For most of us, shopping and buying gifts is not just about purchasing something beside the point. To the greatest extent, it's a journey; an EXPERIENCE.  Buying gifts on the festival season may even turn out to be a test or a challenge on the whole. No matter what’s the motivation or intention, we all love shopping, particularly during the great festival seasons. You may take more or less time, but there is always a fulfillment you find every time you discover that it is just that thing, you were looking for.

Looking for the best gift for your home sweet home? Are you on the lookout for that special gift for your home that's better than your normal, typical gift? Are you investing a lot and lot of the time, searching for something valuable just to find that flawless gift? Not a thing just to give, but an asset. Something that’s worth treasuring and relishing! So how do you find that impeccable gift that perfectly matches your busy routines? Don’t worry! Here we are! Here we are compiling a list of practical and beneficial products you can buy this festival season that will make anybody’s home – the perfect home.

► Hindware Auto Clean Hood Wall Mounted Chimney

Is that overpowering smell in your kitchen getting intolerable? Well, then the Hindware Auto Clean Hood Wall Mounted Chimney is your only solution. With an innovative design and excessive effectiveness, this hood makes sure that the vapors and smoke from your stove don't spread over your house.

Promises Powerful Operation: Hindware Auto Clean Hood Wall Mounted Chimney is loaded with a great motor that has the extraordinary suction capacity. The Auto Clean Hood functions at a range of 220 V to 240 V at 50 Hz. The hood succeeds in keeping a suction capacity of up to 1200 m3/hour, even with this boosted energy consumption. That means, now you can attain lower energy bills in addition to a less smoke-filled home, doesn’t matter how long your cooking time tends to be. Moreover, the blower is entirely finished with metal. This makes it strong and robust. The blower works well, dismissing the unwanted smells and smoke from your kitchen.

Hindware Auto Clean Hood Wall Mounted Chimney

This Hindware Wall Mounted Chimney is Easy to use

The Soft Touch Control of the Hindware Auto Clean Hood allows ease of action with just a single touch of a button. The appliance is surely a tech-savvy as well as the painless product. The same, the Auto-clean is a really modern feature that supports in cleaning deposits and oil formed within the motor and cleans it with a single touch. The stainless steel baffle filter functions well-driving oil as well as other deposits to get settled within the baffle. As a consequence, it lets the air move without obstruction in between the filters swiftly. As the oil or deposits cannot alter directions quickly, it gathers on the filter descending through and assembles within the oil collector.

Trouble-free to clean this New Age Chimney

Hindware Wall Mounted Chimney is made in a way to decrease your cleaning time. The oil collector bowels need to be cleaned on a regular basis subject to your usage. You won’t need any additional exertion to clean oil collectors. The hood is absolutely up-to-date as it comes along with a filter that self-cleans for a trouble-free experience. So now, bid a farewell to all the troubles and worries that arise with cleaning them.

3-speed touch control: In addition to the innovative and ultramodern design and high-tech functionality, the hood provides a comprehensive control over the 3-speed levels. You can control these three speeds by means of a touch-sensitive interface. The quiet operation of the Wall Mounted Chimney at the three-speed levels makes it tremendously appealing. The maximum noise level you would notice may range for about 58 dba. And so, the Hindware Wall Mounted Chimney turns out to be a favored choice of all the economical options available.

This Hindware Chimney is a 3rd Generation Chimney

What’s the most common problem that takes place in your house? Largely, it is the aroma of the food being cooked that spreads in the whole house owing to the absence of a suitable ventilation system. Just install this automatic chimney in your kitchen to absorb the undesirable vapors and smoke through cooking.  The sturdy Auto Clean Hood is designed by skillful engineers, and it will support you to grow the working efficiency.


  • Powerful Suction Capacity of 1200 m3/hr.
  • Notable Motor Power of 180 W
  • 220-240 V/50 Hz Voltage
  • Soft Touch Control
  • Thermal Auto Clean
  • Baffle Filter
  • Noise Level of 58 dBA
  • Well-made Metallic Blower

Verdict: The awesome design of the Hindware Auto Clean Hood increases the elegance factor of this product.  The chimney cleans the air at a speed of about 1200 m3/ hour. No water inlets are necessary for this product. The stylish white color accent makes it a flawless fit in your kitchen décor. An additional outstanding advantage of this hood is that it makes things easier for you and adds your convenience by making cleaning effective and easy. Buy: 13000 Rupees

► 43-Inch Cloud Walker CLOUD TV – 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV

Cloud Walker, known for its somewhat violent pricing, has launched a 43-inch 4k TV that is amongst the most low-priced 4k smart TVs obtainable at the moment.

