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Full HD Computer Monitor below 13000 Rupees

Dell E2216H Full HD LED Monitor Rear View

AOC I2369VM – IPS Full HD Frameless Computer Monitor

We review and praise gadgets from different brands. However, when comes to a computer monitor, as an old customer, I trust the prominent display maker AOC more than Samsung, LG, DELL, or even HP.

The main reason why AOC products do not sell more is less advertisement & features at a much higher price. However, the concept of few features is the main strength of AOC monitors, which is why they last many years without even a proper care and service.

AOC I2369Vm IPS LCD Full HD Computer Monitor

Built and Design

The AOC LED monitor i2369Vm is one of the few computer peripherals in the market rated “high-quality product at a low cost”. It is an IPS display with lots of connectivity options and inbuilt speaker.

The overall built quality and design of this LED monitor are very premium even though you are paying for a budget product. Its entire body is plastic made wherein the 23-inch screen has a frame-less design with metallic details and a texture of brushed aluminum finish across.

Here, all connectivity ports are on the rear including VGA, DisplayPort, and a pair of HDMI inputs. One of HDMI ports supports MHL, which lets to connect with a smartphone for content broadcast from a small screen to this huge full HD screen. I cannot miss analog PC audio and a headphone jack, which is rather has a stupid placement at the rear instead being on the side.

As far as control and tuning up the display is concerned, it has a big row of physical buttons placed at the bottom of the screen. I find them very inconvenient in pushing forcibly. You will get a software CD, which carries AOC user interface gives much better and easier way to complete a perfect setup of this monitor.

Setup and Display Performance

The AOC i2369Vm is a super performing FHD computer monitor. Thanks to a thin 14 mm IPS panel and 1080P resolution, onscreen colors are natural and viewing angles are great. In fact, it does outperform other IPS monitors by yielding high contrast (typical contrast of 1000:1 and dynamic contrast: 50,000,000:1) almost rare in budget segment display devices.

You can start using it right away on delivery from Amazon or Flipkart. It comes pre-calibrated from the factory. All you need to do is plug & power-on and start working. Its default setting is the best to choose in any case.

For Gaming and Higher End Software

I have already discussed the monitor’s ability to produce high brightness, so now I will focus more on other credentials needed to run action games and heavy applications without lag. Sharp icons, vivid color, faster refresh rate and a huge screen size (24-inch) makes it one perfect choice for a gamer and high-end application users. I would highly appreciate it for a studio use where speed and performance matter the most.

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AOC I2369Vm Connectivity Ports

AOC Warranty for Three Years

Three years free-service is something that makes it is a hot cake. For my personal use, I choose a product with few features and a long warranty period. Certainly, this LED monitor is in the list of my liking.


  1. Brightness
  2. Unbelievable contrast ratio
  3. Power efficient
  4. Three years of service guarantee
  5. Inbuilt speaker
  6. Matt finished Screen with IPS pane and 1920 × 1080 Pixels resolution

Final Verdict

The AOC IPS monitor is a well-built and good-looking computer monitor offers excellent performance. Three years of warranty umbrella also confirms how the brand AOC is confident about its product.

I am using two LED monitors one of them is from AOC. Based on my four years of experience with an AOC device, I can vocally endorse this full HD IPS LED monitor. If your budget allows, then go for it.

Price 13000 Rupees
Display 23-inch, IPS LCD, FHD, matt finish, 96 PPI, 16.7M color
Checkerboard Contrast Ratio 630
Maximum brightness 220
Contrast 1000:1 (dynamic contrast: 50,000,000:1
Video Input VGA, HDMI, MHL, DisplayPort
Speaker amp, mono, Headphone jack
Response Time 6 ms GtG
Viewing Angles 178/178
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Scanning Frequency 30-83khz/50-76hz
Power 25W in active mode and 0.5W in Standby Mode
Weight 5kg


DELL E2216H 21.5-INCH Full HD Monitor

Dell has significantly raised its sales in monitors, laptops, and its accessories over the years. Dell E2216H is a full HD LED monitor with TN (Twisted Nematic) panel display. It has 21.5 inches of viewable size diagonally. In general, the monitor looks tidy. It has the clean, sharp look from the back and front, nothing fancy.

This monitor is inexpensive. It runs about 9,690 rupees currently on Amazon India. Manufacturer provides 3-year hardware warranty.

Dell E2216H Full HD LED Monitor

Impressive display quality

Technically, it has a high resolution of Full HD 1920 x 1080. If the physical size is more, it fits more content into it. That is important to consider when purchasing a new monitor because higher resolution typically means higher pixel density, which equals to more real state and sharp picture.

Of course, the picture quality is the most important aspect about any monitor and fortunately, this monitor has the high-quality TN (Twisted Nematic) panel that gives even the solid viewing angles. The E2216H has viewing angles of 160° vertically and 170° horizontally. So, no major color loss is observed when shifting head to the different position. However, the color accuracy is not very good.

Eco-conscious monitor

The Dell monitor comes with the power-efficient features to save energy, which is very uncommon at this price range. It is made with the environment-friendly materials. Furthermore, the monitor also has the arsenic-free glass and an LED panel, which is mercury-free. Its circuit boards are made from brominated flame retardant (BFR) and PVC-free laminates, and it has more than 25% post-consumer recycled plastics in its chassis.

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It has the powernap technology feature that reduces screen brightness and puts the monitor into sleep mode when not in use. It also meets the latest regulatory and environmental standards.

Decent looking design

Most people are used to using screens with 16:10 aspect ratio, which is more common for monitors while E2216H has the 16:9 aspect ratios that are comparable to a typical FHD television. This means the outer shell is much slimmer and so has the widescreen compared to others.

The stand is quite adjustable. It has the decent sturdiness with which it will not shake with the every bump on the table. As far as the controls and power buttons are concerned, they appear in the front panel of the monitor. These provide access to nearly all functions expected in today’s monitor from color settings, brightness control, input settings, display settings, customizable preset modes etc.

The Dell E2216H has VESA 100mm mount on the back. So, you can mount this monitor to the wall or can use the monitor arm. With this, your desk will be clutter-free when you mount the monitor. You can also tilt the monitor comfortably.


The Dell E2216H has one display port and one VGA In port with 15-pins. Even though it comes with a VGA port, it does not come with the VGA cable. You may have to buy the compatible cable for it to use it.


  • Decent looking monitor
  • Full HD display
  • VESA compatible. It means it can be mounted on a wall
  • Power-efficient features to save energy
  • Tilt adjustable
  • Great picture quality
  • Affordable price
  • Vibrant colors of 16.7 million colors
  • 3-year warranty


  • Color accuracy is not as good as IPS display panel


The Dell E2216H is a great monitor for the price with an amazing resolution. It also has a three-year advanced exchange service within the 3-year warranty period. This is a recommended product with good picture quality in 10000 rupees budget.

Dell E2216H Full HD LED Monitor Rear View

Price Rs. 9,690
Screen size 21.5 inches
Display resolution 1920 x 1080
Weight 4.8 Kgs
Wattage 18 watts
Dimensions (W x H x D) 56.1 x 35.3 x 13.2 cm
Aspect ratio 16 : 9 (Wide screen)
Panel type TN (Twisted Nematic)
Adjustability Tilt
Warranty 3 years
Flat panel mount surface VESA (100 mm)

Users Review and Opinion


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