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Best External Drive under 10000 Rupees

Best External Data Drive under 10000 Rupees in India Market

Which is the best external storage under 10000 Rupees in India market? In this piece, you read about the best-selling external storage from 1000 to 10000 Rupees price range. The suggested external storage is from top storage hardware brands and favorite of buyers for reliability and data transfer speed.

Data security and price are two essential factors in the selection of external storage. You have 4TB data, and you secured them in four 1TB external storage. Due to some reason, if one of them fails, you still have 3TB data safe and sound. On the contrary, if you store the whole data on a 4TB external storage, and if the hard disk fails, your 4TB data would be lost. However, the price of four 1TB external storage will be 50% more in comparison to the cost of single 4TB drive. Besides, storing data in a small size hard disk is little inconvenient than parking on a large external hard disk.

► 4TB WD My Passport External Hard Disk Drive

The external hard disk drive is available in 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, and 4TB sizes. There is not much difference between their gross weight. For instance, the weight of the 2TB variant is 170-grams, whereas the weight of 4TB option is 245-grams only. However, their price difference is vast. Therefore, if you want to save money on external storage, get the 4TB variant.

WD My Passport 4TB External Drive

Western Digital is one of the best names in the global market for data storage hardware. My Passport is a top-selling data storage drive of this American brand.

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My Passport external storage comes with auto backup software by WD for making a second copy of your system data. Built-in 256-bit AES hardware encryption means the backup data will be 100% digitally secure. Just activate the password protection feature and set your own password to secure your data entirely and to prevent unauthorized access to it.

As far as I know, there is no external storage in India market with social media storage feature. WD My Passport external hard drive comes with a unique application to import and store locally, the multimedia content in your social media account.

You will not live forever. However, your life captured in digital format will live forever if you store them on reliable storage. WD My Passport external data storage is a secure solution to keep your valuable data in digital format.

Price 8300 Rupees | Flipkart | Amazon
Features External-Power Not Required | Auto-Backup with WD Backup Software | WD Discovery Software → Connect to Social Media Account to Backup Multimedia Content Locally | 3-Years Warranty
Security 256-bit AES Hardware Encryption | Active Password-Protection
Build Dimensions (LWH): 107.2″ x 75″ x 19.15″ | Weight: 245-Grams
Connectivity USB 3.0 (Supports USB 2.0) | Data Transfer Rate: {USB 2.0: 480 MB/s, USB 3.0: 5 GB/s}

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