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Five Star Rated Samsung Single Door Refrigerator in 16000 Rupees

212 Liter SAMSUNG Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator RR22K242ZSE

212-Liter SAMSUNG Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (RR22K242ZSE)

This Diwali Samsung might offer more discounts and better deals across its product lineup. I can predict this because battery blasts on Note series phones have put Samsung’s reputation in jeopardy. Samsung’s other premium and sub-premium series phones, too, have been taken a big hit in terms of sales. So it is widely speculated that Samsung may turn to its consumer electronics business for some relief on the annual balance sheet. Festival season in India, from September to November, the three months period contributes close to 30% of total annual sales for most companies. Therefore, Samsung will do everything to maximum sales of fridge, refrigerator, microwave ovens, and other consumer electronics this Diwali.

In 15000 rupees budget, in single door five-star rated refrigerator segment, Haier’s HRD-2406 model with 220 liters capacity has been a best-seller in online malls for some time now. LG, too, has some best-selling single door refrigerators in 12000 to 15000 rupees range. Because of brilliant support and some innovative features, none of Whirlpool’s five-star rated refrigerators, which has the capacity 200 liters or more – has been priced below 15000 rupees.

However, if convenience and count of features are not your priority, but quality and durability are – consider then a Samsung refrigerator. Also, a Samsung electronics product might be a better deal in this year’s festival sales.

Priced at 15900 rupees, the refrigerator model RR11K242ZSE is a well-built machine from Samsung. It has lots of space inside; those being separated smartly for spacious shelves and many pocket cabins to keep daily use things safely.

You will get some discount on the price because of cash back offer by ecommerce website. Maybe a price cut offer with some freebies and easy payment options from Samsung. Even though these are just speculations, but if that happens, the premium refrigerator would reach your home after a whopping three to four thousand rupees price cut only this festival season.

SAMSUNG Single Door Refrigerator RR22K242ZSE Review and Specifications

Impressive Build and Design of this Samsung Refrigerator

The refrigerator model (RR22K242ZSE), which I have observed for this review article, comes in premium glossy silver color. This is a very attractive design I must say. In fact, the design will certainly be a great addition to your kitchen decoration.

The front appearance is harmonious because of a rounded edge on the body. Its entire body comes in one color silver and the top handle is painted in deep gray. The unit looks very appealing not only because of a great design rather Samsung’s excellence and precision in making them. In fact, color on the refrigerator is so refreshing that even I was tempted to take this home for personal use.

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Inside there is three dedicated shelves, water bottle racks, freezer section, and a section with moisture lock feature for keeping your green veggie safe for three to five days at least.

It is measured as 1218mm in height and 532mm in width. Instead of wheel, Samsung’s decision to provide four bare feet might trouble in moving it from one place to another. Not a big concern though because its weight is just 37 Kgs.

The Samsung refrigerator model has a capacity of 212 liters, enough for a family of four to seven members. Rated with 5-star in 2016, It is the best when comes to energy efficiency.

Recently BEE upgraded its energy rating system: according to new guideline, the ratings given in 2015 will be valued one star less in the year 2016. Therefore, five star rated electronics products in 2015 is now four star rated products. Whether you buy online or in a local market, do check product manufacture year and energy rating year. By the way the Samsung refrigerator, I am discussing here has the five-star rating given in 2016 this year.

This Single Door Refrigerator comes with a Powerful Digital Compressor

Samsung invention, a digital inverter compressor is generating sufficient desirable cooling inside for keeping stored items safe for many days. It comes with built-in stabilizer so it can work even when electricity voltage fluctuating between 100V t0 300V. In village area especially – due to low penetration of transformers – voltage stays low. If you want to buy an energy efficient refrigerator to use in your native, consider this Samsung product.

Space Management inside: Inside, there are three shelves separated by toughened Glass and they are spacious enough to shelter big size pots and most edible items. In fact, the height of these shelves can be adjusted for making it little more spacious for any special requirement. In addition, all three shelves can be turned into one big shelf for keeping a layered birthday cake or sweets containers. This is a convenience out of common sense, which is really lacking in product designers nowadays. Without doing much, Samsung got you a much-needed facility inside this refrigerator. Other refrigerators, too, have such adjustment supported but I find Samsung design much better in this regard.

On the door side, there are three segments; two are in good height suitable for keeping up to six water and cold drink bottles and the top is for keeping egg, medicine etc. Samsung is not providing separate medical box. LG, however, is giving lots of attachment with its single door refrigerators including a medical box.

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If you want lots of attachment with your new refrigerator then Haier and LG are two best brands to look for. Samsung disappoints greatly here.

One Year Warranty but No Installation Support from Samsung

Lacking goodwill support is one big reason why Samsung has not been a preferred brand in the Indian consumer electronics market. However, after the recent setback from Note series phones, Samsung might focus back to its core consumer electronics business with a friendly service support system.

Samsung offers no installation support with this refrigerator. However, Flipkart will make a delivery to the place you wish to install. Next, plug refrigerator power cable into a power socket and let the refrigerator run three to five hours until it reaches a decent cooling level.

Other brands like LG, Whirlpool, and Haier will send their service executive within 48 hours of a delivery for a demo and to help the buyer with a safe installation.

Therefore, if you haven’t used a refrigerator before, then do consider other brands because there are some safety aspect, which must be told in the beginning. Moreover, how to do deforestation in every 72 hours, how to clean gasket and how to manage inside – are some important matters must be known to users.

Samsung offers one warranty on entire refrigerator and four years of extended warranty for the digital compressor.

212 Liter SAMSUNG Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator RR22K242ZSE

Pro Features:-

  • 5-star rating
  • Great build quality and design
  • Three racks and two water bottle containers
  • Green veggie container with moisture-lock technology


  • No water & Ice Dispenser
  • No water Dispenser

Conclusion: All in all, the Samsung refrigerator is a well-built, reliable machine. I praise it for a great design, durable build quality, adjustable racks, and five-star rated energy efficiency. It would certainly save your money on energy consumption. Even though it lacks attachments, trust this refrigerator as a solution for five to seven years easily. The attachments like ice tray, egg tray, and others are available in market at affordable price. Place an order for them along with this Samsung refrigerator.

In the absence of deodorizer feature, odor control will be a challenge. Here Samsung’s tips on how to maintain a hygiene lever and Oder free inside could help you. Find those cool tips at The Best Ways to Remove Odors from a Refrigerator.

Price 16000 Rupees
Body 37 Kg; 1218mm (H), 532mm (W)
Capacity 212 Liter; Three Shelves
Energy Management Five-star rated; 100V-300V; Built-in Stabilizer
Defrosting Type Direct Cool
Refrigerator Type Top Freezer Refrigerator
Feature Smart Connect Inverter
Warranty 1 Year + 4 Year extended warranty on Compressor
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