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Full HD Sony Bravia 40 Inch Smart LED TV Review in India

FHD Sony BRAVIA KLV 40R562C 40 Inch Smart LED TV Features

I prefer the brand Sony if I have to pick a gadget in the display, sound, and camera segment. A television is all about a magical composition of display and sound. Therefore, I will choose Sony TV for my personal use. We are reviewing today a Sony BRAVIA Smart LED TV, and the model number is KLV-40R562C.

I would like to clarify; this analysis is suitable for those interested in buying a Sony LED TV. If you want to buy a fancy TV and not clear about the brand, then this article might not appeal much. Sony has been criticized for adding less decoration in a gadget. I trust Sony because of raw quality and inherited depth in display and sound technology. Sony is the pioneer of some of the best innovation for TV framework.

Built and Design and Placement

The Sony LED 40R562C is not an ultra slim TV as it pops up from the wall by 65 mm. It wears a rectangle flat design wherein depth between the real display and side panel is almost absent. To place it on a wall, you need to find a suitable place with a measurement of 924 mm wide and 580 mm high. The same measurement in centimeter is 92.4 cm in width and 58 cm in height.

If you are planning to place it on a table, then the table should be minimum 130 cm long and approx 60 cm wide for better placement and safety. We are suggesting an extra length of the table in order to achieve sufficient gap at both sides and extra space at the front to place a DTH box.

Picture and Display

Size: This is a full HD LED television. Screen size is 102 cm that is equal to 40-inch. As 4.7 to 5.3 inches is considered most preferable screen size in a smartphone, from 32 to 42 inch is perfect panel size suitable for every home in India. Big screen size means your TV room has to be big enough to maintain right distance between couch and TV for real enjoyment. Most Indian houses are ideal for less than 42 inches screen size.

If you are planning more than 42 inches screen, then measurement of drawing room should be taken into account.

Analog and Digital: The Sony R562C features analog and digital TV tuner. This makes it compatible with outdated and current TV signal technology. Although the Indian government has set a deadline to complete migration from analog to digital signal, but in rural area still outdated cable networks are operating on the analog signal. With the addition of analog TV tuner, Sony ensures that the smart TV works in every part of India. Therefore, you should not worry if you are still using a local cable connection.

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MotionFlow: For enhancement in motion pictures, Sony’s smart LED features the MotionFlow technology, which reduces blur and builds a smooth bridge between two picture frames. Also, it maintains a refreshing rate of 100 Hz in order to ensure the smooth transition of frames. As we all know, the video is nothing, but the ultra fast slideshow of images.

A TV picture quality is decided by one important factor – the refreshing rate. Sony has developed a signature technology to omit nanosecond delay between two image frames. Ultimately, it enhances picture transition so well that you feel yourself in the virtual world of real habitat. The Human eye cannot narrow down nanosecond delay between frames. However, because of Sony’s MotionFlow technology you will feel awesomeness in the display while comparing with an ordinary TV. The best way to test this is to visit an electronics showroom and request for a demo of this model and any other brand LED.

Enhancement: Other enhancement in the display includes Edge LED backlight technology, frame dimming, live color concept for better color optimization. Because of True cinema, you have most pleasing experience while watching a movie.

Extreme Viewing angles

This is one most important aspect in a television. Having extreme viewing angles, make a TV a true family entertainer. Or else everyone will fight for the center seat if your TV offers poor viewing angle. If you are buying a TV for joint or a big family, then viewing angles are one important feature to consider.FHD Sony BRAVIA KLV 40R562C 40 Inch Smart LED TV Sides

In the Sony LED R562C, viewing angles are great. We have analyzed while going through a demo. Official statement 178 degree of viewing angle from right to left is realistic. While entire family occupied the center and the front seat, you can join this precious moment and watch this TV sitting aside on a chair.

Picture Tuning Features: In the picture format section, you can choose from multiple available set such as auto, wide, normal or zoom. In my understanding, the auto mode works flawlessly for all kinds of tuning.

Coming to picture mode, choose between nine predefined modes along with a user defined custom mode. My favorite is vivid because it works fine for all kinds of tuning. However, you can choose one from standard, Cinema, Game, Graphic, Sports, Photo-Vivid, Photo custom and Photo-standard modes. If you want to design a mode, you should head to custom wherein you can configure setting according to your liking.

Sound: Certainly, we cannot find cons in the awesome sound system in the Sony TV 40R562C. The LED TV comes with three speakers wherein two main speakers are able to generate an output of 16W and one sub-woofer has an optimum sound output of 14W. The total sound output is 30W (14W+8W+8W), which is more than sufficient to shake your home.

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The Sound management is quite powerful to offer you the best of entertainment. You can choose one sound from four different modes, which are Standard, Music, Cinema, Game, Sports. The default mode is standard, and you should stick to that.

We give full mark to sound optimization in the 40R562C LED TV model. And, proof for that is the true addition of S-master digital amplifier, three variants of Dolby Digital alongside NICAM stereo system.

