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Features of the Godrej Security Solutions for Homes in India

Safety and Security for Your Home: Godrej Solus ST 7 and Solus ST 7 lite video door phone kits

Security has become a very severe issue nowadays. In order to provide better security to your home, it is necessary to have a reliable security system compared to the mere locks or even gates, which can be breached at any time. So Godrej Security Solutions has brought us two new products which are going by the names Solus ST 7 and Solus ST 7 lite video door phone kits. These two security kits are meant to provide a consistent 24/7 security support to your home. Read also Foscam Wireless Security Camera Below 6500 Rupees.

Hardware Check and Pricing

The product comes in black color with the dimensions 31.2 x 24.8 x 5.6 cm and weighing nearly 558 grams in weight. It is available at a price range of around Rs. 15, 000 to Rs.18, 000 in the Indian market.

This video door phone comprises an indoor unit with a monitor paired with an outdoor unit which is further enhanced with an inbuilt microphone and camera. It works with AC power input and ensures an all day and night operating condition, without any break in the security of your home. Added to this, the flexibility it offers comes as an extra bonus.

Features- Communication System: The video door kit works with a one-way video communication and two-way audio communications. This feature enables the users to see who is at their doorstep without opening the door and at the same time could be able to communicate with the person at the door. In as much as this is not really a new feature in this market, Godrej has gone a step further in making their versions of the communication system, unfailing. For instance, the audio clarity delivered by the two-way microphones is quite appealing. The microphones are pretty sensitive; you can even detect the emotions of the visitor by noting the aggression in their voice through the mic’s response. Read also Will Passwords Become Obsolete? Five Alternates of Character Password.

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High Quality Display

Now witness the best in class security on the wide 17.78 cm (7) display of Godrej Solus ST 7 Black Video Door Phone. It offers an artistic design that produces images with supreme clarity. The larger display makes it easy for everyone to view the screen and aged people with weak eyesight can also see it very clearly.

Security and Convenience: The Godrej Solus has taken care of the full security of your house as this door kit covers the area to a greater extent of up to 2 outdoor units with 4 CCTV cameras and also 3 monitors. Adding another star to its profile is the LED night vision camera that provides better security even in no light or low light situations. Hence, stay calm and live tension free as the safety of your home is under your control. The night vision capability on this product makes it appropriate for use in high security areas like office entries, mall scanning points, and Parking lots.

Additional features: The list of features on this security kit does not end here; it has lot more than these. For instance, the product actively updates you on any happenings at your home, even though you are miles away. Supposing a visitor comes at your doorstep and speaks into the video door phone, it connects to the landline and automatically routes the call to your mobile phone. This is how you can speak to the person from anywhere at any point in time.

Comfort is not compromised at all by the Godrej Solus solution, as you need not to open the door by walking there. You can happily sit on your sofa and can view the visitors on your TV screen at your own comfort. You can control the locking and unlocking of the door locks without directly attending it by hand. It is one of the easiest and smartest methods to have the convenience and security – that is anticipated by the user. Read also Motorola Smart Monitoring Camera for Indian Homes.

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Godrej 7-Inch Solus Video Door Phone Kit Review and Specifications

Motion detection features of this Godrej Security Solution

The Motion detection software is included to capture any abnormal moment at the door. The Godrej Solus ST 7 Black Video Door Phone is also wall mountable.

You can analyze the previous audio video recordings on your TV in order to ensure who was there at your door when you were not at home. Its internal memory can be easily expandable up to 32GB of capacity. Whatever the climatic conditions whether it is heavy winds or rains and may be robbers or mischievous thieves, the vandal resistant and weatherproof outdoor unit provides greater security of your home under any circumstances. It also has 16 types of door chime melodies so that you can select the melody you like the most.

Note:  The installation is free of cost, which is provided by Godrej Security Solutions. But if you buy it online make sure that you should purchase it from the authorized online seller so that you will not face any difficulty in installation service.

Comparison between the Solus ST7 and ST 7 lite

Both the ST 7 and ST 7 Lite versions of the Godrej Solus security kit are almost a like in terms of features and design. However, the fact is with the lite version we can’t connect extra cameras on it. Moreover, the touch screen facility is also missing in this lite version. So it is preferred to buy the ST 7 door security than the ST 7 Lite. But in terms of performance, I think the lite version is better performing.

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Verdict: The point here is that we cannot risk the home’s security at the cost of money. Both of these products are sturdy as well as durable enough and can last for a long time. All in all, the products are worth their price and they provide a satisfying service to the user. The company is also giving 1-year warranty for the products. My verdict? Go for it if you have not made up your mind on any better product. Read also Super fast Western Digital 4TB External Hard Disk.

Price 8000 to 11000 Rupees
Product type Security gadgets (Video Door Phone kit)
Model number SEVD8400
Weight 2kg
Color white
Dimensions 35.3 by 24.9 by 8.9 cms
Shape and Design Cuboidal and ergonomic buttons
Included in the box mounting accessories
Material Anti-vandal metal and ABS plastic
Bell chime Yes
Communication type Yes
Night vision Yes
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