Extraordinary design and display: Cloud Walker CLOUD TV looks, to a certain extent, like a conventional LED TV with a rectangular Black frame as well as narrow plastic bezels. The display of the TV sits down on the two plastic stands at the ends. Now let us get to the rear, the controls for power, volume, channel adjustment as well as source input are set near the right edge. The slim panel is slightly thicker at the back owing to the location of connectivity ports. The user interface is fairly user-friendly, simple, as well as easy to operate and ingenious. It consists of the Google’s Play Store app that lets you download and install Android apps as per your requirements.

This Smart LED TV is Designed for Outstanding Performance

Cloud walker 4K Ultra Smart TV is driven by a dual-core Cortex A53 processor. It is further combined with 1GB RAM. On top of that, you get 8GB of internal storage that would be adequate for app installations as well. It supports a customizable UI experience. An app named as C-share permits casting from your cell phone too. The TV further takes in the feature of watching Live TV in addition to streaming digital content on the same screen.

43-Inch CloudWalker CLOUD TV 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV

The 4K Ultra LED Smart TV comes along with a ‘Content Discovery Engine' that allows you to search video content on the Internet. However, remember that the 4K content needs a high-speed internet bandwidth. So, make certain that you are connecting your television to an Ethernet. Moreover, you can use a 5GHz dual-band wireless router that may support high-speed plus nearly infinite internet bandwidth.

Get Cinema Hall Feel at Home by the Startlingly loud volume levels

As you’ll switch on the TV at the start, you may hear a quite loud welcome sound. That may turn out to be pretty irritating and will be present every single time you turn on the TV set. Nevertheless, you can turn it off by using the internal settings. By and large, the volume level is appallingly loud, and you won’t feel any need of taking the volume above the level of 40% in a standard room. However, the audio output would stay absolutely clear without any distortion or shudder at 90% volume level too.

Connectivity options: Connectivity choices take account of two AV-in ports, an Ethernet port, three HDMI ports, two USB ports, one TF slot, and an RF port, in addition to the YPBPR input terminal. The position of these ports is not very suitable, particularly if you mount the TV on your wall as they become hard to reach. You can make use of the internet browsers, social media, media players, and games to stay connected and amused.


  • CShare mobile app
  • XLUMINOUS Display
  • Cortex A53 Dual core processor and 1 GB of RAM
  • Integral Content Discovery Engine
  • Good value for money

Verdict: Cloud Walker is a new corporation entering the market but has a long way to go.  We just can't guess how prosperous it'll be in time yet to come, but the fact is that it is surely going to offer a tough competition for well-known products and brands. Taking everything into account, the Cloud walker 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV provides an amazing display experience, tremendous sound quality in addition to more than a few connectivity options. It has the whole kit and caboodle you'd ever wish to have on your smart TV. When it is about the OS and overall usage, it's far beyond PERFECTION. And you get all these exciting features at an exceedingly reasonable price. Buy: 27000 Rupees

► For Money Saving and Best Service – Carrier Inverter Split AC

Carrier Inverter Split AC is designed to provide you the personalized cooling, thanks to its inverter technology that regulates cooling depending on your room needs. On top of that, it lets you cut down on your electricity bills.

Operates in a hassle-free way: The Carrier Inverter Split AC helps you achieve efficient cooling. Besides, the 3-star rating of the AC supports in saving a great amount of electricity as well. To certify a stress-free operation, this Split AC comes together with a temperature sensor, cold catalyst filter, LED display, anti-rust cabinet, 4-stage ionizer, self-clean feature and a lot of other useful features.

This air conditioner follows you all over: Yes! It is perhaps one of the coolest features you would ever get in an air conditioner. Appropriately named as “Follow Me,” this feature is splendid! As it gets triggered, the room sensor of the AC takes a back seat while the integral room sensor that’s located inside the remote control gets started. It further lets the AC tune to the ambient temperature. So now, you need just to sit back, unwind and feel that pleasant coolness around you.

A Carrier Inverter AC Makes things easier in your life

The Carrier Inverter Split AC does it all to simplify your life. The Intelligent Cleaning and Replacement Function of the air conditioner remind you pertinently when to clean or change your air filters. So, you don’t have to worry about getting your AC cleaned to any further extent. Further, more than a few filters in the AC effectively filter out the dirt, pollen, allergy-inducing impurities bacteria, fungi, smoke, compounds, vapors, overpowering gases, oxidizing agents, and a lot more.

