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Full HD Smart LED TV with Lots of Connectivity Options

Wybor S40MS16 40inch Full HD Smart LED TV Review Specifications Price Online in India

40 inch Wybor S40MS16 Full HD Smart LED TV (2 x HDMI, 2 x USB)

In India, Vu has been the pioneer of budget LED TV. And, the Indian manufacturer should also be credited for countering Japanese, Korean and Chinese brands monopoly in Indian television market. Reviewers like me initially rejected Vu’s claim that it could produce LED TV as good as that of Sony and LG. Today, Vu is in the list of top five television brands in the Indian market. However, Vu’s approach to ensuring hassle-free customer support and free installation & demo thrills me most. Actually the fact is most Indian companies failed in adapting the best practices of customer support as MNCs does.

Recognizing Vu’s success is an important aspect to acknowledge no long products by any Indian manufacturer should be undermined. Therefore, whenever you see a new product launched by an unknown Indian brand, give it the same level of attention as you probably give to the products by newly launched Chinese, Korean, American, and Japanese brands. The example of Vu success is clear evidence that Indian factories are matured now to produce reliable and durable products.

Wybor is a new LED TV brand promoted by Malhotra Eletronics Pvt Ltd. Quoting from the official website, the parent company has been in business since 1978. I had never heard this brand until I got to see its product, a 40-inch LED TV. This article is dedicated to Wybor S40MS full HD LED TV. Priced economically at 24000 rupees, the LED is an ideal choice for customers who are looking for a good quality big screen LED in a low budget.

Three Years Warranty

It comes with one year of exclusive warranty and then there is extended two years of warranty. In total, buyers will get three years of warranty for any kind of manufacturing defect. There is some other terms & condition, please bother to read them as well.

Smart Platform Design Support

For an absolute surety, I searched at popular online shopping platforms; this Wybor TV is the cheapest smart LED in 40-inch screen segment. And its closest competitor in terms of pricing is a Micromax smart LED TV. This, by the way, adds an emphasis that Wybor has even surpassed Micromax in making low-cost LED televisions.

Just to add here Micromax, despite making its LED TVs priced quite economically still not achieved a reputed position because of horrible service support it offers. Therefore, this is a reminder to Wybor, if it wants to be a horse for a long run, keep customer support on top priority. By the way, here I am not able to find any credible testimony to comment on – how well Wybor brand is in terms of service and post-sales support.

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To contact Wybor, send emails to [email protected] and you can also call on a toll-free number (1800 270 1170).

As you know now this is a smart LED TV, it comes with lots of connectivity options to prove that so. It is powered by an Android operating system v4.4 and to connect to internet, it consists of Ethernet port and built-in Wi-Fi service. Users can access to Facebook, Google search, YouTube videos on this using smart platform.

See, I have never been a fan of smart TV. Logically, who would appreciate an internet browsing period during a TV program when the same could be done in a much easier way on a smartphone and laptop? However, a flipside of the fact is a television set is not a one-year investment. A branded LED TV would easily be working at least five to seven years. Additionally, as trend shows now, in coming times more content will be available online and there will be dedicated applications to bring movie-on-demand to your home on your TV. Any smart use besides just watching TV programs is doable only if your LED TV has the smart credentials. So only the TVs, that have smart features and needed connectivity options will able to sync content from internet. Now you decide whether you consider smart tag on a LED TV a pro or not so essential.

Users can share screen of their smartphone, tablet or any handheld device to the 40-inch screen using its AirPlay feature. By the way, AirPlay feature is nothing but the popular MHL connectivity, Wybor smartly renamed it for owning it as an exclusive. Apparently, feature name is not so important as long as the product is made smart with this feature at least.

Wybor also gives a smart remote named AirFly mouse-keyboard for browsing through the options of the smart Android operating system on this TV. The remote is nicely designed and has probably all control buttons. In fact, I had a good experience in using the smart remote for switching between applications and setting of the OS. However, my guts feeling is – smart tag will not help the TV. My friends have smart LED; they had used the smart features only for a week or ten days after that who bothers where the smart remote is now.

