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Five Top Wine Chillers In Indian Market

Best Wine Chillers to buy in the price range of 20,000 to 50,000 Rupees

A glass of wine can enhance the essence of dinner and improve your health in the long run (if consumed in moderate amount).

Unlike Beer and liquors, wine attracts a very specific type of market. For many people, this special type of beverage is more than just an alcoholic drink.

Wine collection has become a premium hobby these days. Wine lovers spend tens of thousands of dollars on this exotic drink and enjoy it in their leisure time.

I would like to point out though wine does not have a long shelf life. The best way to preserve a costly wine bottle would be by storing it in a Wine Chiller or a Wine Storage.

Culinair AW162S Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Culinair is an American kitchen appliance manufacturer. Its AW162S Wine Cooler is one of the best options for Wine collectors who wants a good quality machine in less budget. It is available in the market for an amount of 20,470 rupees and offers many interesting features.

Single Zone Cooling With Temperature Control

This wine cooler offers a single cooling zone with a capacity to hold 16 bottles at once. It does allow users to change the temperature (via a rotating control knob).

Single zone coolers have a big limitation i.e. one cannot store both red and white wines in them. Red wine requires a slightly warmer environment for storage than white wine. So, do not purchase this Culinair machine unless you drink only one type of wine.Culinair AW162S Thermoelectric 16 Bottle Wine Cooler

Super Silent

An ideal and efficient cooler need to be silent and stable because vibrations can do great damage to wine.

The manufacturer has used a thermoelectric cooling technology on this machine, which does not sport any moving part. As a result, the whole refrigeration operation remains silent and vibration-free.

One limitation of thermoelectric wine coolers is they require a lot of space for proper dissipation of heat. Moreover, they will not work properly if the ambient temperature of a room is too high.

Impressive Design

This Culinair machine is one of the most beautiful budget coolers out there. It has a transparent glass door and multiple horizontal shelves.

Aluminium finish of the body gives an appealing feel to the eyes. The whole setup looks premium and ultramodern.


  • Temperature control
  • Transparent door
  • High capacity
  • Level of feet is adjustable
  • Silent
  • Low power consumption


  • Single zone cooling


I cannot think of a better Wine chiller than this one in the budget segment. It is a perfect solution for people who plan to store wine for around a month or two.

Price 21000 Rupees
Storage Capacity 16 Bottle
Dimensions 41.3 x 52.5 x 45 cm
Shelves 4
Multiple Cooling Zone No
Temperature Control Yes
Buy Culinair AW162S
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White Westinghouse WC20IX

Different types of build materials (for making wine coolers) have a different effect on the cooling efficiency. While some materials can help in extending the life of wine, others can damage it before than expected. This is the reason why customers need to pay a great attention to the build of a wine cooler.

The White Westinghouse WC20IX Wine Cooler is famous for its high storage capacity and wooden build material. And, it comes with an attractive price tag of 33,900 rupees.

Beautiful and Durable

This amazing wine cooler will take the beauty of your house to a much higher level. It sports a glass door with aluminum edges. The long door handle not only helps in opening and closing of the door but also enhances the looks of whole setup.

Wooden Shelves

In this appliance, wine lovers can store up to 20 bottles without any problem. Wooden shelves limit moisture and make the wine last longer. These shelves slide out for easy accessibility.

The manufacturer was also kind enough to place an LED light for illuminating the shelves when a user opens its door.White Westinghouse WC20IX Wine Cooler

Offers a Bunch of Extra Features

People who collect wine love their collection and do not want other persons to touch their bottles. This wine cooler has an inbuilt lock mechanism to keep your wine bottles safe from unauthorized access.

LED display panel makes it much easy for the users to read and change the temperature level.

Among other extra features of the White Westinghouse 20 bottle wine cooler are Automatic Defrost and Reversible Door.


  • Strong outer shell
  • Eye-catching design
  • Internal light
  • Sliding shelves


  • Lacks multiple cooling zones


Although this White Westinghouse wine cooler comes with many interesting features, the lack of multiple cooling zones will disappoint a number of customers. After spending more than 30,000 rupees on a separate wine cooling unit like this, customers would definitely want to store both red and white wines in it.

Price 34000 Rupees
Storage Capacity 20 Bottle
Dimensions 820 x 295 x 570 mm
Shelves 5
Multiple Cooling Zone No
Temperature Control Yes
Buy White Westinghouse WC20IX

Carysil WC0016

Carysil has gained a decent popularity in India over last few years. This company is known for selling electronic appliances like ice makers, sinks, chimneys, and faucets. What most people do not know is that Carysil also sells some good wine chillers.

While browsing through its website, I came across the WC0016 Wine Cooler. This machine flaunts many premium features but you will also have to pay a premium price of around 40,000 rupees to take it home.

