Low motion refresh rate
  • Edge LED backlighting

Verdict: In my opinion, the most striking feature of this smart TV is its 2.1 channel sound system. It really gives you a theater-like experience. Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity are unimaginable at this price. The best of all is that it is a smart TV you can install custom apps on it. Sony has done a remarkable job of offering such a great TV in this segment.

Display Size 32 inch
Resolution 1920 X 1080 pixels
Audio 30 Watt
Power Consumption 58 Watt
Dimensions 738 mm x 441 mm x 65 mm (Without Stand)
Connectivity Wi-Fi, MHL, Ethernet, 2 X USB,  X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, Audio Out, VGA In and Composite In
Extra Features Smart TV, Screen Mirroring and Wi-FI Direct
Buy 37000 Rupees

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