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Four Good Quality Smartphones below 3000 Rupees

Karbonn A91 Storm

Panasonic Love T10

This is a 3G enabled smartphone powered by Android KitKat and sports a 3.5inch screen that has impressive 480P resolution with 267PPI pixel density. The display quality is very good. As it is a low-cost device such high pixel density was not expected.

The  central processing unit of this 2650 rupees phone is based on MediaTek dual core processor, Mali 400 GPU, and 512MB RAM. With these three you can be sure of smooth performance.

The 2MP primary camera deserves poor rating but that won’t be a fair assessment as Panasonic is not asking to pay much for this phone. Moreover, the image output from this 2MP is expected to be better as Panasonic is a big name in the digital camera business. There is digital zoom feature made available but lacking flash support. The selfie camera here is just a VGA camera takes good quality image than 0.3MP camera of some Chinese and Indian brand mobile phones.

Panasonic T10 features some latest connectivity options. Users can sync data to & from other compatible devices through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This supports only GSM network can keep connection active with two networks same time.

Panasonic Love T10 Review Specifications

For entertainment, Panasonic T10 is limited to audio & video with FM player. 1400 mAh Li-on battery is more than sufficient to deliver more than one days of backup but due to 267 PPI high screen resolution, the practical battery backup will be much lower.

Love T10 supports multi-touch and is a decent 3G smartphone with a 3.5inch screen. For watching videos, it is a good device but due to its mediocre battery, users will have to keep the device close to a power socket in most of the usages times.

Price 2650 Rupees
Features OS: Android Kitkat; Network: Dual SIM, 3G+2G; Screen: 3.5inch, 480×800 Pixels, 267PPI; CPU: MediaTek Dual Core 1GHz, Mali 400 GPU, 512MB RAM; Memory:4GB; Camera: 2MP+0.3MP; Battery: 1400mAh; Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, microUSB; Multimedia: FM, Audio & player


Karbonn S15

Priced just 100 rupees more than Panasonic Love T10, the S15 features 4inch 480P TFT display therein pixels per inch is 233. Supporting multi-touch, the display accordingly optimized for less battery fuel consumption yet showing content in better quality without the feel of pixels.

The phone looks cool from outside. Available in two color option, there a chrome design that covers bezels of the screen renders unique attractive to this device.

So what makes this so special? Quad core processor and 512MB RAM ensure smooth performance on S15. In fact, you would able to play basic to medium level action games on it.

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Not much change in the internal memory mechanics, following the trend, Karbonn offers 4GB internal memory wherein about 2GB is going remain free for the end users. Though, users have the option to expand onboard memory using an SD card.

Karbonn S15 Quick Review Specifications

Not the quality of Panasonic, but Karbonn offers an LED flash with digital Zoom for the primary camera that bears a 3.2MP sensor. The selfie camera 0.3MP or VGA has no use as Karbonn does have technology in sleeves to optimize a small sensor camera for better performance.

Just 100 rupees increase in price – not only increases screen size from 3.5inch to 4inch, in fact, the battery, too, looks more solid as 1500 mAh battery fuel container on this Karbonn device.

In terms of audio & video entertainment, I rate this device high. Audio system of this phone is optimized for DTS sound that significantly increases clarity, quality, and Bass level in the output audio.

Price 2750 Rupees
Features OS: Android 4.4; Dual SIM 3G+2G

Display: 4inch, 480×800P, 233PPI, TFT

Performance: QC 1.2GHz, 512MB RAM; Memory: 4GB internal

Camera: 3.2MP with Flash and Zoom, Image resolution-2048×1536 Pixels, 0.3MP at Front

Battery : 1500 mAH

Connectivity: Wi-Fi, GPS, microUSB, Bluetooth Connectivity; FM Radio, DTS sound


Micromax Bolt Supreme

The Bolt series devices can be trusted for better build quality, smooth performance, and paisa vasool durability. Despite all criticism against Micromax, I really like this desi brand and have even used its device for a long time. Actually, the problem is – without paying much – most buyers want all the features in good quality.