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Efficient Cooling

Like most energy efficient wine chillers, this Carysil product uses a thermo-electric cooling system. Low power consumption and silent operation are its trademarks. Customers will not experience a significant increase in their power bill for using it.

Low Capacity

I think Carysil engineers lack experience or prudence of making wine chillers. This particular model cannot hold more than 16 bottles at once, which is quite disappointing.

Even some low priced chillers out there offer a higher storage capacity.Carysil WC0016 Wine Chiller

Elegant Design

You will fall in love with the design of this wine chiller on the very first look. Matte finish of its black color body looks really amazing.

Before making a purchase, be sure to have sufficient amount of space in the room. Thermoelectric refrigerators work best when there is a good amount of space between them and the surrounding walls.


  • Touch screen control
  • Low disturbance
  • Helps in enhancing the shelf life of wine
  • Pleasant design


  • Low storage capacity of just 16 bottles


In my opinion, the price of this machine is a bit on the higher side. Limited storage is another con that will stop many customers from buying it.

Price 40000 Rupees
Storage Capacity 16 Bottle
Dimensions 480x430x515 mm
Shelves 4
Multiple Cooling Zone No
Temperature Control Yes
Buy Carysil WC0016

Carysil WC0028

The Carysil WC0028 is a slightly improved version of the WC0016 wine chiller. Although this model will cost you around 48,000 rupees, but at the same time, it offers more storage and some additional features.

Double Insulated

In order to increase the cooling efficiency, Carysil has used a two-layer insulation system. Cool air flows evenly through all the shelves.

Look wise, this machine is not much different from the WC0016 variant. It comes with same black finish body and same build materials.

Insightful Control Panel

Six control buttons at the top of its door let the users perform many functions. A backlit display keeps displaying the ambient temperature of the machine. Both Fahrenheit and Celsius unit options are available for reading the temperature.Carysil WC0028 Wine Chiller

Spacious From The Inside

You can store up to two months of wine stock in the Carysil wine chiller. As per the manufacturer, it sports 6 shelving bays for holding 28 bottles of wine.

Cleaning and maintenance of this appliance are also much easy to do.


  • Thermo-electric cooling
  • Proper insulation stops outside air from entering inside
  • 28 bottle capacity
  • Digital display with a 6-button control panel


  • Requires a lot of space for installation


The Carysil WC0028 is a great mid-range wine chiller. If you have the budget and are a fan of only one type of wine (red or white), then just go ahead and make a purchase.

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Price 48000 Rupees
Storage Capacity 28 Bottle
Dimensions 480x430x740 mm
Shelves 6
Multiple Cooling Zone No
Temperature Control Yes
Buy Carysil WC0028

WHITE WESTINGHOUSE WC54DIX Refreshing Air Wine Cooler

Generally, for storing huge quantities of wine, a cellar may be the best option but due to limited amount of space in modern cities, people chose to purchase a room wine chiller instead.

The White Westinghouse WC54DIX Refreshing Air Wine Cooler belongs to a category of most pricey single zone cooling solutions. Available at a whopping, 64,900 rupees, it is good for storing huge amount of wine at once.

Wooden Racks

Five sliding shelves make wine bottles easily accessible to users. The manufacturer has made these racks with wood, so you can expect them to absorb extra moisture to some extent.

Due to the high storage capacity, but just a few shelves, customers will have to arrange bottles on one another.

Steel Frame

Steel is one of the most durable materials we use today for making goods. In the case of this wine cooler, it provides durability and prevention from oxidation.

White Westinghouse uses a similar design language for all its products. This is the reason why you will find great similarities between the WC54DIX and WC20IX models.WHITE WESTINGHOUSE WC54DIX Refreshing Air Wine Cooler

Do Not Keep Wine in It for Longer Durations

Although this wine chiller comes with defrost technology and wooden racks for enhancing the efficiency, you will do a big mistake by storing wine bottles in it for more than 2-3 months.

Wine becomes susceptible to spoilage due to rise in temperature and humidity levels. This particular wine chiller does not have inbuilt humidity control. A single cooling zone design proves to be a major flaw on this front as frequent opening and closing of the door will make the wine more prone to spoiling.


  • Great storage capacity
  • Silent
  • Strong body
  • Defrost technology


  • Offers only a single cooling zone
  • Not good for storing wine for long periods


The only place I find this product good for is a bar. No individual can drink 54 bottles of wine in just two months. And, you cannot store wine for a long period in this cooler.

Wine collectors who like to have around 50-60 wine bottles at their home should look for a wine storage instead of a wine chiller.

Price 65000 Rupees
Storage Capacity 54 Bottle
Weight 40 KG
Shelves 5
Multiple Cooling Zone No
Temperature Control Yes

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