The build quality of this Wybor LED is impressive. Bezels are narrow and frame around the display is minimal. Since Wybor is a new entrant, such excellence in build was not expected.

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You can install this LED in your home in both ways: either fix it on a wall (Wybor support engineer will visit your place) or place it on a desk. Since it is a 40-inch TV and looks brilliant as well so installing it onto a wall could be an ideal decision. If one removes the logo from front, it would be hard to guess it is not the product of one of the four international LED TV brands.

40-inch Full HD LED based on Samsung VA panel

The LED TV comes with some premium hardware for producing video frames in better quality. Samsung panel used on this TV is a guarantee for incredibly sharp and clear images. Additionally, the screen is optimized for brilliant viewing angles, up to 178-degree.

After decades of research and development, LG and Samsung are able to make their product even better by using many smart technologies. Like LG’s XD and Sony’s Bravia engine besides the features that fills the gap between frames and pixels on a LED screen. However, on a brand new LED like this Wybor product, having such advancement is not possible. Thus, comparing this with a Samsung, LG, or a Sony LED will not be fair for this Indian brand. However, Wybor compensates that by selling this TV in 25000 rupees, which is around 20000 rupees cheaper than what LG and Sony ask for their LEDs those with 40inch screen size.

The screen is fairly bright and manages videos content in the same way as Micromax and Vu do on their LEDs.

Sound and Connectivity

There is two powerful speakers added to this television set, both produces flawless audio. The level of Bass in the audio output satisfied me to some degree. Additionally, one can choose an audio profile from a total of five included here: Movie, Sports, Music, News, and Custom.

I have always expressed my anguish against top brands for not having sufficient connectivity options on their branded LED TVs. What they gain by giving only one HDMI instead of two, I am unable to understand. However, Indian desi brands have a different approach. Whether it is Onida, Micromax, Vu, and now Wybor, their LED always keeps more than needs ports and other connectivity features.

Take an example of this Wybor LED, it comes with two HDMI and two USB port. This is more than what anyone would actually use. Other connectivity options include Headphone jack, Audio out, RF connectivity input, and VGA input. Because of VGA port, one can use this LED with a CPU like a computer monitor. Both HDMI ports are placed at bottom and USB ports on one side.

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The USB video feature here provides direct access to stored content on an ejectable drive. So users can play videos and movies right from a pendrive, attached in its USB port.

Pro Features
  • Cheapest Smart LED TV with 40inch LED screen
  • Samsung VA panel
  • 24W audio output
  • Up to three years of warranty
  • Play and share videos and images from USB drive
  • MHL feature to steam a smartphone screen onto the LED screen
  • Impressive build and design

All in all the Wybor S40MS16 is a good product. It is economically priced and it has all the features one might expect in their new LED. Three years of warranty is a big safety net against possible early malfunction due to some cheap quality hardware inside.

I can write off the Smart features, but it does well in terms of picture quality, audio clarity, connectivity options, and media features. In addition, it is honorably competing with similar Vu product. By the way, the starting price of 40-inch Vu Smart LEDs is as low as 30000 rupees and non-smart LED 23000 rupees. Not take your call: Wybor, Vu or LG.

Price 24000 Rupees
Display 40inch; Full HD; 178 degree viewing angles; Aspect Ratio 16:9; Dynamic Contrast ratio: 300000:1; Brightness: 300cd/m2; Response time: 8ms
Audio 2 Speaker, 12W×2
Connectivity 2×HDMI; 1×PC VGA; 1×PC Audio; 2×AV IN; 1×Earphone; 1×RF IN; 2×USB
Features Android Kitkat; 1GB RAM, 8GB Memory
Power 110V-270V; Power Consumption: <80W
Body 11.85Kg: 90.5×20.0×56.0 cm with Base stand

Users Review and Opinion


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