Having a food processor is a ‘must’ these days. As it helps you with most of the things you cook in your kitchen in a much more advanced manner. It not only lessens the amount of time and effort you once had to put in your cooking, but it also makes everything look much smoother as well as better. It is suitable for any and every person, may it be a homemaker living in a family of 7-8 people or some ‘busy with the office work’ individual.

In this piece, we cover the best food processors from 7000 to 10000 Rupees price range. Here you read about food processors of top brands Philips, Inalsa, Prestige, Rico, Preethi, and other reliable kitchen brands in India market.

► Rico All-in-One Food Processor and Juicer {FP-1806}

The Rico home appliances brand is one of the oldest Indian brands with more than 50-Years of history. This brand makes quality products and sells them in the market at acceptable prices. I came to know about this brand while reviewing its heavy-weight dry iron box. Here I introduce you its all-in-food processor.

700W Rico Food Processor with Coconut Scrapper and Juicer

The Rico food processor is 8-in-1 kitchen appliance. It is a juicer, dry-wet mixer grinder, blender, hand mixer, vegetable slicer, chopper, dough kneader, and a citrus juicer. This heavy-duty food processor can do more than 28 types of food processing works. That is incredible!

Its 700W motor has a copper coil. The motor is highly-efficient, can rotate the blades even in case of heavy load and yet consume less power. Built-In over-load safety in on watch to protect it from burning in case of excessive pressure.

At the current price, this Rico food processor despite 13 attachments is a pricey option. Still, what makes it a recommended choice is 2-Years free replacement warranty from the brand. As far as I know, this is for the first time, a kitchen appliance brand announces 2-Years free replacement warranty on its product.

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The 700W food processor with 2-years replacement warranty, sturdy design, and compact layout seems an excellent buy to me. As it completes all the requirements well! The price, on the other hand, is a tiny drawback especially for the customers with a certain amount of budget with them. One thing that has been positive in all the customer reviews is the coconut scrubber, which is absolutely perfect. Leaving no space for much of imperfection, the product shows value for money.

Best Food Processor under 8000 Rupees (हिंदी में) | #Rico All-In-One Food Processor

Price 7500 Rupees
Features 3-Star Rated 700-Watt Motor with Copper Coil | 4-Speed Levels | Cord Winder | More than 28 Operations | Japanese “Quick Grind ” Technology | Double ISI-Certification | Overload Protection | Anti-Slip Feet | Safety Locks | Dishwasher-Safe
Warranty 10-Says Return & Refund Warranty | 2-Years Repair & Replacement Warranty | Company will pay for courier charger | Warranty covers whole product including plastic parts | Whatapps Invoice at +91-8879-444-882
Make Chutney | Spice | Shake | Smoothies | Juice | Potato Chips
Do Mincing | Scraping | Pureeing | Whipping | Shredding | Blending | Slicing | Atta kneading | Juicing | Dry-Wet grinding | Chopping | Coconut Grating | Mixing
Set (13) 4 Set of Stainless-Steel Blades | Chopper Blade | Kneader Blade | Coconut Scrubber Blade | Citrus & Centrifugal Juice Attachment | Chutney SS Jar | Multipurpose SS Jar | Blender Jar | Kneader Jar