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Four Best Hair Straighteners Below 1300 Rupees

Four Best Hair Straighteners Below 1300 in August 2015

Monsoon is a sign of life in India. We all welcome Monsoon with open arm because it brings a gift of life. But we cannot forget that Monsoon rains are a reason of humidity rise in the atmosphere, which indeed creates negative impact on your hair.

A woman knows the effects of high humidity on hair. Everyone regardless of her hair type faces the problem of frizzy hair in this season. If I am right, then you want to know a solution because frizzy hair can lower your confidence. The good thing is that I have one! Well, not one, but many. After doing an in-depth research, we have shortlisted four such hair straighteners, which might suit everyone’s pocket.

As everyone has different needs, so it is advised to consider the features you want on your hair styling tool before making a choice.

Philips HP8309 Hair Straightener

The HP8309 Hair Straightener model from Philips is an intermediate level device that suits all types of hairs. It is really a nice product that comes at an affordable price of 1694 rupees. However, you will not get a salon-like treatment with this device.

It size is compact, so carrying it in hand bag is really easy. The ceramic plates of this hair straighter are not much wide, but they do get the job done. These plates can be locked together with a sliding button, which makes it consume less space. You also get a swivel cord that prevents it from getting tangled.

Philips HP8309 Hair Straightener Review and Specifications

Performance and Usage

Its ceramic plates can get really hot and achieve a temperature of 210o C in just 60 seconds. This makes it possible for this device to straighten even curled up hair in couple of minutes. If you want your hair to shine, then you can use a hair spray after the straightening operation. Experienced users can also use this device to mold their hair in a number of styles. But remember its plate takes a long time to cool down even after a styling session.


This Philips gadget can do great damage to your hair as its temperature cannot be controlled. You will have to apply heat protection on your hair before using it. This device supports a wide range of voltage input, which is a good thing if you travel a lot. Moreover, you are also getting two years of warranty on it.


  • Eye-catching design
  • Heats up pretty fast.
  • 8-meter long cord.
  • Works on any kind of hair.
  • Universal voltage support.
  • Easy lock mechanism.
  • Easy to use and portable.
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  • No temperature control.
  • Takes a lot of time to cool down.


If you want a device for daily usage that can work on any kind of hair, then this hair straightener is the best option for you.

Price 1280 Rupees
Plate Material Ceramic
Plate Size 26 x 90 mm
Cord Length 1.8mm
Other Features Universal Voltage Support, 60 Second Heat-up Time, 210-degree celsius


Philips HP8658 Air Styler

Philips is the only brand in the world that sells Air Stylers. For those who do not know, an Air Styler is a hybrid device that work as a hair dryer and a hair straightener at the same time. The Philips Essential Care HP8658 Air Styler is one such product that comes at the price of 1399 rupees. However, you do not have to get much excited as there are many drawbacks of this device.

It looks pretty and wears a pink finish. The cost of this device might be less, but the materials used in it are of much high quality. All the controls are located on the handle itself, which makes using it much comfortable. Moreover, it has got a 1.8 meter long swivel cord that does not get tangled easily.

Philips Essential Care HP8658 Air Styler Review and Specifications

Performance and Usage

This air styler is a great device for those who just want natural looking hair without going to a salon. Be sure to towel dry your hair before using this device. You can also control the temperature of blowing air, which is really a nice feature.

The ceramic coated bristles of this device are aimed make a task much convenient. But this air styler is not that effective and you will not be able to get salon-like perfect straight hair.


The device comes with a ThermoProtect feature that prevents the blowing air from damaging your hair. But you should not depend on this feature that much and be sure to apply a heat-protection gel.


  • Handy
  • Heat control
  • ThermoProtect feature
  • 8-meter cord
  • Good for getting natural looking straight hair
  • Attractive in design


  • Cannot replace your hair straightener.
  • Takes a lot of time.


This air styler is easy to use and saves a lot of effort, but still you should avoid buying it. The main purpose of this device is to replace your flat iron and it fails to do that.

Buy 1270 Rupees
Coating Material Ceramic
Power Consumtion 650 Watts
Cord Length 1.8mm
Other Features Universal Voltage Support


Nova Instyler Nh1100 Straightener

The product that we are now going to discuss is Nova's Instyler group product Nh 1100 Hair Straightener, which is available for just 990 rupees. It is one of the most affordable hair styling tools currently available in the market. This unique device comes with a rotating barrel that can be used to give attractive curls to your hair.

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From the outside, this product looks sturdy and premium. However, its controls are a little confusing. It has two arms, the first features a rotating barrel and another features a bristles. There are LED indicators on this device that indicates status during its usages. It also comes with a 1.8 meter 360orotating cord.

Nova Instyler Nh 1100 Hair Straightener Review and Specifications

Performance and Usage

Many customers have reported that the performance of this device starts to degrade from the first use. However, if you are still persistent to buy this product, then be sure to take extra care. This device can also damage your hair. There is no protective layer on the rotating barrel, so do not ever think of directly touching it with your hands.


To use this product, your hair needs to be fully dry. Now this raises some safety concerns. If you do not want your hair to get damaged, use heat protection before using this device. I am sure this will be a smart decision. The ionic conditioning makes your hair shine by locking the moisture inside. Moreover, this device comes with universal voltage support and only consumes 130 Watts of power.


  • Universal voltage support.
  • Looks good.
  • Can be used to flip your hair.
  • Long lasting effect.
  • Ionic conditioning.


  • Lacks on the performance front.
  • Tricky to use.


This device comes with many attractive features, but that does not mean it is a perfect buy. Customers who have used this gadget are not very happy with the performance.

Price 1000 Rupees
Coating Material Ceramic
Plate Size 30 x 60 mm
Power Consumtion 130 Watts
Cord Length 1.8mm
Other Features Universal Voltage Support, Ionic Conditioning, and LED Indicator


Philips HP8303 Straightener

If you are really tight on your budget and still want a quality device, then you should buy the Philips HP8303 Hair Straightener. It works quite well and is available in the market for just 999 rupees.

This gadget looks pretty sturdy. It wears a black finish and comes in slightly curved profile. You can easily carry this hair straightener in your hand bag because of its compact design. The power cord is little short and has a length of 1.6 meters only. This short length cable won’t give you a free hand usage.

Performance and Usage

This hair straightener works great on frizzy hair. The ceramic coated plates easily glide on hair without doing any damage. Although these plates are not that wide but for its price tag, this is a decent device. This device can reach its maximum temperature of 210o C within 60 seconds.

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You can get perfectly straight hair by using this device for just a few minutes. Moreover, you can also use a hair spray if you want your hair to shine and stay straight for a long duration.

Philips HP8303 Hair Straightener Review and Specifications


The biggest drawback of using this hair straightener is that you will not be able to control the temperature of its plates, which can result in hair damage. So, be sure to always apply a heat protection gel on your hair before using this device. The good thing is that this device is capable of handling major power fluctuations because it supports a wide voltage range of 110 – 240 Volts.


  • Best in this price segment.
  • Ceramic coated plates.
  • Swivel cord.
  • Heat up time of just 60 seconds.
  • Portable
  • Supports a wide voltage range.


  • You cannot control the temperature.


If you want a hair straightener with a brand name, then this device should be your choice. There are few drawbacks of this device, but you will not get anything better at this price.

Price 1000 Rupees
Plate Material Ceramic
Plate Size 19×85 mm
Cord Length 1.6mm
Other Features Universal Voltage Support, 60 Second Heat-up Time, 210-degree celsius

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  1. Which plates hair straightener is good for thin hair? I have very thin hair so any suggestion which hair straightener I have to use?

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