Lots of Connectivity Options

The Sony LED TV is a new 2015 model and it features all latest connectivity options. Two HDMI ports – one at the front and another at back makes easy for the user to connect more than one HDMI devices. It also features MHL, which connects this TV with an MHL-enabled gadget such as a Smartphone or home theater.

Since it is a Smart TV, you can access to internet services. It has a dedicated Ethernet port and Wi-Fi support. To access internet, you can choose between direct Ethernet access and connection through local Wi-Fi network. Use Wi-Fi network for better security and seamless network browsing.

Security: You get a setting for parental control, which will enable you forbidden access to files and certain channels.

Multimedia: Although it is a multimedia gadget, but just to add more info, this Smart LED TV features FM tuner, which is again the best way to listen to music without stopping your current work. This is my favorite feature and quite suitable for Indian housewives. You can turn on to local live FM and continue with pending works.

Free Samsung Installation

If you are buying online, an engineer from authorized Sony service center will make a visit to your address within two days of delivery. This is a free of cost service. Sony Engineer will make a safe installation either on a table on a preferred wall. He will give a complete demo of features and functions and help you use of this TV in the best possible way.

FHD Sony BRAVIA KLV 40R562C 40 Inch Smart LED TV Specifications


Smart Features:-

  1. This is an Eco-friendly gadget
  2. Screen mirroring with a smartphone, tablet, and laptop. You can telecast current smartphone screen to this 40 inches smart display.
  3. The feature of Photo sharing Plus function lets share photos to social media and connected devices in easiest way.
  4. The user interface is available in all regional and national language Hindi.
  5. Bravia Sync and USB Play are two favorite features, which lets me use this LED TV as a central gadget for all needs.

Power Consumption: This is a sophisticated gadget comes with unique power saving technology. Its operational power consumption is 64W and standby mode requires 0.5W electricity only.

One Year Warranty and Pay to Exdent

Sony offers two years of extended warranty. By default, one year warranty is applied. To avail extended warranty in the second year, you need to pay 5000 rupees to continue with free support and parts replacement for next 365 days. Please note, you cannot request for an extended warranty while someone has applied brain to make this smart TV workable. You can read more about warranty and extended service at here.

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Safety: I would recommend using a UPS for protection against power fluctuation or any electricity problem. We have already reviewed an ideal UPS for a big screen TV. We recommend Champion 800VA USP.

Pros Features:-

  1. This is an FHD Smart LED, which makes internet access easy.
  2. MotionFlow and other display technology make it a real LED TV with the best picture technology
  3. 30W sound out from three speakers
  4. FM and Screen mirroring makes it ideal choice for today’s requirement
  5. It is compatible for Analog and Digital signal. Therefore, you can use it even you have an outdated cable connection
  6. Multiple picture and sound modes
  7. USB Play means use of a Pen drive or an external hard disk as a content storage
  8. I do not think any connectivity options are left out. This 2015 model features almost all available connectivity options.

Cons: Sony a premium electronics brand, but does not offer premium service. We have heard many complain of poor response from Sony’s service centers.

FHD Sony BRAVIA KLV 40R562C 40 Inch Smart LED TV Features

Verdict: This is one of the best LED smart TVs one can dream of in the budget of 55000 rupees. We have analyzed it from all angles. Without a second thought, the Smart LED TV is the best delivery by Sony in Smart LED TV so far.

Price 53000 Rupees
Screen Size 40 inches, 16:9
Resolution FHD
Pictures Motionflow, Edge LED, Frame Dimming, Live Colour, Advanced Contrast Enhancer, 24P True Cinema
Viewing Angle 178 Degree
Picture Mode Vivid, Standard, Custom, Cinema, Game, Graphics, Sports
Speaker 8W+8W+14W, 2 Main + 1 Sub-woofer, Standard, Music, Cinema, Game, Sports, S-Master Digital Amplifier, Dolby Digital
HDMI 2 – One Front and One Back
USB 2.0 2
Ethernet 1
Other Port Composite Video, RF Connection Input, Analog Audio Input, Audio Out, Headphone Out
Screen Format Auto, Wide, Full, Normal, Wide, Zoom
FM Radio YES
Extra Features BRAVIA Sync, FM Radio, USB Play, DLNA, Scene Selection, Parental Control, Clock, Sleep Timer, On/Off Timer, Teletext, User Interface in Hindi and Regional Languages
Network Features Photo Sharing Plus, Screen Mirroring, Wi-Fi Connectivity
Power 64W Operational Power, 0.5 Standby Consumption, Power Saving Feature
Dimension 924 x 580 x 166 mm ( With Stand ), 924 x 546 x 65 mm ( Wall )
Remote Control RMT-TX111P

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  1. Very Good Review for the Sony Tv. I have got the delivery of this TV model today at my home.
    Thanks for all the hard work

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