The Box supreme comes in a neatly design one color body. Yes, this look has an appeal but I am interested in its operating system that is Android Lollipop. In 2500 rupees, Android Lollipop sounds crazy (at a positive side) to me.

Interestingly, Micromax has designed this phone is such a way that it becomes a bridge between a feature phone to a dedicated smartphone. This is a well-suited device for those who are not interested in a real smartphone but want to have all such feature in their new smartphone cum feature phone.

3.5inch TFT screen of this device with 320P resolution makes sense to me. 165PPI is a standard pixel density rate for a small screen that compensates well 1200 mAh battery of the Bolt Supreme.

Micromax Bolt Supreme

This in terms of performance is not sluggish. Micromax offers a reliable CPU with this phone that is made with a quad core processor and 512MB RAM.

2MP primary also appeals because of an LED flash and digital Zoom. Even in low light, users could capture images in decent resolution although Micromax claims the maximum resolution may be up to 1600×1200 Pixels.

You will find this equipped with all the connectivity options that most popular smartphone generally come by. Multimedia management onboard, too, is not degraded has the features like most smartphone have.

Price 2900 Rupees
Features Android Lollipop OS; Dual SIM, 3G, 2G, 1G
Display 3.5inch, 320×480 Pixels, 165PPI, TFT
CPU QC Processor, 1.2GHz, 512MB RAM, 4GB Internal Memory, SD Card Port
Camera 2MP with LED Flash and Digital Zoom; 0.3MP
Battery 1200 mAh
Connectivity Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, FM, GPS


Karbonn A91 Storm

Priced at just 2600 rupees, Karbonn has presented one of its best low-budget smartphones till date. This device has many adventurous features and just a few ignorable cons. This is a fully functional smartphone packs 512MB RAM, MediaTek quad-core processor, and Mali GPU for smooth processing of multimedia contents.

Looking for an affordable device that can also play action games, Karbonn’s A91strorm could be one best choice currently. The devices I have recommended so far have some shortcomings; in fact, that is unavoidable due to price constraint. And, thus I am not going to rate this Karbonn champ poor due to really substandard camera performance.

Except the camera management onboard, whether it is software or hardware, it is one nicely optimized smartphone. The Lollipop version is still not rolled out fully in all working Android smartphones. Then a 2600 rupees phone with mighty battery power based on Android Lollipop operating system is much better off than some premium devices that still struggling with Android 4.4.4 version.

The 480P 4-inch screen is impressive because of accurate pixel density. According to Karbonn, the pixel density is 233, absolutely perfect for showing content without making pixels visible and the same time ensuring in reduction of battery juice.

Karbonn A91 Storm

This is a 3G smartphone and supports mobile hotspot, too. Apparently, the 3G is not the exact 3G rather 2.5G thus the end users may get speed around one to two MBPS max when the HSPA network is contention free and operational in its full capacity.

All in all, Karbonn A91 storm is indeed a well-balanced device. Trust that you will not have too many complaints regarding its performance, screen quality, battery backup, and with entertainment features as well. However, do not expect much from both cameras. First it is Karbonn camera then is only a 2MP sensor and finally, no LED flash made available to it. With this many odds, no smartphone camera can performance better. The front firing selfie camera is 0.3MP or a VGA camera.

Thus do not expect much from the cameras on the A91 storm but other functions on it offer excellent performance.

Price 2600 Rupees
Features Android Lollipop OS; Dual SIM; GSM; 3G, 2G, 1G
Display 4inch, 480×800 Pixels, 233PPI, TFT
CPU QC Processor, 1.2GHz, 512MB RAM, up to 32GB Micro SD Card support, 4GB Internal Memory
Camera 2MP with LED Flash and Digital Zoom; 0.3MP
Battery 2200 mAh
Connectivity Bluetooth, Mobile Hotspot, Wi-Fi, FM, GPS

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