For Money Saving and Best Service Carrier Inverter Split AC

Easy on your pocket: You can use the Economic Sleep Mode to save a lot of your electricity bills. Thanks to this efficient feature, you’ll never have to care about your energy bills digging a hole in your pocket. This mode, slowly but surely raises the temperature of your room, taking it to a point that allows you to snooze noiselessly. In that way, you enhance your electricity savings, without even troubling your sleep.

Invest in an Inverter AC that Let’s you breathe like a dream

Do you know that reducing contact to formaldehyde is a notable concern for your health, comfort, and well-being? Well, the I-Oxidizer of the Carrier Inverter Split AC is multidimensional in its skill of removing that formaldehyde together with VOCs, harmful elements and smokes with a dedicated mixture of oxidizing agents. On top of that, the 4-Stage Ionizer function discharges negative ions to sterilize any bad odor in the room. Correspondingly, it invites and eliminates house dirt, pollen, and different germs accountable for sensitivities and allergies. These ions, as a result, support in creating a harmless, healthy, and comforting setting in your home.


  • I-Oxidizer
  • 4-Stage Ionizer
  • 3-in-1 Microbes Filter
  • Auto Cleanser
  • Auto Swing
  • Sleep Mode
  • HD Display

Verdict: If you are seeking for a brand new air conditioner that may fill all your needs whether in your home or workplace, then the Carrier Inverter Split AC is just the right choice. This air conditioner has everything that may offer you a pure atmosphere that is absolutely free from allergens, too many positive ions as well as free radicals. It furthermore has the silent operation and won’t get heated up with ease. Buy: 41000 Rupees

► Kent Pearl Mineral – 8-Litre RO UV UF Water Purifier

Your search of a water purifier that may cleanse even hard water ends here. Kent Pearl, from the celebrated brand of Kent, is the hottest addition to the huge family of water purifiers. Awesome deal! Isn’t it?

This grand purifier comes together with four purification systems: –

  • RO
  • UV
  • UF
  • TDS controller

As a result, you will be receiving flawlessly healthy and fresh water. With the storage capacity of 8 L, the sterilizing water purifier won’t ever run out of clean water that will be obtainable to you all the time. Even if there is a shortage of power, you could still attain fresh and filtered water to drink.

Kent Pearl Mineral 8-Litre RO UV UF Water Purifier

The Save Water Technology of Kent utilizes a computer-controlled procedure that cleans more than 50% water. Moreover, the Kent Pearl Mineral is a sturdy water purifier that’s finished with high-grade transparent ABS plastic that’s absolutely non-breakable. It certifies that the purifier holds a resilient and long-lasting life.

This RO UV UF Water Purifier is verified and tested for its overall performance and excellence by well-known research laboratories of the world:-

  • ISI (India)
  • WQA (USA & India)
  • NSF (USA)

On top of that, Kent Pearl has a removable tank that can be effortlessly detached and washed without any additional support. Read more about this very popular water purifier at Top Three Best Water Purifier In India For Home Use.


  • Engineering grade ABS plastic body
  • 100% safe drinking water
  • 8 Litres Storage Capacity
  • Connected with high power 11 watt UV lamp
  • Computer controlled operation

►Philips HR7629 650-Watt Mini Food Processor

Philips HR7629 650-Watt Mini Food Processor is your perfect day-to-day assistant for your cooking needs. This classy appliance is all set to be yours. Beyond doubt, you won’t ever regret buying this flawless product.

Latest and Best Philips HR7629 650-Watt Mini Food Processor

Thanks to this Philips Food Processor, now baking cakes, preparing flavorsome chutneys, pulling out delectable fruit juices and slicing vegetables doesn’t have to be strenuous anymore. The product comes together with a feeding tube that saves a lot of pre-cutting time of fruits and vegetables.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • 650 Watt motor
  • Large feeding tube
  • Two-speed settings
  • Looks stylish

The sharp and amazing stainless steel blade would slice, cut or dice veggies in a matter of minutes. You can further use it to chop other ingredients including meat, nuts, or use it to create dough for pastries and patties. It’s surely an ideal tool for beating, whisking, whipping or blending eggs as well as whipped cream. Therefore, preparing appetizing puddings or mayonnaise just cannot be easier!

On top of that, you can put each accessory fragments of this food processor in your dishwasher for the stress-free cleaning process. This trendy appliance furthermore enriches the appearance of your kitchenette. It is very compact and may even adjust in the little corners of your kitchen. Read more about this elegant food processor at 7 Top Food Processor Below 5000 Rupees.