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Eureka Forbes Air Purifier for Indian Homes below 25000 Rupees

Dr Aeroguard SCPR700 Air Purifier Review and Specifications

With the rising cases of related respiratory diseases, efforts have been made to reduce air pollution. Among these efforts include the stringent measures that are being taken on industries which are guilty of violating pollution laws. Motor vehicle manufacturers are being coerced to build vehicles with low carbon emission, as well as incorporate hybrid technology in vehicles. Even so, the governments alone can’t be able to curb pollution to a 100% capacity. For this reason, it is a wise move to get a personal air purifying device.

In urban areas, where, air pollution is at its worst, an air purifier is not something that you can ignore. In India for example, more and more companies and offices have come to embrace this new technology by purchasing large-scale air purifiers for their staff. Those living in areas surrounding urban areas in India have also been sensitized to purchase air purifying equipment for their homes.

► Aeroguard Air Purifier {SCPR700}

Among the best Air Purifying gadgets on the market, is the Dr Aeroguard SCPR700 Air Purifier. The manufacturer of the efficient air purifier is the renowned Eureka Forbes company. Eureka Forbes Corporation is a trustable brand in this line of electronics and has produced quite a number of air purifier models. In their new Aeroguard SCPR series, they have featured the SCPR 100, 200, 700 and 1100. Each of these gadgets is named depending on its size. The SCPR 100 is the smallest of this lot, while the SCPR 1100 is the biggest and is meant for large offices. However, the most recommended version for home use is the SCPR 700,which is the medium version. This is because it’s both power efficient and less bulky.

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One thing about Eureka Forbes air purifiers is that they are extremely simple in design. The SCPR 700 air purifier is no different. It assumes a towering design which allows for a uniform air flow, to and from the device. This tall design boosts its coverage area to a surprising 700 square foot on average. Hence its name the SCPR 700. To ease operations, this device is fitted with an array of indicators which users can use to switch between different modes on the device. If you refer from the user manual, you realize that these indicators tell you much about the air condition in your house. For example, if the indicator turns red, then you know that definitely, you need to speed up the fan, since the conditions are really bad. Blue means that you are safe.

→ Modern air purification techniques

I also like the fact that the designers included some air quality sensors on this gadget. This feature is not available for most air purifier brands in this class. The sensors are able to detect when the air needs more purification. It detects when the air has been polluted with more than the usual level of dust particles and in turn activates the rotary fan to run faster, so as to clean the air more rapidly.

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One thing about earlier air purifiers, they were really not examined and neither was sufficient research in the field of air purification technology done. Actually, for most of these early prototypes, the fan was the basic unit of air purification. Not much was being done about other aspects, such as air revitalization through ion technology and integration of different types of air filters, for maximum efficiency. Even so, some of the basic principles in the Aeroguard SCPR700 are still drawn from these early models.

→ Air revitalization and enrichment

This air filter uses a cutting-edge technology in how it purifies the air. To start with, it comes with a fairly large fan,whose speed can be adjusted accordingly. The fan has 5 speeds to which you can vary to suit your air sanitization needs. Integrated in the fan compartment are 6 differently crafted filters. The anti-dust filter is the very first filter and is meant to eliminate solid particles from the air. It is responsible for sucking dust particles and hairs from the air. The air flows through four other different filters before it gets to the deodorizing filter. By the time air reaches this filter, it’s already free from all kinds of pollutants, including carbon particles in smoke.

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Apart from cleaning the air, this air purifying machine revitalizes or renews the air to its natural state. It releases a combination of ions which include Vita-ions and Silver ions which restore the air to its natural state. Moreover, through its therapeutic filter, this gadget is able to jet out some diatoms and vitamins. Vitamin C forms the largest part of these vitamins and is important for our respiratory health. Its cleaning rate or (CADR rating) is an astounding 360m3/hr. This means that it can clean a totally smoked room in just a few minutes.  For faster air cleaning, you can always twitch the fan’s speed-limiter knob to 5thstage.

→ Reduced power consumption and fan noise

Unlike most air purifiers in its class, the SCPR is extremely efficient with power. Being just a medium sized contraption, it won’t consume a lot of power, for you to note in your bills. In fact, your home refrigerator uses more power than this gadget. In addition, you can always switch it to sleep mode if your feel that the air in your house is already clean enough.

The fan is pretty quiet and you won’t hear a thing when it’s working at 2ndgear. All the same, at its maximum speed (5th gear) the fan can produce a considerable amount of noise. I, therefore, would recommend you to always use this gadget at 2nd or 3rd gear, so as to limit noise output. Unless the room is totally smoked or dusty, you don’t have to switch to maximum speed.

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Verdict and pricing: The Eureka Forbes air purifier price is 24990 Rupees. Considering the features of the air purifier, it is a fair price. If compared to the smaller Aeroguard model in this series (the SCPR200), this air purifier is still the most viable product to go for. Especially if you have more than 2 rooms in your house. My conclusion is that this is certainly the best air purifier for your house, go for it!

Price 25000 Rupees
Manufacturer Eureka Forbes
Model Aeroguard SCPR700
Device Type Air purifier
Number of filters 6
Air revitalization through ion technology Yes
Rotary fan speeds Yes
Coverage area 700 sq feet
Clean Air delivery rate (CADR) 360m3/hr
Best for Domestic use
Certification Gui-Lab certified