Lifelong WS01 Wet & Dry Massager Epilator and Face Cleaner for Women

To give it a quick start and making you know what you’re exactly looking at right now is an electrical device that which is used to eradicate multiple body hair at once. Yes, it does hurt a bit just like waxing but you don’t have the greasy hot wax to make it worse here!

Lifelong isn’t a very popular brand but has been excelling in various kinds of products and their manufacturing past some time now. Being an Indian manufacturer, the quality and over all items made as well as sold by this company have pretty positive views from its users; this is a huge plus point for a startup. When it comes to shaving products such as the epilator – that we are here to make you aware today, Lifelong does have a good range of various personal care shavers.

This Epimassager here is of great use especially for people who run out of time due to their busy lives to pay a visit to the saloon. Let us tell you something more too – using hair removal cream is harmful on your skin. So if you’re using them, you better stop! Hair removal creams have chemicals which are not at all going to keep your skin healthy. Whereas epilators are into the trend and work amazingly well! Actually, they work even better for some ladies who get waxed on a regular basis as they are in the habit of enduring a certain amount of pain. The ones, who are into the hair removal creams from the very start, will surely have difficulty at first but will get habitual soon.

Okay so let’s get talking about Lifelong WS01 Wet and Dry Epimassager.

Five-in-One Easy to Carry Personal Gadget for Women

It’s not another normal epilator; as a matter of fact, it has four different uses for you to take advantage of Shaver, epilator, massages head, callus remover and face cleanser!

Shaver: The highly common ‘shaver’ is something you find at every second person’s home. The reason is clear to us all, that it rarely hurts and does the hair removal job pretty fine for most of the people. Also not to forget the advantage that it is quick with its work.

Message Head: Epilators have already been introduced so moving on- the Message Head. Massages are loved by us all but they are not so soothing if you’re the one who is giving yourself a massage! Because of obvious reasons which include the major fact that to enjoy yourself you got to keep your hands away from working. The massage head gives you a fulfilling experience which improves the blood flow in your body and relaxes it for a while.

Callus Remover: Most of us struggle with the dry and dead cells that make our body parts look all rough as well as unhygienic. Callus is hated by us all. The hardened up area is tough to get rid of usually. To rescue you with all the tricks and remedies you try to apply for achieving that soft and smooth skin that you have been longing for.

When done on the regular basis, it gives you a much more loveable body for which you have always been trying through different products till date.

Face Cleanser

Having facial hair is a problem many people suffer from. Sometimes they are not really visible but with others, it is an embarrassing issue many a times. The face cleanser feature gives you hair free skin all over your face!

Layout: The design is pretty attractive as it is sleek and not broad or odd shaped which adds up to the want of using it. Therefore you won’t have to worry about those hairs while traveling as its design allows you to carry the device with you, every, and anywhere you travel. Not to forget that it is also user-friendly. You can make use of all the various features very easily. All the heads used for shaving to removing callus can be detached and the desirable ones can be put on – for use in seconds with convenience.

High on Technology: This Lifelong epilator works truly as per your conveniences. The Wet & Dry technology makes things even more suitable for you!

There are people who find it easier to remove their hair while in shower while others are more comfortable with the dry skin. So either way, you use this epilator, you are the king!

Lifelong WS01 Wet Dry Massager Epilator and Face Cleaner Review and Specifications


If you have some constant complains regarding your current hair removal material you’ll be the happiest to understand the fact that this device here gives you freedom from the tiny annoying hair left after most hair removal methods.

Your smallest of hair can now be removed!

No harm: Tested and favored by many, this Lifelong product won’t cause any kind of damage to your skin.

The basic theory to use anything new on your skin is to first test it on a small part of your skin and wait for the results. If there are no signs of redness or allergy you can move ahead with the item!

So even if you are someone with real sensitive skin, no worries my friend!

Home Comfort: The biggest advantage for me is that I need not even step out of my home, sit right in my comfort zone and still get the job done in the most perfect way!

No strange ladies to wax your hair, no winter cold fear and no charges on regular basis!

Lifelong Services

Lifelong offers you some great deal of service that is meant to be acknowledged. The brand gives you complete replacement guarantee if the product if found faulty or has any kind of manufacturing defect. It even provides doorstep pick up of the item to resolve the defect but that implies only till the warranty time period.

Pros Features:-

One for all: The device gives you so many uses with the price of just one! Everything you ever wanted for your skin is already functional in this Epimassager while your conveniences get highly increased as well. This is essentially an Epilator, massager, callus remover, face cleanser and ending with the shaver.

Easy to use: The various detachable heads, limited buttons, and the sleek style make it pretty easy to work with. Also not to forget that you can carry it anywhere you travel.

Doesn’t Need Batteries: The Epimassager comes with a charger which also saves you from all the money you spend on the batteries off and on.

Positive Response Wins: Out of all the customers who have used this product, the positive reviews are on the higher side. Most of them are happy and satisfied with their product.


Side Effects: In case you have uncommonly sensitive skin, it’s not sure if the epilator will be as good to you. You might end up with redness or rashes all over the part where you used the epilator.

Ingrown Hair: The ingrown hair will be a problem, if not taken care of properly. Exfoliation is required which might reduce the problem substantially for some skin types!

Painful: First few sessions can be really painful if you’re someone who has always used hair creams or never had any kind of hair removal at all.

Bottom Line: After knowing it all it can totally be concluded that the Lifelong WS01 Epimassager is a good product.

Today is the time when grooming yourself is something that comes on number one and this product is basically saving you all the money that you need to put in for getting yourself waxed or for those hair removal creams. So the price is obviously one time and if taken care of, the device can be of use for a long time. Personally, I see no good reason of not buying it.

Price 1899 Rupees
Head Type Detachable Heads
Speed Setting Available
Power Required 100-240 Volts
Battery Chargeable
Warranty 1 Year (limited lifelong warranty)
Included Charger, Facial Brush & Foot Filer