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F&D F550X Home Speaker with FM Radio Remote in 4600 Rupees

FD F550X Bluetooth Home Audio Speaker in India

Most people are made to believe that buying powerful audio systems from renowned electronics brands is a surety of both quality and performance. For this reason, they just buy their electronics blindly, without evaluating all the options that they have. F&D is one brand that most people are passing by, while shopping for electronics, not realizing that it’s actually a life saver. Products from this company are not only cheap but also of premium quality.

In a market where people are looking for smaller and yet lurid sound systems, F&D has created one system, in their mini-systems series that will make some heads turn. The F&D F550X Bluetooth Speaker is one product that won’t disappoint. I like the compact simplistic build on this device. Nobody can suspect that behind that cabinet on the main unit, is a 28-watt subwoofer, enough to light up a House party. Here is an exclusive description of the features of this wonderful gadget.

Features of the F&D Bluetooth sound system: A compact build

Similar to most mini-sound systems from major brands, the F&D F550X has a simple and compact design. It can fit even in the tiniest of racks, beneath your TV/ PC stand. It measures roughly 31 by 31 by 43.9 centimeters. The front facing is creatively designed and is complemented with some partially concealed LED lights. The satellite speakers too are schematized to match with the main unit’s design. It comes with one conventional color, Black. But this shouldn’t worry you since the multicolored LED lights, pretty much dominate the guise- than the color. The product is also incredibly light, as it only weighs about 4.7 kilograms. On the facing is also a small LCD display to help guide you with the operations on this gadget.

Plenty of Connectivity options: F&D was not mean when creating this device. It included a number of connectivity utilities for the buyers. To begin with, the product features Bluetooth connectivity which I found to be flawless. It remains tethered to your Bluetooth gadgets, be it a smartphone an iPad or a Laptop. The Bluetooth range on this gadget is also extended to 15 meters. This means that you can change the music wirelessly, as you please even while upstairs. Apart from Bluetooth, the product also features a plug and play USB and SD card reader. So you can play music from pen and flash drives.

Trust the F&D Sound System for Powerful sound output

If you are the kind of person who enjoys extremely loud music, then this gadget is the product for you. This sound system is rated at 56 Watt RMS output. The subwoofer alone produces 28 W, while the satellite speakers give 14 W each. This main unit is powered by a 6.5-inch bass driver, while the satellites have 3-inch drivers. The system uses 2.1 channel speakers that are far much better from its competitors such as Creative technologies and iBall. Though this system hasn’t received any major tests, other than sound monster (RMS) certification, I can assure you that the product is totally clear, with no distortion even at high volumes.

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Power consumption: The F&D F550X is not a power guzzler; in fact, you will hardly notice any effect on your power bills, if you buy it. With just a 56 W wattage and a frequency requirement of 50/60 Hz, you don’t expect any major impact of your bill. The working voltage range for this device is 220- 240 volts. Being a 2016 model, you can guess that even the Bluetooth technology in this device, is highly power efficient, probably it uses Bluetooth v4.1.

FD F550X Bluetooth Home Audio Speaker Review and Specifications

Additional features of this F&D Sound System

F&D has included some additional features in this gadget which include an FM radio and a fully functional remote. The FM radio is fitted with effective suppressors for utter clarity. It also has a large storage for up to 100 FM stations. The subwoofer also comes with some control buttons, in case you lose your remote. They include a Standby button to save power, Activate Bluetooth button, Source and play/pause buttons, among other switches.

Pricing and verdict: This product isn’t as expensive, since it’s priced at 4600 Rupees in most online outlets. My final judgment over this gadget is, go for it. Buy it! I know at this price range it’s possible to get even a 5.1 or 4.1 channel sound system, but I give you my word, the F550X is worth a try.

Price 4600 Rupees
Brand F&D
Model F550X
Connections USB
Voltage range 220-240 V
Bluetooth Yes
FM radio Yes
Power Output 56 W RMS output
Driver size 6.5 ” subwoofer driver and 3″ Satellite drivers
Product Dimensions 31 x 31 x 43.9 cms
Weight 4.7 Kgs
Colors Black
LED lighting Yes

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